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Oct 16, 2017, 05:21 PM
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dont buy from Bpitts! Ziroli F9F Panther glass Jet I bought from Bpitts

hello, I bought that F9F glass Panther Jet from bpitts I paid him and he said to get back to him if anything was missing> I did> and he said since I paid the $50 off his $600.00 amount that we agreed to. I could not get the rest of the retract support equipment> AIR TANK/ RETACTS VALVE/ BRAKE VALVE/ AIR LINES/ turbine fuel tank> this stuff went with the Panther Jet "Bpitts"! you got my PH# if you have a problem and want to fix this>

ill be back down there inside of a week to see my buddy Roger Woodbridge and we can meet up if you want>
your call***** make a long story short man> he needs send me the rest of what I got coming> so he doesen't stay a cheater*****

I paid him $550.00 ($50.00 off your price, I paid Bpitts in full)> he needs to send me the rest of my stuff for the Panther Jet! you said you would Brian Pitts.

and I handed him $20 to take his wife and buy her a treat. I stood tall> I paid you>

I drove over 500 miles round trip and bought the Panther Jet because he badly misrepresented the Top Gun F15 and the BVM A4> (both were big piles of junk) Bpitts why not tell the truth man> don't be a cheater> shame on you! so here I go to warn other good RC modeler's>

just send me what I purchased and ill take this post down Sir.

beware of RCU member> (Bpitts) Brian that's not good business Sir!

everyone, save yourself> don't buy from bpitts! after I did buy from him two members of his club told me he's slim shady> now's he's quitting the hobby so you really need to not buy from this thief! why do you do this stuff? why not treat others like you want to be treated Brian?

I paid you what we agreed on Brian: censored:

Gary Troutman
1901 Park Place
Tool, Texas
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