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Jun 25, 2018, 02:26 PM
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v37n02 FEB 2000

GIRO V 1278 Feb-00 deBolt, Hal
Note: a second article describes improvements to the rotor head. The article was published in the July 2000 issue but is placed here.

Article on Pulse jet propulsion added.

Don Dewey, founder of R C Modeler magazine and long time Sierra Madre resident, passed away Sunday FEB 27, 2000 from an apparent heart attack. He founded the magazine in 1964, handing out copies at contests. It has since grown into the worlds largest circulation radio control hobby magazine. His later interest turned to a fish and aquarium publication (FAMA). He lived with his wife Sally in Sierra Madre and rarely found reason to leave the quaint town. They lost their son in a motorcycle accident about 20 years ago. Don and Sally were longtime supporters of the Sierra Madre (later Santa Fe Dam) Radio Control Modelers club, regularly paying dues even as honorary members. We were honored with their presence at a club Christmas Party at the Sierra Madre Rec. Center about 8 years ago. We honor Don's memory and thank him for his contribution to our hobby and the community. We extend condolences to Sally and the staff and our friends at RCM In lieu of flowers, Don's wife Sally has asked that donations be made to a charity. Three of Don's favorite charities are: Feed The Children, P.O. Box 36, Oklahoma City, OK 73101; Christian Appalachian Project, 322 Crab Orchard Rd, Lancaster, KY 40446; Doris Day Animal League, 227 Massachusetts Ave NE, Suite 100, Washington, DC 2000
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Jun 29, 2018, 10:09 PM
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v37n05 MAY 2000

HOWARD PETE 1282 May-00 Andersen, David

Note: Howard Pete article is in two parts, both combined here in one file.
The second part was published in the June 2000 issue.
Jun 29, 2018, 10:23 PM
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v37n06 JUN 2000

PLAYBOY SENIOR 425 (ELECTRIC) 1283 Jun-00 Aberle, Bob

Note: Editorial contains the announcement of Don Dewey's death, on 27 February 2000, after suffering a fatal heart attack.
Jun 30, 2018, 09:31 PM
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v37n07 JUL 2000


Note: This issue contains an article proposing modifications to GIRO V, published in February, 2000. The article is appended to the PDF published in post 481.

Editorial repeats Don Dewey's first editorial, published in October 1963. Document also contains memorials to Don Dewey from many friends and colleagues.

"I won't let there be a gap in my life with Don's passing -- he'll always be in my thoughts. And the thoughts are happy ones." -- Jim Martin of Hobby Lobby
Jul 02, 2018, 09:05 PM
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v37n10 OCT 2000

LADY SAMANTHA 1287 Oct-00 Miller, Peter
NORTH AMERICAN P-51 MUSTANG (ELECTRIC) 1288 Oct-00 Morfis, Gus & Jack Hix

37th anniversary of magazine

Masthead changes:

The late Don Dewey becomes the "Founder", vice "Publisher", and his birth and death year are appended to his name.

Patricia Crews becomes the "Editor-in-Chief", vice "Editor".

Joseph J. Crews (Patricia's spouse or son) appears as the "Asst. to the Editor-in-Chief".

Based on previous time-to-press, this change would have been implemented in the middle of June, 2000, four months after Don's death.

On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, Marty Hammersmith wrote: Here's the e-mail I received from RCM..... As most of you who read RCM know, we too are modelers and really hate to take any action that would reduce the enjoyment that our readers receive from each issue of RCM.

To the best of my knowledge there are only two modelers at RCM - Dick Kidd, Technical Editor and Assistant Editor Jim Pearson. All of the associate editors are modelers....but they don't have a say in setting policy or direction of the magazine. All decisions made by the magazine are made by the Editor in Chief, Pat Crews....who apparently took over total control (or was willed control after the untimely death of Publisher Don Dewey) naming herself Editor in Chief in the October 2000 issue - Prior to that, she was listed (September) as Editor. At the same time she appointed Joseph J. Crews (who appeared on the masthead in any position the first time) as Assistant to the Editor in Chief. His relationship to Pat Crews is unknown, perhaps a son. A number of Pat's family are employed by the magazine, incuding her sister, Kathy Acton and her son Greg. Look at the mastheads in these issues (September/October 2000) to confirm.

RCM had been at the time I worked for them, under financial pressure, or that is what we were told when payments to their Assistant and Contributing Editors were running months behind. I rather suspect that blocking out of plans is an attempt to increase revenue from that area of their business rather than admit that the number of people building from plans has dropped off significantly (according to Radio Control Trade Association sources). Modelers, particularly the older ones, resist change. This has probably done more to keep RCM in business in a flat market and in the face of emerging competition than any direct efforts on their part. "I've always subscribed to RCM and I will continue to...." may not sustain them indefinitely. Before a business starts tightening up on what they offer, or reducing offerings they should assure themselves that their market share/position will support such an action.

Red Scholefield - AMA 951 IMAA 18939 Dist V
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Jul 02, 2018, 10:02 PM
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v37n11 NOV 2000

KLEMM L25D 1289 Nov-00 Angel, Robert -- MISSING PLAN
DYNAMO 400 1290 Nov-00 Zare (aka Zarembski), Jim -- MISSING PLAN

The facsimiles of both plans are defaced, or "blocked", in the magazine, making restoration and enlargement impossible.
Jul 02, 2018, 10:18 PM
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Vol 38 (2001)

Vol 38 (2001) Posts 492-504
493. v38n01 JAN 2001
494. v38n02 FEB 2001
495. v38n03 MAR 2001
496. v38n04 APR 2001
497. v38n05 MAY 2001
498. v38n06 JUN 2001
498. v38n07 JUL 2001
500. v38n08 AUG 2001
501. v38n09 SEP 2001 (C/E/T)
502. v38n10 OCT 2001 (C/E/T)
503. v38n11 NOV 2001
504. v38n12 DEC 2001

Plans in this Volume include:
HOT DAWG 1292 Jan-01 Baker, Bobby
MILES M-20 1293 Feb-01 Whitehead, Gordon E.
RAVEN 2 AILERON MODIFICATION (1160A) 1160.1 Mar-01 Hoey, Robert G.
ELECTRIC CHALLENGE TWIN 1294 Mar-01 Evans, Charles
AICHI M6A1 SEIRAN 1295 Apr-01 Westwood, Ed
POKE ALONG 1296 May-01 Sievers, Al
BUG 1297 Jun-01 Dowdy, Carl
FOX 1298 Jun-01 Horvath, David
BANDITO GRANDE 1299 Jul-01 Mathews, D.B. "Doc"
GEE BEE R2 1300 Aug-01 Page, Adrian
BUZZER 1301 Sep-01 Winter, Bill & John Hunton
SOUTHERN EAGLE 1302 Oct-01 Proffitt, Bill, Stu Richmond, and Don McGeorge
GREAT LAKES BIPE 1303 Nov-01 Fallandy, Martin
DORNIER DO-23 1304 Dec-01 Mikulasko, Laddie
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Jul 05, 2018, 09:13 PM
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v38n03 MAR 2001

RAVEN 2 AILERON MODIFICATION (1160A) 1160.1 Mar-01 Hoey, Robert G. -- (Note: Plan 1160A must be used in conjunction with Plan #1160, see post #402 and Jan-1994)
ELECTRIC CHALLENGE TWIN 1294 Mar-01 Evans, Charles

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