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Sep 11, 2017, 12:11 AM
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Holybro Kopis 1

Kopis 1 Details
Brand: Holybro
Wheelbase: 210mm (stretched)
Bottom Plate Thickness: 5mm Carbon Fibre (single base plate and arms)
Top Plate thickness: 2mm Carbon Fibre
Weight: 300 grams without battery
ESC: 30A BLHeli_32 2-6S (DSHOT1200 compatible)
Motor: T-motor AIR40 2205 2450KV

FC Name: Kakute F4 AIO v1.3
MCU: STM32F405RGT6 32-bit processor (168mhz easily able to do 32kHz PID loop)
IMU: ICM20689 (SPI, 32kHz)
Data Flash (blackbox): 16mb
Vibration Dampening: IMU soft mounted
Voltage: 2-6S
Current: 140amp continuous (max 180 amps)
USB VCP Driver (all UARTs usable simultaneously; USB does not take up a UART)
3 hardware UARTS (UART1,3,6)
Dimensions: 35x43x7mm (includes USB in height)
Mounting holes: Standard 30.5mm
Weight: 7g

Video Transmitter
Transmitter Name: Holybro Atlatl
Frequency: 5.8 GHz
Channels: 40
Voltage: 2-6S
Transmit power: 15mW, 25mW, 100mW, 200mW, 400mW, 600mW
Antenna Connection: MMCX
Audio: 6 MHz + 6.5 MHz Mono
Microphone: Yes
Smart Audio: Yes (Tramp)
Mounting holes: Standard 30.5mm

Camera Name: Runcam Swift Mini
Resolution: 600TVL
Lens: 2.3mm /130 degrees
Image sensor: 1/3" SONY Super HAD II CCD
Signal system: PAL / NTSC
S/N Ration: >60dB(AGC OFF)
Electronic shutter speed: PAL:1/50 ~ 100,000; NTSC:1/60 ~ 100,000
AutoGain control(AGC): YES
Back light compensation(BLC): YES
Min.illumination: 0.01Lux/1.2F
Power: DC 5 to 36V
Dimensions: 22.3mm * 22mm * 27mm
Net weight: 12g

5mm full 3K carbon fiber Twill
Counter-sunk screws for great appearance and smooth finish
Kakute F4 FC with soft-mounted gyro for great filtering of vibration
Betaflight OSD included. Monitor voltage and battery capacity in your FPV goggles. Change PIDs and Rates using your transmitter sticks
5.8GHz 40CH atlatl video transmitter
Control the VTX channel and transmit power from the OSD using your transmitter sticks. No more button-pushing.
Programmable LED board controllable in Betaflight. Buzzer included.
RunCam Swift Mini FPV camera.
Adjustable camera tilt from 0 degrees to 90 degrees uptilt.
Serial receiver supported (SBUS, iBUS, Spektrum)

Package includes:
1 x Kopis FPV racing drone
4 x T-motor AIR40 2205 2450KV
4 x 30A BLHeli_32 ESC
1 x 5.8G 40CH Atlatl VTX
1 x 5.8 GHz FPV antenna
1 x Kakute F4 AIO flight controller
4 x 5045 tri-blade propeller CW
4 x 5045 tri-blade propeller CCW
1 x Battery strap (installed)
1 x Gopro4 mount stand
1 x carrying case
1 x Frsky XSR receiver (BNF only)


The Kopis from Holybro is an interesting looking beast to say the least, admittedly I was pretty sceptical of the design when I first saw it. With curved arms and what seems to be and overly exaggerated stretch design my cynicism was peeking, add to this and unusual antenna mount, a super slim body and a camera poking out like Dirt Diggler’s main asset on Boogie Nights , I was prepared for a disappointing outcome, at least it looked pretty.
After opening the box I was somewhat reassured by the quality packaging , the frame came with spare props, instructions and a reusable case for carrying this thing around in. This is the kind of professional touch you should expect from a top company like Holybro and they have not failed to deliver. After a quick charge of some HV batts, suffice to say I was very surprised and my unfounded scepticism was quickly quashed. Let’s break this thing down into the main points;

The frame is a single base plate, made of 5mm carbon, with a the top plate being supported by a standoff on each corner with the camera plate/mount for the FPV camera being wedged in-between the top and bottom plates. The most standout, or unique, feature of this frame is the curved arm design, this has resulted in drastically modifying the motor ratio’s away from X-configuration in favour of Pitch control, at the sacrifice of Roll and Yaw authority, with a large stretch. Normally this is a very bad idea to put curved carbon fibre arms on a fast quad, firstly it introduces a massive weak point in the arm, but also induces flex. To correct this issue, or reduce it as much as possible, it is expensive in comparison to a standard frame cut out as you end up having to use a high grade carbon fibre and waste a lot of carbon fibre.

