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Feb 22, 2002, 11:14 PM
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Queston about my brushless motor

Hello All

I was flying my Eco 8 in the lighted, fenced tennes courts in my apartment complex(on spectators)

Well, I flew the first pack at 80% governor(I have a Kontronik 3SL-40-6-18 in helicopter mode) and the motor was pretty warm after the pack.

After I let my heli rest for about 25 mins(in this time I was charging a pack) I flew my heli again but this time at 100% governor and after the flight, my motor was much cooler than before, and the same with my controller, but the battery pack was only a little warmer.

So, why did this happen.

I will test this more tomorrow, after golf

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Feb 23, 2002, 02:29 AM
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its like this you climb a hill on a 4 wheeler , "big alaska hill" in 5rd gear , you have it wide open doing about 30 mph , and here comes your buddy , in 4th gear doing 40 passing you , half way up you run hot and your motor quits , and you watch your buddy make it to the top , and he used less fuel too ,

gearing is all there is to it so you haveing it at 80% is like having it in a higher gear , kinda , and it sounds like you need to bump it up 1 tooth on your pinion . then run it at 80% to have a cool motor , what are you getting at 90 % Time and motor temp ?
I bet you can find where she runs her best tinkering with the % of your throttle and fly battery after battery ,
what motor are you using ? I think it was the aveox right , do you have a heat sink ? I put one on my borchert and my temp went down 25 degrees, now I can run battery after battery ,


also the heat has to go some where , where at 80% it was going to the motor , just think at 70 % the motor and esc would get hot because its useing a higher amps which means " hotter" the higher the voltage the less amps you will have , with that said , would be like 12 cells batteries , 10 is good for you though , have you ever tried 10 cp 2400 , since I know you are running 10 1700 2/3rds scr? that wouldnt change much in your flying style since you dont do no 3 D huh ? I got only 3 minutes out of that pack I got from you , but I didnt change the pinion yet , but I still think I have a monster under my Voyagers hood , on 10 cells and I will find out if I have to send my spair motor and esc to LVRCFlyer Jason , so he can put it in his super V on 10 cells , I bet she will blow the doors off the hacker , I just know it , the motors got to much grunt for its size , 1 1/4" long and big around as a quarter , motor and esc weights 100 grams less than the stock Voyager motor and esc with 25 % more power
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Feb 23, 2002, 02:56 AM
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Hello Tony

Actually, I was using my 9 cell pack(2000 mah matched and zapped). I have had that thing for about a year and it has been used and abused and still takes 2200 mah using my Supernova 250s!

I have not tried my 10 cell at 100% governor yet, because that is too much for me to handle I usually fly at 80% governor on 10 cells and my heli has all sorts of crazy Kung Fu powers The motor temp is about the same here as using the 9 cell on 100%. Your probably right, I should go up a tooth or 2 when using a 9 cell.

You hit it on the head, I have an Aveox 1406/3y and no heat sink because my motor doesnt get that hot, but for 10-15 bucks I should add one. I think I will, butt where to get one that is the same color as my red aluminum head?

I find that my motor prefers the 10 cell but I love my cell(kinda grew an attachment to it being my first heli pack). Thanks Jason.

I have not tried the 2400s yet but I think I may pick up a pack for a longer flight time.

Hey Tony, could you takes lots of Pictures of you F1-60 conversion for me and send them to me? Please I love seeing Pics of other helicopter; I have a large collection already.

So how is the 10 cell CP1700 doing in your Voyager or EP Concept SR? You must get crazy climb rates with such a lite pack.

Do you still fly you EP concepts? They are nice for around the yard flying and cheaper to fix in an accident.

My email is

Feb 23, 2002, 03:12 AM
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hey ,

I dont know how they fly outside yet , still to damn cold , but I did try them out in the gym 2 times and yes , they had bumped up my rpms to over 2000 , even at 80 % was still to high , my 8 cell pack tops out at 1650 to 1700 ,
hey I bought 2 8 cell nimh from Jason , I quit useing them because they cant take a full charge anymore , matched pack 2200 mah and the nonmatch about 2500 ,

about heat sink , huh ? dont know where to find a red one , but I been makeing my own heat sinks for my heli , my F1-60 is at work and I will be working on it tuesay when I get there , and I will send you some pictures of it then ,
I been flying other friends ep concepts for the past month , but I have out grown that one , but I still have mine , and its just new in the box with a new hughes 500 fuse ,

I have a new toy coming in the mail as we speak , cnc mill , cant wait either , Im in need of one part , I have it but its plastic and I want metal , a belt pinion ,
Feb 23, 2002, 03:24 AM
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A brushless motor runs more effecient in the high 80% area. Even if you were running 100%, it may have been closer to 90 depending on how you setup the motor.

You should get longer flights on the 1700's than the 2000's. My 1700's charge to 1900+ and are 5 oz lighter than standard SC cells. And the V likes to be light!

For a heatsink, check out the Traxxes #1522. Just $5 and clips right on, but its black

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