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Sep 25, 2017, 05:24 PM
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Don Dewey Memorial Radio Control Modeler (RCM) Plans Collection

Until the posting structure is complete, any additional postings by visitors may be acknowledged but note that they will be deleted as I progress.

That said, if you have information or comments about something in an issue, "Reply" to that post. I will transfer your information to the appropriate post and then delete your original post.

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Welcome to the "Dewey Collection".
Everything you see below is a result of one man's idea... to create an honest forum for the then-new hobby of building and operating radio-controlled models. He was smart, skilled, and just as human as any of us. His dream eventually saw the publication of over 1,200 various plans in RCM magazine. Once, I calculated the span and length of each fixed wing aircraft plan to give me an approximate footprint for that plane. Then I summed the areas of all the models together. The resulting area, needed to hold one of each plane without any overlap, was just larger than an American professional football field, including the end-zones.

This thread derives from the "RCM Plans Free!!!!" thread in the Vintage Forum, and that thread provides a good place to comment on this thread.

I intend this to be a history and a collection of the plans published by the now defunct RCM Magazine. It is a story, and a body of work, that is worth preserving--and was at risk of being forgotten. My late, US Navy, Chief Petty Officer, Father taught me that the person who sees a "task undone" should not leave the task to someone else. I will try to see this task done.

COPYRIGHT POLICE: Please note that almost all of the 1200+ plan images are marked "Copyright RCM, All Commercial Rights Reserved" (emphasis and underlining added). RCM specifically allowed us to share and use these plans, but not to make money from them.

I will organize this thread as follows... the numbered list represents post numbers. When BOLD, I have completed posting the data. When HIGHLIGHTED, I have more to do but am pushing on.
Eventually, I may exceed the number of characters allowable in this post. So I just converted all of the months to three-letter abbreviations, to save space. When I do hit the limit, I will figure something out.

If I make any changes to an existing post, I will note the change with the word "UPDATED:". Therefore, searching the thread for the word "UPDATED" will help you locate them.

I will place a post at the beginning of each Section (every 20 volumes) and each Volume (publishing year) to eventually hold overviews. The introductory post will be followed by a post for each regular or special issue. My eventual goal will be to post the cover, editorial, and table of contents (C/E/T), each construction article, and each plan in the issue.

1963-1983: SECTION ONE (Volumes 1-20) - Table of Contents starts below

1984-2003: SECTION TWO (Volumes 21-40) - Table Contents in Post XXXX (LINK TBD)
2004-2006: SECTION THREE (Volumes 41-42, Special Editions, Provisions for 10 Chapters of Text, and 10 pages of Statistical Analysis) - Table of Contents in Post YYYY (LINK TBD)

Section One Table of Contents
Vol 1 (OCT 1963 - NOV 1964) Posts 02-14
Vol 2 (DEC 1964 - DEC 1965) Posts 15-27 (LINK)
Vol 3 (1966, plus the RCM 1966 Annual) Posts 28-41 (LINK)
Vol 4 (1967, plus a Special Edition in JUL 1967 ("The Challenge of Radio Control Scale")) Posts 42-55 (LINK)
Vol 5 (1968, plus a Special Edition in DEC 1968) Posts 56-69 (LINK)
== 69. 1968 Radio Control Modeler Annual (Special Edition) (C/E/T)
Vol 6 (1969) Posts 70-82 (LINK)
Vol 7 (1970) Posts 83-95 (LINK)
Vol 8 (1971, plus two Special Editions "For What It's Worth" and "Foam Wings") Posts 96-110 (LINK)
Vol 9 (1972, plus Special Edition "Flight Training Course") Posts 111-124 (LINK)
== 112. Special Edition "Flight Training Course Volume 1" NOTE: I will be posting the full text of this special edition, once it is scanned. When I post it, I will announce it.
RCM BASIC TRAINER (FTC) 501 FTCv1 Tichenor, Dick - Article Missing

