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Nov 03, 2017, 04:43 AM
ancora imparo
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New Product

The new LM0052 DSMX Compatible 7-Channel Full-Range Telemetry Rx with Vario

Lemon have been working for some time on upgrading their LM0041 DSMX® Compatible 7-Channel Full-Range Telemetry Rx and the first production samples have just arrived with the test pilots today (3 Nov 2017).

Here are my first impressions. Note that I have not done any performance or range testing. The results of performance testing from the testers will probably appear on the Lemon Telemetry thread fairly soon.

UPDATE: The LM0052 as well as the lower price LM0051 without barometer are now available (Dec 2017) and there are complete instructions in the Lemon Instructions thread here.

Follow progress here:

1) The LM0052 is identical physically to the LM0041 and functionally virtually identical except that it adds a barometer and lacks the PPM out function (despite what the label says - Lemon designed the label before deciding to remove PPM to improve the Telemetry performance). It can be distinguished by the black label and the DSMP protocol indication.

2) It is supplied either with or without a calibrated Pack Voltage/Current sensor (XT60 or T-Plug variants are available). The sensor connector is now a greatly improved flexible wire of the same kind that Orange and Spektrum use for their satellites. It also includes a single wire for pack voltage sensing if you do not have the V/I external sensor and another which contains an external temperature sensor and a wire that outputs RSSI as an analog voltage. Finally there is a bind plug and a piece of double sided tape for attaching the Rx.

UPDATE: There is now also a 130A sensor with EC5 connectors on short wires.

3) The LM0052 receiver weighs 0.4g more than the LM0041. At 4.5g the case makes up almost half the total weight of 9.9g so if you wanted to run it caseless it is actually very light.

4) Internally there have been a lot of changes. In particular the microprocessor has changed and a precision barometer has been added shown by the red arrow. LM0052 on the top in the two pictures.

5) The label is now in black and the writing is even harder to read than the LM0041 because of the text size. Bring your magnifying glass! The "PPM" is incorrect as this receiver does not do PPM, unlike the LM0041.

6) Testing with an original Spektrum DX8 Generation 1.
I tried it with my faithful original model DX8. I had no trouble getting it to work and display telemetry. As I expected Vario does not work as the DX8 Gen1 does not have the functionality AFAIK. However Altitude works as well as Pack Consumption in the Powerbox field for Pack1. This receiver does not return any of the Spektrum Fade, Frame loss or Hold information. It does display an "RSSI" value however in the Antenna A Fade field. Lemon claim this is a signal strength value that drops off roughly linearly from a value of 100 with distance.

7) I also tried it with a Taranis Q7 equipped with a Banggood 4in1 Multimodule set to DSMX 22mS running OpenTX2.2.0.
The first picture shows all of the sensors that OpenTX discovered. It is fairly obvious what they are and that some are meaningless such as all but one of the Fades, Frames and Holds a data. Bottom line however is that the Taranis picks up ALL the telemetry including VSpeed for the vario and Pack voltage, current and consumption from the Powerbox fields. The pictures show how I set mine up as a test with SwitchC playing the altitude every second in the middle position and continuous vario tones in the forward position.

1) The values shown are just for bench testing purpose. For example the current is small as I used just a light globe as a load for testing rather than a motor and prop.
2) I need to do a bit more playing around with it to completely understand what fields should be used.

Overall however it looks like a winner subject to satisfactory performance testing in the field. Lemon have promised excellent telemetry range (we already know the control range of this receiver is excellent) and optimised performance of the vario.

Last updated 3 Nov 2017
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Nov 24, 2017, 09:16 AM
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Nov 24, 2017, 08:25 PM
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Gday John!
Has there been any issues crop on the Lemon 052 rx as of yet?
Nov 25, 2017, 12:43 AM
ancora imparo
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Thread OP
Nothing major AFAIK. Lemon have been working continuously to optimise control range and telemetry quality and range. Progress has been fairly slow and deliberate as this is essentially the foundation of their Rx technology going forward.

As always it is only when it gets out in the field and a wide range of folks with quite different demands and flying styles start using that it we will know if there is something so far unexpected but it does look pretty good to date.

I believe we will see the final version sent to the test group any day.

Originally Posted by Fang2013
Gday John!
Has there been any issues crop on the Lemon 052 rx as of yet?
Nov 26, 2017, 05:11 AM
Fang2013's Avatar
Thanks John.
Im liking all the features of LM052 ��
Jan 30, 2018, 05:51 PM
Registered User
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I want this as seems light enough (without case) for a dlg to provide vario. Guess only available direct from Lemon right now?
Jan 31, 2018, 07:56 PM
ancora imparo
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Thread OP
Should be available from some of the dealers but Lemon is commonly by direct purchasing for many buyers.
Note that it won’t work on a 1S LiPo.
Feb 04, 2018, 04:33 PM
Why grow up, it makes no sense
SwaFly's Avatar
What would be the right lemon receiver then if one would like it to have voltage and altimeter in a DLG on 1S? Thanks!
Feb 04, 2018, 04:48 PM
ancora imparo
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Thread OP
The Lemon stand alone Telemetry unit LM0029/30will operate down to 3.45V if used with a receiver that can also work on 3.45V. But it has only altitude, not vario and would be significant additional weight and bulk in a DLG so is impractical I would think. The integrated receiver/telemetry units from Lemon (LM0051/52) require 4.5V.

The practical solution would be to add a small 5V voltage booster.
Feb 16, 2018, 01:42 PM
Registered User

maybe this?

perhaps this?
ad says is good for 5v, although instructions say less...
wonder which is the 1 to trust?
and the A's? which figure is needed minimum?
Feb 16, 2018, 01:47 PM
Registered User

and another

there is another:

then again, ad tells something about amps, and specs another.
go figure...
Feb 16, 2018, 03:39 PM
ancora imparo
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Thread OP
Phil, there is no inconsistency.

1) The small Turnigy Unit provides 5V at 1A continuous, 1.5Amp peak from a 1S LiPo.
3) The Matek Unit is more versatile and can be used over a wide range of input voltages to produce a range of outputs but on a 1S LiPo will produce 5V at 2A continuous, 2.6A peak.
Feb 16, 2018, 10:36 PM
Registered User


then sounds like either may be the solution.
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Feb 17, 2018, 12:00 AM
ancora imparo
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Thread OP

The Turnigy is smaller, lighter, comes with connectors and is cheaper. It is out of stock and is a bit flimsy with a thin PC board according to the comments. It is rated only for 1 A which is probably fine for most 2 servo DLGs.

The Matek is a bit heavier, dearer, and needs the connectors added. It does 2A continuous however. Matek gear is well made in my experience.

Mar 10, 2018, 05:03 PM
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Hi All
This is driving me nuts, I have the LemonRx LM0052 - everything telemetry works perfectly EXCEPT it's (my :-?) inability to get vario tones.
I'm using a DX7 G2 (I do have a G1 DX9, but have refrained from going that route as that may be construed as a personal weakness :-)
Are the tones automatic when setting it to report altitude (I've seen a couple of YouTube vids where the vario tones are at the end of the altitude report - they neglect to indicate how they are setup - personally, I think they are post-dubbed onto the audio track :-).
The vario display graph works just fine as do the altimeter reports.
Perhaps someone can pass me the magyk spelle before I sharpen the x-acto for my wrists :-)

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