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Oct 03, 2017, 07:22 PM
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raptor 30 v2 questions

my local hs has a raptor 30 v2 he wants to dump on me. he said give me 50 bucks and its yours??? wondering if itl be a mistake or not. Im not sure if i want to deal with a noisy nitro heli but I can fly all day on fuel and not have to worry about expencive 6 s packs. its pretty big. I already watched a couple of youtube videos with it hovering inverted . I went back to look at it today he wasn't there but his wife was and she knows abot as much about helis as i know about knitting mittens . I looked under the hood and sa a gyro but no receiver. just wondering what kind of receiver it would need. aso if i could change it to a flybarless heli or if it would be better off as a flybarred heli for better stability?. I never saw a 550 up close for real but it seems about the same size as a blade 550x.
I am already flying a 450x i also have a 130x and a 180cfx I am flying incverted and wanted to go to a bigger heli. at least a blade 550x or larger but they are expencive and so are the 6s packs. the nitro would be obviously cheaper. just wondering idf I could get it for real cheap if i should or should avoid it.
what kind of reciever goes in this thing and how do you even start the thing up? i saw one video where the guy started it with his tx. the more i think about it the more i like the idea f going nitro
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Oct 03, 2017, 07:44 PM
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ok so i just flew it all over the place on the phoenix flight sim. is seems very stable at least on the simulator only question would be what kind of reciever would i need for it and i am wondring if the gyro is any good on it. to be honest it didn't look like it was ever flown before. no fuel residue il go back to the hs tomorow when the owner is ther and ask more questions
Oct 04, 2017, 01:53 AM
The great Brutufier
You can use any receiver you would use for an electric heli.
Basically plug in the throttle servo where the ESC would be plugged in.

Without any info on the gyro installed, of course we can't help you.

The Rappy 30 V2 is a fun little heli, not as powerful as the larger versions, but mechanically sound and good flight characteristics.

If it has never been flown before, at least the engine should be good, but it also means you need to break in the engine (or the fun will be very shortlived) and going by how you write about it, you need to learn how to handle a glow engine also.

For that, seek help from an experienced fuel pilot is the easiest way. From behind a keyboard best we can do is give tips on what to do and not to do, but we cannot hear (or "feel" or smell) your engine so we cannot correct any wrongdoings.

As for noisy: on the stock muffler they are, but with a decent aftermarket muffler, they are not that loud (Most Rappy 30's we measured were about 74~75 dB at 7 metres distance and hoovering 1 m above grass).

If I were you, I would keep it flybarred, it flies well enough like that.

Since it is a discontinued model, parts can be an issue, but there should still be plenty out there....
Oct 04, 2017, 06:00 PM
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I am going to think this one over good and hard. Iv seen plenty of decent dels on electric 550's right now i mostly fly a 450x and a 180cfx also a wee 130 but I am not a fan at all of little helis. I am 50+ and dont see or react as well as when I was in my 20's. I am not sure of what this heli has or what it needs I will find out tomorow. I do know i like the idea of not having to buy 3 or 4 sets of 6s 5000mA PACKS or with even larger helis running 2 5000 6s packs that could become verry expencive.
btw I never flew anything with a nitro. the one good thing i like about electric is the brushless helis sound more realistic. being i was in an hsl squadron in the navy I think i know what a real heli sounds like lol
Oct 06, 2017, 03:53 PM
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or sell it?

if you want to make a small profit and don't mind the hassle of shipping then buy it and then sell it.
The bare airframe is a good source for spares for people who still fly them (me included

If its still new in box "old stock" then i am really interested if only as a collectors item to compliment the fleet of raptors i already own.
Oct 07, 2017, 07:59 AM
The great Brutufier
Hi cmulder....

I still have a respectable amount of Rappy 30 spares: gearwheels, and lots of other stuff, all NIP.