Vol 10 (1973) Posts 125-137 (LINK)
Vol 11 (1974, plus Special Edition "Flight Training Course Volume 2") Posts 138-151 (LINK)
== 151. Special Edition "Flight Training Course Volume 2". C/E/T. NOTE: I will be posting the full text of this special edition, once it is scanned. When I post it, I will announce it.
Vol 12 (1975) Posts 152-164 (LINK)
Vol 13 (1976) Posts 165-177 (LINK)
== 175. OCT 1976 (C/E/T)
== 176. NOV 1976 (C/E/T)
Vol 14 (1977) Posts 178-190 (LINK)
== 180. FEB 1977 (C/E/T)
== 181. MAR 1977 (C/E/T)
== 182. APR 1977 (C/E/T)
== 183. MAY 1977 (C/E/T)
== 184. JUN 1977 (C/E/T)
== 185. JUL 1977 (C/E/T)
== 186. AUG 1977 (C/E/T)
== 187. SEP 1977 (C/E/T)
== 189. NOV 1977 (C/E/T)
== 190. DEC 1977 (C/E/T)
Vol 15 (1978) Posts 191-203 (LINK)
Vol 16 (1979) Posts 204-216 (LINK)
== 205. JAN 1979 (C/E/T)
== 206. FEB 1979 (C/E/T)
== 207. MAR 1979 (C/E/T)
== 208. APR 1979 (C/E/T)
== 209. MAY 1979 (C/E/T)
== 210. JUN 1979 (C/E/T)
== 211. JUL 1979 (C/E/T)
== 212. AUG 1979 (C/E/T)
== 213. SEP 1979 (C/E/T)
== 214. OCT 1979 (C/E/T)
== 215. NOV 1979 (C/E/T)
== 216. DEC 1979 (C/E/T)
Vol 17 (1980) Posts 217-229 (LINK)
== 218. JAN 1980 (C/E/T)
== 219. FEB 1980 (C/E/T)
== 220. MAR 1980 (C/E/T)
== 221. APR 1980 (C/E/T)
== 222. MAY 1980 (C/E/T)
== 223. JUN 1980 (C/E/T)
== 224. JUL 1980 (E/T)
== 225. AUG 1980 (C/E/T)
== 226. SEP 1980 (E/T)
== 227. OCT 1980 (E/T)
== 228. NOV 1980 (E/T)
== 229. DEC 1980 (C/E/T)
Vol 18 (1981) Posts 230-214 (LINK)

== 231. FEB 1981 (E/T)
== 232. MAR 1981 (C/E/T)
== 233. APR 1981 (C/E/T)
== 234. MAY 1981 (C/E/T)
== 235. JUN 1981 (C/E/T)
== 236. JUL 1981 (E/T)
== 237. AUG 1981 (C/E/T)
== 238. SEP 1981 (C/E/T)
== 239. OCT 1981 (E/T)
== 240. NOV 1981 (C/E/T)
== 241. DEC 1981 (C/E/T)

Vol 19 (1982) Posts 243-255 (LINK)
244. v19n01 JAN 1982
245. v19n02 FEB 1982
246. v19n03 MAR 1982
247. v19n04 APR 1982
248. v19n05 MAY 1982
249. v19n06 JUN 1982
250. v19n07 JUL 1982
251. v19n08 AUG 1982
252. v19n09 SEP 1982
253. v19n10 OCT 1982
254. v19n11 NOV 1982
255. v19n12 DEC 1982
Vol 20 (1983)

END OF SECTION ONE Table of Contents

Estimated posts: 1(TOC)+42(VolHeads)+498(issues)+5(SpecialEds)=546 posts
Estimate to complete as of 08DEC2017: 25FEB2019

