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Oct 18, 2017, 02:11 AM
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Dynam tigermoth any good as a 4 channel trainer

Hi all, looking for some guidance here.

Been zooming around in a hobbyzone supercub for the last 8 months, and i'm ready to move to a 4 channel plane.

I have a dynam tigermoth i am building with a hobby eagle a3 gyro to be installed( for safety due to freaky random crosswinds at my local feild at altitude here in australia).

My question Is do you think the dynam tigermoth would be docile / forgiving enough to learn 4 channel flying on, or would you recomend a different plane to learn on ?

Any sugestions ?

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Oct 21, 2017, 08:09 AM
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Hi sapper pat,
The problem with the Dynam Tiger Moth is that once you've seen some pics and flight videos, you just can't resisist buying one!
But it's far better for scale like flying (and aerobatics!) by a pilot with some experience, than for being subject to the inevitable rough and tumble with a low time pilot.
Specifically, the problems you'll face are:
1. If you field is at all rough, it will often nose over on takeoff. (I've solved this by using a 6'x20' mat and using full up and full throttle, which enables liftoff in 10'!. Not recommended for a new pilot, as it requires immediate release of elevator and reduction of power to avoid a stall at takeoff)
2. Rough field landing often results in complete noseover flip
3. Being very lightly loaded, it's susceptible to gusts and crosswinds especially during landing
4. It can fly really slow, and you'll find yourself flying it that way quite often. Then one day you'll find she won't turn with ailerons due to adverse yaw. (Solution - increase power/airspeed)
5. Needs rudder mixing into aileron for good turn authority.
6. The wing bracing wires will soon break/sag. Fortunately they are not required for strength. But broken/sagging wires look terrible.

So get one by all means, but don't use it to learn on. Will suggest alternatives in next post.

Here's a pic of mine...
Oct 21, 2017, 09:53 AM
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With all due respect, may I suggest you consider a traditional ~60", 40 powered trainer with a tricycle u/c?
Like my 10 year old SoloStar
Or Thunder Tiger Trainer 40 in glow or elec
Or similar

1. Weight and wing loading twice that of the Dynam TigerMoth, hence less susceptible to wind
2. More representative of the models you'll progress to.

But if you've already acquired it, just go ahead and fly it. It's not at all hard to fly!
Just use a smooth runway, and not more than half throttle...

Best wishes from India
Oct 29, 2017, 05:15 PM
I have a Dynam Tiger Moth but haven''t flown it yet so I can't comment on how it flies. Your flight stabilizer might make it tame enough for you to handle, but, you may want to have some help for at least the first few flights before you try to fly alone. Or you might want to get some experience on a four channel trainer before going to the Tiger Moth?

You might consider an e-flite apprentice or mini apprentice. If you have a four channel spektrum DSMX transmitter, you can get the BNF version and save some money. Both models have SAFE which will help while you are trying to get used to four channel but you can fly on expert mode when you are ready. If you have a 5 channel transmitter, you might look at the e-flite Timer or Valiant - both have ASX-3 and I I think at least one has SAFE.
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Nov 03, 2017, 10:45 AM
B for Bruce
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You've got it already so you may as well fly it.

One thing I'd agree with is the rough field issues mentioned above. Even on a fairly smooth grass field small models are often flipped over by thicker patches of grass on the field. You can reduce that tendency by swapping the wheels for larger and fatter options. Ruins the scale look a bit but sure does make for an easier time with both takeoffs and landings on models that are prone to flipping over.
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Nov 03, 2017, 02:07 PM
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Google "RCGroups DynamTiger Moth" and you will find hundreds of pages of information. The most recommended modification is to move the landing gear (meaning the wheels) forward. Without doing that the plane will tip forward on landing. You can move the wheels forward @ 2 inches by removing the plastic decorations from the metal gear, placing the two prongs (which go into the fuselage) in a vice and carefully bend the gear forward. Be certain to check the CG before the first flight--don't be surprised if you need to add weight inside the cowl to make it balance. Regarding the flying wires, they are not necessary, but you can replace them with black elastic cord available at any JoAnn or similar fabric store. The plane IS easy to fly--very docile without any bad habits. Also, it really needs a 4 cell battery---with a 3 cell it will barely get off the ground. I have been flying the TM for four years. It is one of my favorites. But do check the RCGroups info on the plane. Good luck. Gary

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