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Oct 31, 2017, 10:05 PM
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Novarossi R60F VS OS Max 65AX

I am interested in how the Novarossi R60F with muffler, not tuned pipe compares against the OS Max 65AX, also with stock muffler. To my understanding, the 65AX is the largest legal I.C. 2 stroke size allowed in Classic Pattern.
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Nov 01, 2017, 09:48 PM
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I have the NovaRossi R60CR with the tunned muffler and I have no complaints about it. For me OS were good long time ago when they were making engines specially for this type of airplanes. Like the .61 SF long stroke Hanno. I have seen some new OS in the flying club and I am not impressed. It just an engine but not a high performance engine or high rpm engine. Just my opinion.
Nov 01, 2017, 11:21 PM
Pattern Only AMA 5053
I have both of these engines and there is a considerable difference in them.
Both are really great running engines but the CR is more of a sport engine than the 60F.
Over the years I never used any OS engines without rings because of the nickel plating coming off the cylinder.
I do have an OS 91P that is a super strong runner on Cool Power Heli 30% fuel....but of course it has a ring and it's a great engine.
No nickle chunking with this engine.
Nov 02, 2017, 12:20 AM
doxilia's Avatar
After conversations with the NR owners directly a few years back (Cesare and his wife), I was led to understand that the CR (Cesare Rossi) line are “torquers” designed to develop power at lower RPM on larger props. In some sense more like a 4-stroke engine. The F line on the other hand stem from the older vintage Rossi engines designed as “revvers” producing their power on smaller props turning high RPM.

Either way, they are both excellent engines but for a classic, I would select the 60F over the 60CR. It is also considerably cheaper. I would also favor the NR 60F over the OS 65AX.

Nov 02, 2017, 01:43 PM
Vertigo II's Avatar
I can't speak for either engine running muffler only, but I do have a lot of hands on with the .65AX running a pipe. Soon I will have data on the R60F with a pipe as well. I have data on the .65AX, NR R61F, and the YS Classic on the pipe, and They are within a couple of hundred RPM of each other.

You would be well served by either engine. The OS is very light, if that is a consideration. IMO, if it makes a ton of power (NovaRossi) I tend to care less it it weighs a bit more.

Good luck with your project!

Nov 03, 2017, 05:33 PM
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I have the R60F with the NR Tuned X muffler. I fly it on a Killer Chaos with tail dragger retracts 6.75# dry. I'm happy with it. It doesn't like to be lugged down. 11x7 or 11x8 depending on brand 13-13.8K on 10 nitro 20% oil. It spins Master Airscrew S2 props faster than APC, but APC 11X7 is hard to beat in the air. I have the 10mm non in flight adjustable carb. Mine doesn't have the best fuel draw. If it was piped and 14+k it might be better. I would get the 9mm carb with in flight adjustment if using the muffler. It replaced a OS 61 FX. Hands down the NR flys it faster and pulls harder vertical. I've never had a 65AX. I do fly SPA and see guys use them and they seem to run nice with plenty of power too.

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