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Sep 14, 2017, 02:47 AM
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Taranis QX7 + IRange IRx4 + Inductrix Pro (Tiny Whoop) Not Binding, PLEASE HELP!!

Hey everyone!! I hope someone can help me out. Im sure if you can help me out, there's a lot of other people out there this information would be useful to.

I have a Taranis QX7 w/ the IRange IRx4 from banggood (the new one that 4-in-1) and I'm trying to get it to bind to my Inductrix Pro (tiny whoop w/ the yellow canopy).

- I followed all the instructions on youtube on flashing the qx7 to the most updated opentx which was released on 5/30 (it doesn't have the label RC next to it)
- I flashed my qx7 using the sim card and not via usb (reason being is that i tried it via USB on my mac and it kept on freezing on me)
- Only weird thing was that even thought on my profile on the Mac Companion App, i set my channels to AETR, even after i flash my taranis, when i check in the menu what the channel order is it's TAER... So i just switched it to AETR via the knob on my taranis...

- I set up a new model
- turned off internal RF
- turned on external RF to MULT... DSM... X 22ms (i dont know which sub is correct, i saw that some people successfully bind it with X 22ms and 2 22ms)
- set it to AUTOBIND
- on page 5, changed my inputs on 2 & 4 to INV
- turned off the device, plugged in the battery to the TinyWhoop, turned on my trans and NOTHING.....

I've been searching forever online and i can't seem to find the answer so i'm hoping someone here can please help me out. anyone?! please?!?!

on a side note, i also bought a beta w/ a FLYSKY receiver in it and i can't get the multi to find the FLKSKY receiver also.... i'm pretty sure its not the hardware and it's me so can someone help me out?!?! thanks in advance everyone!
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Oct 15, 2017, 05:16 PM

QX7 IRX4 bind to Induxtrix & others

I just set mine up yesterday with QX7 and IRX4, these are my notes:

To Bind to Spektrum NanoQX, FPVNanoQX and Inductrix:

⦁ on Tx Model SETUP screen:
⦁ Set Internal RF to OFF
⦁ Set External RF
⦁ Mode to MULTI and DSM
⦁ Subtype to X 22ms
⦁ Ch Range is already CH1 - 7 --- this may be able to be reduced to 4??
⦁ highlight Bnd
⦁ Power up NanoQX
⦁ press ENTER while on Bnd on Tx
⦁ wait for solid blue light
⦁ unplug NanoQx
⦁ should be good to go
⦁ NOTE: had to reverse Aileron and Rudder

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