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Oct 18, 2017, 01:19 PM
What could possibly go wrong?

Logging Telemetry Data?

Hi, a long, long time after I ordered it my Hitec telemetry gear has *finally* arrived in-country and is on its way to me. I'd almost forgotten I ordered it it's been so long, I blame that importer but whatever. My question is about logging GPS data. I'll be using the HTS-SS Nitro set, the HTS-Navi wireless PC interfact to go with the telemtry gear, a laptop running Windows 10 and I will soon also have an HPP-22 available. Radio is Aurora 9X transmitter and Optima 9 receiver. Later I want to get the Advance sensor station to be able to use some of the other instruments, and AFAIK that means I can use it as the hub of a whole separate telemetry system in a 2nd model.

Where I fly there is thick scrub bush and trees around the field, it's in a national partk reserve surrounding the state RC centre. It's a wonderful venue for flying but you don't want to lose your model in the bush, I've had to go looking for them for my own and to help others and it's no fun. That's one of the main reasons I wanted GPS in the model. If it comes down in the bush I hope to be able to use my GPS-enable phone to guide me to it (and spend the minimum amount of time out where the snakes are, and they definitely are a hazard at that place off the flying field). So long as the model isn't totally smashed, and the power from the Rx battery remains connected and switched on, the GPS should still be working and transmitting the current location.

But, if a crash were to break the power connection somehow (which certainly could happen), I wouldn't have a GPS signal to read. So, I was wondering if it's possible to log the GPS data, so that if it quits sending I can look up the last known position and look for it there. I am also getting the HTS-Navi wireless link, so that I can bring a laptop along as a base station.

So, assuming I have the HTS-Navi receiving from the GPS and other instruments, does the Hitec telemetry software already have the ability to log what it receives? If not, does it have any way to write that data to a file somehow? I was imagining writing maybe a Perl script or similar to periodically update the telemetry data to a file, if the software doesn't do it.

If there's any way to log the telemetry data in real time as it arrives, I'd be grateful if someone could tell me how. I don't have the software yet and I haven't looked at whether I need to download it myself or comes with the equipment (I'll check soon as I post this), but I imagine I can't test it out or probably even run it successfully without the telemetry set. The GPS would be much more useful to me if it can do this, otherwise it's really just a novelty if I'm not able to use it to find the last known position of a model that crashes. As I say I'm hopeful that by using it with the HTS-Navi (or even an HPP-22 and a wired connection, I'll have both available) and a Windows laptop I can extract that data after a crash even if it's no longer able to transmit GPS data.
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Oct 18, 2017, 01:35 PM
What could possibly go wrong?

Hitec Telemetry Software

Hi, I'm soon to receive my HTS-SS Nitro telemetry pack and I've also ordered the HTS-Navi wireless unit to go with it. I want to take advantage of the Windows software that goes with the telemetry stuff and see and use the dashboard display, and as I posted elsewhere I want to see if I can get it to log the telemetry return data to a file in real time for later use.

My question is, while I'm waiting for the Navi order to arrive, is there somewhere I can download the software to get a look at it? I can't find it on the Hitec site, am I just missing it? Or does it only come with the Navi unit? I know it's not very useful before the unit arrives but I would like to get familiar with it and particularly explore if and how it logs GPS data to a file. Thanks
Oct 18, 2017, 01:46 PM
What could possibly go wrong?
By the way I found (on Sourceforge) a 3rd-party driver for the HTS-Navi, and from what I see either this one or the standard software that comes with it does seem able to log the data to PC, but I'd like to hear from anyone who's done this if you're reading.

That's a link to someone on the DIY Drones site who has written their own driver. I don't know anything else about it.
Oct 19, 2017, 11:56 AM
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The HTS Navi software logs all of that data, you run it through the HPP-22 software. I've merged your threads since they ask similar questions.
Oct 19, 2017, 12:07 PM
What could possibly go wrong?
Ah, I was positive I had posted these in different rheads Probably better to merge them. OK thanks for that, as I don't have the set yet I hadn't realised it was the same software as the HPP-22. Looking forward to getting it and good to know it'll do what I want it to. Thanks.

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