So why do this, well if you have done your maths correctly it can have a pretty big impact on how the frame performs. There are 2 factors that have the biggest impact on a frames performance, the position of the motors in relation to each other (and the FC of course) and the other being the point of leverage (where the arm joins the frame and is applying the force to the frame to rotate on a given axis). In the Kopis you can clearly see they have stretched the frame, adding more “resolution” to the pitch access by making the motors have to travel a longer distance in order to change 1 degree of frame rotation in Pitch. What you may not have noticed is the fact the leverage point is still back in a more traditional X-configuration. This not only provides additional stability in pitch , it also allows for a much more even PID alignment between Roll & Pitch which also applies more even weighting to the motors preventing the lost motor control headroom most stretched frames suffer from. The net result of all this is improved Pitch handling without affecting the other 2 axis, no reduction in top speed and no strange yaw/roll conflicts in the error loops or the need for custom motor layouts in Betaflight.

Frame design allows top or bottom mounted batteries (can’t top mount battery if running HD camera) so depending on what track you are on, you can swap the battery mounting position to suit the track or flying style. There are also some other nice features like countersunk boltholes, so your batteries don’t get shredded, colour matched hardware, rx antenna tie points (zip tie slots) and rear LED strip with buzzer. Couple of straps of decent quality and nice and wide, they include a carbon fibre battery tray which is also more evidence of the quality and how just much thought has gone into the design of the quad (you would be surprised to see what damage is done to a battery just cinching a strap up over a lipo without the protection of a plate to spread the load). This also gives additional protection to the battery from impacts, especially if you are running the battery on the bottom. As a side note, the labelling and branding is good on this model, you know what you are looking at because it says it on the top 

Flight Controller
Being Holybro, the FC is a Kakute F4 v1.3, my personal preference in FC’s, and performed like a star. With things like integrated S.port for FrSky telemetry working out of the box, smart audio, the ability to use a Lua script on your Taranis to control PID’s an vTx, power distribution board and BEC, isolated vibration dampened 2060 series Gyro/IMU and betaflight OSD, this board really has everything going for it. With the FrSky Bind and Fly version, I simply needed to bind the Taranis and I had everything working ready to fly.

Video Transmitter
The frame comes with Holybro’s new vTX, power output and the signal quality are very good and I would say it is on par with the Unify pro for performance. Another upside of this vTX, is the fact it comes on its own mounting board for 30.5mm hole pattern allowing you to stack it easily with the FC. This combination has worked a treat on the Kopis, keeping the frame stack super low while allowing for easily changeable vTX if you manage to kill it. The board is reduced in it’s width down the side to make it easy to access the solder points for the Kakute board stacked below it, in saying that, everything is soldered out of the box and the vTX is connected via a plug (with a locking clip) which is soldered to the Kakaute via a short cable (no soldering needed to change out a vTX). The vTX takes the Tramp smart audio commands so you have full control over your betaflight OSD or Lua script, the downside is there is only a tiny surface mount button and single led on the board itself which is a non-issue to be frank as you are never going to see or get to buttons/display in a tiny stack like this anyways.

Output says 15-600mw, I have not put it on the meter yet but in a side by side comparisons with Unify pro 2 on 800mw this vTX performed as well as the unify, which is great. Pit mode is an option you can turn on and off, it will remember pit mode and also allows you to hold the vTX button down on power-up to force pit mode. The vTX will take a large voltage range of 7-24v, one of the only let downs of this vTX is the fact you can’t power it from 5v which is a big drawback for me. Sure this is not an issue on this frame setup and I certainly had no electronic noise issues coming through and interfering with the video signal but I would rather see it limited to say 4S instead and take a 5v input. There is also an on-board microphone on the vTX and is setup to run with the smart audio correctly so no issues there. It comes with a decent antenna () and the antenna connection is solid although it admittedly seems a bit of a strange choice on a race quad due to the weight and size of the connector, sure you are not going to have a disconnection issue with it but I have never had an issue with the IPX connectors so………just excess weight? Clearly nit-picking at this point, but I guess every gram counts on a race quad.


The motors are T-motors, which if you know me then you know I am not a fan of this brand due to their unfriendly nature playing with most ESC’s, causing desync and twitches (often blamed on the FC and vibrations). However, the motor and ESC combo is great for this sized frame, plenty of power and decent acceleration. ESC’s are BLHeli_32 and like the motors, come down cool on 4S. The package comes with a bunch of spare 5x4.5x3 bullnose props which work well with the motors, admittedly the current draw is over 100amps so they are not exactly an efficient combination (mostly because of the motors). I am not much for the pink colour of the motors myself, but combined with the matching hardware and LED board setup it does look good in the air and sounds great. If I was to change one thing on this frame, I would of changed the brand of motors, only time will tell if the motors suffer the same fate as most T-motors after a few crashes (turning the bearings into crushed biscuits and making bell and shaft all “loosey-goosey”)…..

I have not messed around with the ESC’s yet, nor have I bothered to go over to Betaflight 3.2, something to mess around with in the coming week or so. The ESC’s are small and compact (not as wide as arm), don’t get hot and have worked flawlessly to date. I am very pleased to see they have mounted them on the bottom of the arms which prevents any prop strikes to the ESC’s (number one reason for ESC failure) and reduces prop wash. They have also fed the motor wires through the end of the arms which prevents and strain going into the motors windings if/when an arm is ripped off (not likely to happen with 5mm arms).

