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Jul 26, 2012, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Jim Kraft
I did a search for Dakota bipe on here and did not come up with anything, so I thought I would post a couple of pics of mine. It weighs 8 oz. with the little K&B engine, and loves to find trees. Still needs some triming. But fun. I scratch built it off of Bill Schimdt's plans. The trim is red tissue. Fun to build model. Anybody else have one?
Here's my Dakota! It's from the BMJR kit and is painted exactly the same as the one my Dad built when I was a kid. Mine is powered with a Cox product motor using the Cox helicopter tank. The motor is a bit much, so I slowed it down with more head shims and a 7-4 prop.

Sorry about the goofy guy holding it!

- Norm
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Jul 27, 2012, 03:11 PM
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Finally replaced my 1/2A Nos/Gas "Creep" lost/stolen at Geneseo some years ago

220 squares, 5.4 ounces with pacifier and tracker. Medallion with bored venturi, slimmed spraybar
Jul 27, 2012, 08:58 PM
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Very nice, Applehoney
Jul 28, 2012, 11:49 AM
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Finally replaced my 1/2A Nos/Gas
Very sharp looking, Jim...!
Jul 29, 2012, 11:10 AM
Far too bright and clean Jim.
Needs a few hours field rash.................!!
Jul 29, 2012, 12:11 PM
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Won't take long, Flight....
Jul 29, 2012, 03:58 PM
Glad to hear it !!
Jul 31, 2012, 12:15 AM
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Hi, here is my tom thumb...
Aug 01, 2012, 05:20 PM
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No, not THAT model may say...

Here is a clip of another test flight with 'Eyas' "chicken-wound" 400 turns, due to the limited day I'll hopefully get the knack of beeing both 'pilot' and least I have now learned to shut off the autofocus....

With full screen setting and hawk eyes, you'll be able to follow the model until the "THUD" marking appears...

EYAS, film clip

Aug 01, 2012, 08:55 PM
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It goes well, and should be a real beast on double the turns.
Aug 02, 2012, 05:26 AM
I fly SLOPE landings are crash
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After my mate Bruce's experiments with Fibreglass pigments I got to thinking.

I thought I would try some paint pigment in the dope.
I went to the local Dulux trade centre and explained what I was trying to do.

The guy was extremely helpfull and gave me some blue paint tint.

I diluted this with some all purpose thinners and then mixed it in my dope.

The result would have been better if I had sprayed it but I just wanted to see if it would cover with a brush.

The results with the brush were a lot better than using Feast Watson tints.

Much deeper colours although I still need a couple of coats to get reasonable coverage.

The upside is that doing pin lines and stripes is dead easy.
Mask it up and dab the dope on with a small brush although I used a chop stick. Dry in ten minutes.

Passes the ten foot test with flying colours.

I now need a coat of clear and finish off the landing gear.
Aug 02, 2012, 10:07 PM
Culper Junior
Nice looking models Humphrey, What design are they? The larger wingspan of the blue one reminds me of the old Cox E-Z-Bee styrofoam r/c trainer.
Aug 02, 2012, 10:33 PM
I fly SLOPE landings are crash
HUMPHREY1957's Avatar
Originally Posted by aeronca52
Nice looking models Humphrey, What design are they? The larger wingspan of the blue one reminds me of the old Cox E-Z-Bee styrofoam r/c trainer.
An optical illusion maybe. They are both the same size.

They are a Humbug. I stole this from the Cowra MAC website

This simple little model flies well and is robust. It will make a great model for the FF scramble at this year’s Oily Hand.

I built one when my son Owen was small and we had hours of fun chasing around the paddock. On one occasion it decided to head off, after a kilometre and rolling up our trousers for a river crossing we found it nestled in a lucerne paddock on the far bank. Another time it spent a week up a tree till a windstorm bought it down. A little glue and some oil and off it proudly flew again. Eventually it decided to retire and was committed to the ceremonial pyre.

By increasing the size to about 40” to 45” span (that’s about 135% to 150% on the photocopier) a Cox 049 reed valve engine can be accommodated. Of course a set of bearers and a nice diesel aren’t out of the question.

The original one we built had the 020 and needed some right thrust which is not shown on the plan. The knock-off method of attachment of the engine allows for easy adjustment of engine thrust. Further, on the plan, you will find that the cut width of the sheet for the wing is 4˝” not the narrow width as shown in the wing plan. To get the dihedral, block one wingtip up 4˝”.

Hope you find an opportunity to build and enjoy this little model.
Aug 02, 2012, 11:09 PM
Culper Junior

Sorry to get off topic here-back to more pictures.
Aug 03, 2012, 03:03 AM
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Aeronca52 - not off topic at all. Feel free to expand on the models in the pics.

Although if you do, you may find a build thread asked for....


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