NOTES for later use:
Don Dewey, founder of R C Modeler magazine and long time Sierra Madre resident, passed away Sunday FEB 27, 2000 from an apparent heart attack. He founded the magazine in 1964, handing out copies at contests. It has since grown into the worlds largest circulation radio control hobby magazine. His later interest turned to a fish and aquarium publication (FAMA). He lived with his wife Sally in Sierra Madre and rarely found reason to leave the quaint town. They lost their son in a motorcycle accident about 20 years ago. Don and Sally were longtime supporters of the Sierra Madre (later Santa Fe Dam) Radio Control Modelers club, regularly paying dues even as honorary members. We were honored with their presence at a club Christmas Party at the Sierra Madre Rec. Center about 8 years ago. We honor Don's memory and thank him for his contribution to our hobby and the community. We extend condolences to Sally and the staff and our friends at RCM In lieu of flowers, Don's wife Sally has asked that donations be made to a charity. Three of Don's favorite charities are: Feed The Children, P.O. Box 36, Oklahoma City, OK 73101; Christian Appalachian Project, 322 Crab Orchard Rd, Lancaster, KY 40446; Doris Day Animal League, 227 Massachusetts Ave NE, Suite 100, Washington, DC 2000
On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, Marty Hammersmith wrote: Here's the e-mail I received from RCM..... As most of you who read RCM know, we too are modelers and really hate to take any action that would reduce the enjoyment that our readers receive from each issue of RCM.

To the best of my knowledge there are only two modelers at RCM - Dick Kidd, Technical Editor and Assistant Editor Jim Pearson. All of the associate editors are modelers....but they don't have a say in setting policy or direction of the magazine. All decisions made by the magazine are made by the Editor in Chief, Pat Crews....who apparently took over total control (or was willed control after the untimely death of Publisher Don Dewey) naming herself Editor in Chief in the October 2000 issue - Prior to that, she was listed (September) as Editor. At the same time she appointed Joseph J. Crews (who appeared on the masthead in any position the first time) as Assistant to the Editor in Chief. His relationship to Pat Crews is unknown, perhaps a son. A number of Pat's family are employed by the magazine, incuding her sister, Kathy Acton and her son Greg. Look at the mastheads in these issues (September/October 2000) to confirm.

RCM had been at the time I worked for them, under financial pressure, or that is what we were told when payments to their Assistant and Contributing Editors were running months behind. I rather suspect that blocking out of plans is an attempt to increase revenue from that area of their business rather than admit that the number of people building from plans has dropped off significantly (according to Radio Control Trade Association sources). Modelers, particularly the older ones, resist change. This has probably done more to keep RCM in business in a flat market and in the face of emerging competition than any direct efforts on their part. "I've always subscribed to RCM and I will continue to...." may not sustain them indefinitely. Before a business starts tightening up on what they offer, or reducing offerings they should assure themselves that their market share/position will support such an action.

Red Scholefield - AMA 951 IMAA 18939 Dist V
The last magazine disseminated was June, 2005 (Volume 42, Number 6). The next issue was scheduled to feature the "Pete-E" by Mark Sirianni. The RCM Plans Service sold the Pete-E after the magazine stopped publication. I was able to contact Mark and get a copy of the plan and article.

A note about plan numbers. Numbers 101 - 140 were applied by the "Hobby House Plans Service" that predated the creation of RCM Magazine. Not all Hobby House plans made it into the magazine as construction articles, although they were sold by the plans service. The "R/C MODELER Hobby House PLANS SERVICE" began operations in the Mar-Apr 1964 issue.

When a plan or notable article was not sold by the plans service, and had no plan number, I gave it a number, starting with 9000.
RCM Plans Service Categories
1 = Sport Trainer Monoplanes
2 = "Small" Sport land-based Monoplanes with power systems < 400 Watts/~0.5 HP (IC engines < 0.23 c.i. displacement) excluding Racers
3 = "Medium" Sport land-based Monoplanes with power systems < 800 Watts/~1 HP (IC engines between 0.25 and 0.45 c.i. displacement) excluding Racers
4 = "Large" Sport land-based Monoplanes with power systems >= 800 Watts/~1 HP (IC engines greater than 0.49 c.i. displacement) excluding Racers
5 = Sport Multiplanes
6 = Sport & Scale Racing Monoplanes
7 = Sport Seaplane Monoplanes and plans for floats
8 = Scale Aircraft excluding Racing Monoplanes, Sailplanes, and Powered Sailplanes
9 = Sport & Scale Sailplanes
10 = Sport & Scale Powered Sailplanes
11 = Boats
12 = Rotorcraft
13 = Miscellaneous, including Land Vehicles

