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Sep 17, 2017, 07:39 PM
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Hobby King HK/Shundo Ocean Star Sailor Ocean Racing Yacht

Read a lot about this yacht on the Monsoon site with folks branching off onto the HK Ocean going Racing Yacht 2.2 meters. I searched and found nothing dedicated so here goes ( if this is redundant please send me to the right site) -

Received the boat in a weeks time for a good price. Not expecting anything great, I was very surprised to see that the mast was 6ft tall and the sail colors ugly! But the hull itself only a meter long. It looks nice and I've only found a few things wrong.

1. There is no drain plug for the drain hole in the rear of the hull - you have to make one!

2. the alignment of the steering hole which the rudder goes through is off - I've read on the monsoon forum that one writer re-drilled and fixed it that way, I just bent the rudder rod slightly and it was OK.

3. The keel fin doesn't fit the keel bulb properly. The slot is longer than the fin is wide and the scree shaft goes into an oversized bulb hole. I fixed this by putting heat shrink around the fin shaft, then put Vaseline coating on that as I poured some 5 minute epoxy into the slot (not much), which once it hardened "stiffened" the joint and still made it so you can take it apart. Did the same with the hull to fin joint (which is really oversize) and now nothing will come loose and it comes apart.

4. The Keel bulb is way to small for this boat! I got 1394 grams of lead and epoxy into the bulb and when sailing the boat in 1-3 knot winds you could see that it was already healing more than it should. So I will be looking for a. larger bulb & b. a way to add weight to the keel. I believe that's why the slots are larger than the keel fin, it was designed for something with more size and weight. I've read now weights recommended are anywhere from 1300 g (HK) to an average of 16-1700 g all the way up to 2300 g.

5. The hatch cover needs a gasket to keep it watertight. I made a simple one from a sheet of kids hobby foam available at Hobby Lobby. Used the 2mm thickness and with the supplied rubber band hatch retainer it seals off the hatch as long as the rubber band is tight.

6. Also the threaded shafts on the keel fin are bad> meaning I stripped the threads when attaching the Keel bulb and ended up using two nuts to hold both the bulb to the fin and fin to the hull, so beware of over tightening these nuts! Also the rudder arm and keel attachment nuts are covered with a plastic cap and sticker. For now I covered it with clear waterproof medical tape and will find another way to make it presentable.

7. Many of the other owners complained about tangled mast lines/sheets. I prevented that by making again out of thicker (5mm) hobby foam I-beam shaped line wind up holders like the boat comes with but made out of cardboard.

The boat sailed nicely in very low wind conditions and handled waves well. The winch servo is fast and plays out a lot of line, so you only use a little bit of control stick. The rudder servo seems to be OK and handles turns well. I did have any tangle problems taking off and putting on the mast and sails, I just took my time and it worked out fine.

I'll add photos asap as I changed some colors on the hull. Other wise a good value for the money.

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Sep 30, 2017, 12:36 PM
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Keel weight update

The keel fin and bulb weight approximately 373 grams. I added 1394 grams initially. for a keel unit total of 1775 approximately. NOT ENOUGH WEIGHT- the boat heeled over and drug the boom s in the water with very little wind! when A gust hit it, it was on it's side and not really moving. So in the I've attached with tape and Velcro another 173 grams and will see how that works out.

1 Oz = 28 Grams (for my brother)

I will also attempt to make a matching fl. green main sail, because even the the water the blue & main doesn't look that good.

Oct 31, 2017, 01:06 PM
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Keel Weight

The keel weight total that I posted in the last entry, 1948 grams, worked out fine. She doesn't heel over and drag everything in the water now and moves out smartly in a wind. So I will leave that as the overall weight until something happens to change my mind.

I have found that the eyes of the attachments points for the rigging are small and require some fiddling to get the snap swivel through. So I've gone ahead and attached oval split rings to them for easier attaching and de-rigging.

Doesn't seem like this is a very popular boat sailboat. While not a racer, it now moves out and was worth the re-work effort.

I invite others to post on this thread so we can share some knowledge and improvements/modifications to improve it.

Nov 01, 2017, 07:42 PM
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Sailboats have the square/cube problem as the sail area is the square and the volume of the hull is the cube. As you point out this boat is sold based on height (not hull length) so you are basically over canvased. More weight on the keel helps but eventually you will need extra suits of sails to best match the conditions.

Many classes have sets A-E. E looks silly but is more than enough sail to max hull speed without the healing over.
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Nov 02, 2017, 06:12 PM
The wind is free, go sailing!
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Lots of info on Monsoon mods here:
Nov 12, 2017, 08:07 AM
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You made a really good point about too much canvas, so I am looking at making smaller suits, maybe even a smaller mast.

It's the law of diminishing returns, at one point the boats becomes too heavy due to keel weight. I'm not adding anymore from this point on and work actually on reducing it. I must say though that it sails pretty well now without looking flat on the water - so I just might leave well enough alone.

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