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Oct 02, 2017, 09:01 PM
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What else can fly in ALES?

I've been thinking...which is always dangerous

1. First, I have been thinking of the failure of F3-RES in our club. Quite a bit of interest, some models built and some on the shelf. But only 4-5 actually flown and no contests put together. Some of those flown are no longer flyable. No one has come forward to CD a trial contest. I took a hi-start out to Grantsville and I was the only one who used it.

Why? Well, when you get into the rules, they can become complicated. Like, having to have 3 members as a team to keep things going. A working time that allows re-launches, which is why team members are needed for timing and spotting and having the hi-start ready for a re-launch. Just having to use a hi-start can be trying for some of us older guys. Though the hi-starts seem strong, it takes practice to get a good launch, and it still is not that high. The planes, however, are wonderful at detecting and flying in lift.

2. ALES is much simpler to run. What if we had a 2-meter ALES class for anything but Radians (still having the Radian class)? Apparently the Germans have proposed something like this, though I have had a tough time getting any info. There are F3-RES electric kits, or just put a small motor and battery on a regular RES and fly. Weight could still be under 20 oz. Here are links for a motor Larry Bennington is using on a larger airplane--2 sizes, depending on flying weight. I just received both of these, and will bring them on Saturday for the ALES contest.

3. Is there anyone interested in Old Timers? These are free flight models designed before 1942. It seems that some SAM (Society of Antique Modelers) members are looking at this as a way to make things more even in RC-assist events (with electric OR glow OR ignition motors!). Here is a link to a discussion I found:

They are very excited about this. Though SAM rulebook leaders are either negative or skeptical, and the SAM rules for electric are very confining and unrealistic, flying electric Old Timers in ALES is no problem. No rules against it. If there was enough interest, a separate category could be set up by the CD. A landing exception/modification could even be made, as Old Timers don't use spoilers and spot landings are harder on them, construction wise.

I just received a full-size Buzzard Bombshell 72" short kit. Not as competitive as some of the pylon jobs like the Playboy, but fun. And, my father built and flew one with a glow engine. Double nostalgia.
I also have a 55", double-size Sparky (old rubber-powered free flight) designed by Pat Tritle. Can be built to a 5 oz. wing loading and supposed to fly slow and thermal well.

Lots of ideas, and all about soaring. It is all fun, no matter how competitive the pilot or model is.

What do you think about any of the above? Use #1, #2 or #3 to identify which one you are talking about.

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Oct 02, 2017, 09:13 PM
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Here is a photo of the HCS motor/spinner combination.
Also drawings, in mm, of the 2 sizes available.
I did read some comments about these motors coming apart or other problems. Larry hasn't had problems. We will see how mine hold up. Icare is the only place I have found in North American that stocks these.


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