Not home right now, but if you're interested, in December I can give you a listing. Not asking collectors prices since I bought the whole box for 100 Euro.
Oct 07, 2017, 12:15 PM
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voor een goede prijs ;)

ja laat me weten wat je wil verkopen
Oct 07, 2017, 02:57 PM
The great Brutufier
Is goed.... je moet alleen "effe" twee maanden geduld hebben....
Oct 09, 2017, 05:22 PM
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geen probleem
Oct 10, 2017, 12:24 AM
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not sure if thats german or trekie talk but i am sadly a one language guy. it turns out he did want to sell it to me for 50 bucks. I am wondering if i could do a fancy mod and throw in a brushless in it, but then it would be verry expencive since i would need at least 3 5000 ma 6s packs to get 3 flights ut of it. Im not sure how these helis translate in size to electrics. I am thinking this bird looks close to a 550. I was flying the 3on the phoinyix sim. it seems to be stable and a good heli to learn 3d on. right now I am flying a 450x the rest of my helis are all micros. the 130 x is to unreliable leaving only my mostly lynx moded 180cfx. the rest are nano and micro fp's which in my oppinion fly out of control and horible. the bigger the more stable

where do i plug in the gyro? and how to set up the tx i will be using a dx6
Oct 10, 2017, 08:54 AM
The great Brutufier
It was Dutch...

50 bucks for a good V2? I'd jump on it in no time. It is a 550 size by the way.
If ther engine is OK, I would not bother modding to electrics. Fuel consumption of these little birds is fairly moderate and won't break the bank.

Gyro just plugs in to the receiver, and transmitter set-up is "standard" (swash type H1) if Spektrum is using that type of designation. This heli has mechanical CCPM.
Meaning, one roll servo, one elevator servo, one pitch servo. Not like the 450's that have a 120 degree electronic CCPM set-up
Oct 10, 2017, 01:32 PM
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about the gyro

Most gyro's have a remote gain control.
SO they have 2 wires going in and one going out.
Since the gyro goes "in between" the receiver and rudder / tail servo the servo goes to the "out wire"
That leaves you with the 2 input ones and one goes in the rudder channel (that is the signal passed trough to the rudder servo)
The other tells the gyro how much to react (gain) and uses a aux channel (knob is ideal)

If you have a older/ simpler style gyro with only 2 wires then you set the gain with a small pot-meter (and tiny screwdriver on the gyro itself.
Then the other is the rudder/ tail.

If you don't already have a gyro the futaba gy401 is a proven one on the raptor (i use several) and best bought used.

For not much more you can buy a flight controller like the spirit (there are others too but this is the one i like)

This (if you want to keeps the helicopter level (or correct when you asks it to) and even has a so called "bail out"
When used it will send your helicopter up so you have more time to regain orientation and continue your flight.

This makes both my trex 450 and my raptor 50 fly like a coaxial when i want to and with a flick of a (flight mode) switch "go bezerk" to show i still suck at 3d

Especially with the raptor i have the habit to fly the tank dry so most flights end in autorotation.
Those are really easy if you don;t have to worry if the heli is level ; just "flare" in time.

enjoy and post pics
Oct 11, 2017, 12:04 AM
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the hel has been sitting there for ages. i think i will go for it being he seems to have an abundance of parts besides right now my good dx6 is out getting rpaired I am spending bunches of time on the phoenix sim. I noticed freddie can fly uses nitros in all his videos. its a funny thing only one month ago I was still afraid to put my 450 in flight mode. now i can fly it al day inverted. on the sim I a doing high speed revers flying with a back flip in the middle keeping the heli moing backwards the whole time. cant wait to see what i could do with the 450 when i get my dx6 back. in the mean time i will go get the raptor. it should still run its a prety clean bird. he also has another one but the guy who selling it wants 200 its been there for ages if I could get it cheap enough its a parts heli.
whats the price range for a real good engine and quiet mufler for this thing...just curius

hope i didnt ofend anybody about the language thing I didnt even recognize it. most languages i can recognize lol
Oct 11, 2017, 12:07 AM
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probably save lots of money on batteries I just recently bought an e flight 2200 50c 3s never over discharge it and ts already bloated a bit' whenever i get done flying the 450x the packs are always hot
Oct 11, 2017, 04:19 AM
The great Brutufier
no offense on the language.... if anything, we should have shown the courtesy to stay in English

A real good engine would be an OS HZ37HR but it is discontinued AFAIK.

An ASP 36 HR is a cheap alternative, not as powerful as the OS but not that far below either, and for durability IMHO equal to or better than the OS (My OS broke down, my ASP did not).
The ASP is a bit harder to get a " perfectly clean" adjustment over the whole range, but it will run OK

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