The package comes with a Runcam Swift Mini installed. The camera has the ability to add 0-90 degrees of uptilt which is definitely needed for the pace this thing can operate at. This does however leave the camera somewhat exposed stick out at the front, not really an issue on a race quad unless you are using metal gates. Either way, if you do damage the camera it is super simple to change out. The camera seems to be setup with the rotor riot settings which need to be change immediately as they are pretty terrible (anyone that has bought a RR spec camera knows what I am talking about). Fortunately this is easy to do with the camera settings being changed by the included controller which also has the extension cable already plugged into the back of the camera to make hooking it up super easy.

There is also a HD camera mount included that will take both standard gopro form factor as well as the “sessions” form factor. The mount is attached to the top of the frame via some zip ties which has the added benefit of acting as strain relief in a big crash (I mean inverted landing at speed). There is however no vibration dampening on the HD mount and due to the way the mount is attached to the top plate there is no way of adding any. I have to confess that I am not taking into consideration what this frame was designed for (racing), and when this is kept in mind, clearly you are not looking for a racing frame to provide high quality videos as you are typically never going to race with a HD camera on-board. With that said, I had no vibrations coming through into my HD footage out of the box so I am complaining about something that is a non-issue really. I would like to see these kinds of HD mounts incorporating some TPU (or similar) material to their base (or the whole thing) to add the extra level of vibrations protection and reduce the likelihood of the plastic cracking. There isn’t any way of changing the angle of HD camera mount, again not really an issue as you are going to be pitched way forward and that puts the mounts angle at an angle that works well for racing.


This is a great little frame, super nimble and plenty of power from the motor/prop combination. You can definitely feel the additional control resolution created from the stretched Pitch axis without increasing the roll sensitivity or loss of top speed. The frame is ok for freestyle, but as you can imagine, being designed for racing means racing is where it excels. Props stand up well to strikes and induce little additional vibration as they start to get dinged up. Flight time on 4S 1300mah is as expected, only around 2 mins averaging over 70% throttle, this is more than enough for most races, freestyle is around 3.5 mins. 50 or so flights and have not managed to damage anything which is rather surprising for me if I am being honest, will be my “go to quad” when having some racing fun.

This frame performs very well for the category it is aimed at which is no surprised being full of quality Holybro electronics. Unlike some of the other Bind & fly “racing” quads out there, this is definitely one you can purchase with confidence knowing you will be likely flying the most reliable and easily one of the best designed racing quads on the market today.
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Sep 11, 2017, 07:39 AM
Registered User
Wow, that's a very detailed overview, great job! I did a very simple review video though.

Kopis 1 Quad Review | Holybro Hobby (5 min 35 sec)
Sep 11, 2017, 03:41 PM
aka RCFlyer85
Irock1985's Avatar
Good job HolyBro... This one pretty much checks all the boxes most anyone could ask for!
Sep 13, 2017, 03:43 PM
Professional UAV Services
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Thread OP
Not aimed at freestyle but still works well.

Holybro Kopis 1 (2 min 45 sec)
Sep 13, 2017, 06:33 PM
Snappy FPV // Flying Fischkopp
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There is a Promo for $249 going on for limited # on facebook page.
Sep 19, 2017, 02:37 PM
Registered User
Very sexy quad! Nice review! Def adding to my wish list.
Sep 19, 2017, 06:05 PM
Registered User
using coupon code: Kopis1B

gets this thing down to just $249
Sep 20, 2017, 12:01 AM
Professional UAV Services
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Thread OP
$249 is a bargin
Sep 25, 2017, 03:10 PM
Registered User
crazy dog's Avatar
The vtx supports audio, does anyone know if already has a mic installed?
Sep 25, 2017, 05:26 PM
Professional UAV Services
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Thread OP
Originally Posted by crazy dog
The vtx supports audio, does anyone know if already has a mic installed?
Yup, mike is along for the ride out of the box
Sep 25, 2017, 06:01 PM
Registered User
crazy dog's Avatar
Originally Posted by Redemptioner
Yup, mike is along for the ride out of the box
Sep 26, 2017, 07:57 AM
Registered User
Ordered one from GetFPV - will have it Thursday. Looks sweet.
Sep 27, 2017, 10:22 AM
Registered User
crazy dog's Avatar
Originally Posted by Volt_Ampere
Ordered one from GetFPV - will have it Thursday. Looks sweet.
Let us know how you like it. I'm about ready to pull the trigger on one myself
Sep 27, 2017, 02:35 PM
ZzyzxTek's Avatar
Originally Posted by crazy dog
Let us know how you like it. I'm about ready to pull the trigger on one myself
Are they in stock anywhere? GetFPV, Banggood, Gearbest, all are back ordered...
Sep 27, 2017, 07:11 PM
Registered User
Just got mine from GetFPV today. Got it in two days after ordering. Looks nice. I got the No Receiver version - I think that is the only one they had for sale when I ordered. All I need to do is install the receiver and set it up in Betaflight! (Not sure why they ship with props on since I will of course have to take them off to do the setup.)

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