The first chart presents the number of build articles per year. The data is immediately divisible into sections.
-- Startup (1963-65) when less than 2 articles per issue (<24/year) were published.
-- Heyday (1966-81) when over 3 articles per issue (>36/year) were published, with two noticeable peaks 1967-69 & 1975-77.
-- Stretch (1982-96) when the publication dropped to just over 2 articles per issue (~26/year)
-- Decline (1997-2005) when the number of build articles dropped to about one per issue (~14/year)

List of RCM Books
For What It's Worth Volumes 1 & 2
The RC Engine Volumes 1 & 2
Scale In Hand
Foam Wings
Flight Training Course Volumes 1 & 2 In hand but not yet scanned
Radio Control... From the Ground Up
Scale Reference Guide
The Challenge of RC Scale

Eventually I will need to look at the various column writers, staff members, and advertisers in terms of dates of association, etc. And the dates of the introduction of various technologies... to determine their effects on the magazine.

The second chart looks at the span of powered, fixed-wing plans. 1982 is a clear marker. Before 1982 spans were <= 54", and >= 54" after. Does that indicate a shift towards the more experienced modeler? Does the correlation with the first chart have a connection... publishing fewer plans of larger aircraft? Is the correlation between the "Decline" and the spike in greater wingspans in the last years of the magazine significant? I'll have to watch the subjects of the editorials and articles for audience (new versus experienced modeler).

The third chart examines the same data as chart 2 but looks at maximum and minimum curves. This will help me understand if peaks in the average curve were caused by one-or-two outliers, rather than an overall shift in the plans.

Contributors: 3810, ~SnApRoLl, AgoMago, albertomi, ar196, AugustaWest, Ausse, AVGDAY, Balsaworkbench, Bare, bernd_57, bmutlugil, Bridon, Brner, Captain Dunsel, Circlip, Couch-pilot, cracksmeup, CryHavoc, Cavitation, davevh, davidterrell80, DeeBee1, Dereude Bernar, deuxchevaux, Dplumpe, Edubarca, EJWash1, ev2driver, fizzlestik, flicka5, greyflight390, guitarsbanjo, Hemikiller, Hlsat, JeffMac, jflint5429, Jim Kraft, JohnAV8R, JohnSH, KraftyOne, modified3u, monocoupe110, N1EDM, PA22, Patzpaint, piperjoe, rchopper56, RFJ, ripplewave, rockom, Roguedog, Ron Daniels, Rubbernecker, sablatnic, shinck, SrFalcon, SRQFlyer, Thermaler, thobin, titoplane, tri-pacer, Trisquire, WMD, Zipman,
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RCM Volume 1 (October 1963 - November 1964)

2. RCM Volume 1 (October 1963 - November 1964)

3. v01n01 - October 1963
4. v01n02 - November 1963
5. v01n03 - December 1963
6. v01n04 - January 1964
7. v01n05 - February 1964
8. v01n06 - March & April 1964
9. v01n07 - May 1964
10. v01n08 - June & July 1964
11. v01n09 - August 1964
12. v01n10 - September 1964
13. v01n11 - October 1964
14. v01n12 - November 1964

Plans listed for the volume include

STAGGER-BI MARK 3 133 Oct-63 Kraft, Phil
EXODUS 315 Oct-63 Halstad, Barry
CANDY 131 Nov-63 Weirick, Cliff
TRIED SQUIRE 9070 Nov-63 Billett, Dud
TORERO 134 Dec-63 Smith, Willie
NOVA 310 Dec-63 Hallock, Mede
VIRUS 324 Jan-64 Willard, Ken
F-9  9005 Jan-64 Usher, Darryl
NORSEMAN 3 132 Feb-64 Chapman, Ron
JUBILEE (ARF) 9014 Feb-64 Purdy, Len
CESSNA CARDINAL 101 Apr-64 Halstad, Barry
CESSNA 182 SKYLANE 113 May-64 Willoughby, Dale
DOUBLE FEATURE  118 Jul-64 Willard, Ken
MARK ONE 140.1 Jul-64 Smith, Courtney
CESSNA UC-78 BOBCAT 122 Aug-64 Morse, Bob & Merle Hickman
GULLIVER 9011 Aug-64 Strader, Ted
SABRE HAWK 4 126 Sep-64 Izzo, Ed
KWIK FLI 1 130 Oct-64 Kraft, Phil
TOKYO ECHO 136 Nov-64 Kudo, Azuma
GNAT 9010 Nov-64 McClain, D.
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v01n04 - January 1964

