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Oct 07, 2017, 04:20 AM
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Choosing Edf for scratch built Dc-10-30

I am currently finishing the drawing phase of a scratch built DC-10 and am having trouble trying to decide what motors to power it with.

For reference, the model will be a built up balsa body and wing, 6ft wing span, 6.2ft body. I'll provide weight once I'm done with calculations if it's needed.

Here's where I am running Into trouble. I know I would like to use 90mm - 100mm fans and was considering the freewing 90mm fans on motion rc (I'll provide links). These size motors are the correct scale, and the sound 11-12 blade fans produce is insanely realistic. What I am unsure of is motor size to put it frankly. Some fans come with motors, some require separate purchase, I don't know where to begin. Still don't really understand kv rating other than lower kv needs higher cell count.

Some information I can provide to help solve this:

- I want to run 4s to 6s Lipo batteries

- Not looking for blistering speed, it's an airliner, runtime is more preferable

- I am most likely only running two engines, The tail mounted fan will be fake.

Ultimately what I need to figure out is this:

What size motor to use on a 90mm fan, 12 blades.

I've included two links for fans I am considering, but I am very open to other suggestions.

Thanks all for your input!
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Oct 09, 2017, 08:09 PM
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Well, both of the links you included are complete setups. You don't need to buy a separate motor with either of them. Just use that setup.
Oct 13, 2017, 08:37 AM
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with the 90s you will need to run 6S.

the EDF you have shown is a bit pricey. You can probably look this one for $100 cheaper and 80g lighter. so that will save you $200 on the build and shave off 160g from the AUW.

and another option
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Oct 13, 2017, 12:39 PM
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IMO, two 90mm fans would be overkill for a model this size.

My brother Daren built and flew an Airbus Beluga on two 70mm fans pulling about 500w each.

Here's the specs and the maiden flight video.

Wing span: 65 inches
Length: 76 inches
Height: 24 inches
Fans: WeMo MF480 (2)
ESC: Hacker 70 3P Opto (2)
Batteries: TP 8A-3S4P (2)
Gear: Spring Aire w/custom bogies.
Weight 10 lbs.

Power: 500W (per side; 1,000W total)
Power loading: 100 watts per pound
Wing loading: 22 oz. per sq. ft.

Daren Savage's Beluga Test Flight (4 min 50 sec)
Oct 14, 2017, 02:10 PM
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Looks like this confirms 90mm EDFs are overkill. I scaled a drawing down to a 6' wingspan, and 70mm EDFs are spot on at this scale.

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