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Feb 23, 2002, 03:13 PM

Do you E-Fly around Salem Oregon?

I met an e-flyer, new to the e- part, yesterday in Tammies Hobbies...he had driven to Beaverton (Portland) to get a part, and to get advice.

He wants to hook up with e-flyers in the Salem area, get suggestions/advice and assistance getting Electrified. I suggested how to mount his new gearbox, but what would serve him best is "local" help.

He is not on the WWW. If you will email me privately, I will give you his name and contact information.

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Feb 23, 2002, 06:26 PM
Balsa Builder
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why not direct him to one of the local clubs in the area, I know there are some electric flyers around there. (Of course some of its F5B type stuff) What about Dieter from Shredair, maybe he knows of some people..........Hey Dieter, do you know anyone in Salem who flies E.

Feb 23, 2002, 06:54 PM
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There sure is a club in Salem with a nice field near Turner. However, most e-flying takes place at the Kuenzi sod farm east of town along State Street. To fly there regularly, you must join either the Salem or the Portland clubs. The site is AMA insured.

There are many e-flyers in Salem, but I have handy the number for only one: Bob Sterett can be reached at 503/364-5915. He has no answering machine, so please try patiently.

You can contact me also at 541/954-6842. If fact, if the weather holds, we're going flying at the sod farm at least one day this coming week. And it's not just F5B; we do have "real" planes with wheels :o) and little Speed-400 polyhedral jobs.

Feb 23, 2002, 07:50 PM
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Last summer while flying at the Benton County Aerodome in Adair Village, a gentleman who was working on a building project nearby saw me flying my TwinJet. He dropped by the field as I was getting ready to leave and mentioned he was amongst a good share (yet still a minority) of modelerls in the Salem area who fly electrics one morning a week in a large parking field adjacent the Oregon Fairgrounds.

The man's name is Ed Summers and he works for Dale's Remodeling on S.E. Commercial Street, Salem, Tel. (503)-370-7609.

While visiting the static judging at the Evergreen Scale Masters Qualifier, he was also there with a few eflight buddies from the Salem area. We all talked and I learned there is quite a bit of eflight activity in Salem, but it is not organized as an eflight club per se. The electric fliers simply coagulate from here and there.

I should also add tha the Benton County Radio Control Club (BCRCC,) of which I am a member, consists of modelers mostly from Albany and Corvallis. This club is making slow but steady progress into electrics. Many members have at least an e-powered sailplane or parkflyer, and, although gas power is their mainstay, each summer when I'm in the area there is noticeably more interest in eflight.
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Feb 23, 2002, 11:44 PM
I will pass on these names and numbers to the guy...and Thanks!

Nice to hear your 'voices,' guys! See you in May, Deiter?