VIRUS 324 Jan-64 Willard, Ken
F-9  9005 Jan-64 Usher, Darryl

Updated: 16-OCT-2018 loaded a better version of the F-9 plan.
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Oct 06, 2017, 11:58 AM
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v01n06 - March & April 1964

CESSNA CARDINAL 101 Apr-64 Halstad, Barry

Updated: The "R/C MODELER Hobby House PLANS SERVICE" began operations in the Mar-Apr 1964 issue.
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v01n11 - October 1964

KWIK FLI 1 130 Oct-64 Kraft, Phil

1st anniversary
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v01n12 - November 1964

The first twelve issues -Volume 1 - of RCM is past history. You have made this publication a success, growing from 48 pages and a circulation of 7,000 copies to 64 pages and a circulation of 63,000. Next month we begin Volume 2 and the first step of a planned expansion program, increasing the number of pages to 72. In the next, and succeeding issues, you will see several new "firsts" in model publications, plus some very exciting items for RC never before attempted or presented by the model press. In addition, the first RC Modeler Annual will make its appearance sometime after the first of the year - a valuable reference handbook of plans, articles, and data sheets that will be more than just a rehash of old ideas and concepts.

It's going to be a good year. A year for going forward with a hobby that will grow beyond all preconceived limitations. Stay with it.


-- Don Dewey

TOKYO ECHO 136 Nov-64 Kudo, Azuma
GNAT 9010 Nov-64 McClain, D.
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RCM Magazine Volume 2 (December 1964 - November 1965)

15. RCM Magazine Volume 2 (December 1964 - November 1965)

16. v02n01 - December 1964
17. v02n02 - January 1965
18. v02n03 - February 1965
19. v02n04 - March 1965
20. v02n05 - April 1965
21. v02n06 - May 1965
22. v02n07 - June 1965
23. v02n08 - July 1065
24. v02n09 - August 1965
25. v02n10 - September 1965
26. v02n11 - November 1965 (NOTE: There was no October 1965 issue.)
27. v02n12 - December 1965

Plans listed for the volume include:

DIGESTER 137 Dec-64 Mathis, Don
DQA 704 9043 Dec-64 Babcock, Stu
ALBATROS DVA 139 Jan-65 Holman, Bob
MAC SEVENTEEN 140 Jan-65 Sager, Lloyd
HAWKER HURRICANE 141 Feb-65 Dwight, Ken
UPLIFT 145 Feb-65 Olsen, Chris
DENIGHT SPECIAL 142 Mar-65 Martin, Joe
SCHOOLGIRL 316 Mar-65 Willard, Ken
KWIK FLI 2 146 Apr-65 Kraft, Phil
LORELEI 9018 Apr-65 RCM Staff
AEOLUS 147 May-65 Riggs, Dick
WILD CHILD 148 May-65 Northrop, Bill
CHALLENGER (BOAT) 9064 May-65 Preuesse, Gary & Earl Mundt
ROYAL COACHMAN 149 Jun-65 Dewey, Don
PATRIOT 150 Jul-65 Foster, Joe
PHOENIX 151 Aug-65 Lowe, Don
GARY 1 152 Aug-65 Leak, Gerald
KAHUNA 153 Sep-65 Toomer, John
HAMMERHEAD 154 Nov-65 Fielding, James
GOOD NEIGHBOR 155 Nov-65 Willard, Ken
SHOWOFF 156 Dec-65 Cunningham, Chuck
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