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Sep 04, 2017, 02:39 AM searchfor danqfpv
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QAV105!! 105mm Brushless micro Drone - They shrunk it down! UPD REVIEW SALE =$118


Well this looks familiar, the "it" frame of 2015, an ultra popular frame, shrunk down to 105mm form, complete with runcam micro swift, 1105 motors w/2435 props, and an omnibus F3 just to name a few. They just keep coming out with better and better micros. this is the year of the micros!

QAV105 105mm Mini Brushless FPV Racing Drone
5.8G 600TVL CCD / 1105 7000KV Motor / F3 FC with Integrated OSD VTX
as always RC18OFF takes 18% off - I believe you can use this code up to 3 times per account
brings price down to just $148.86


Main Features:
● Durable 105mm mini palm-sized racer has 2mm thick carbon fiber chassis, 1mm thick top plate
● OMNIBUS F3 FC with integrated OSD, 5.8G 48CH 25mW VTX and 4-in-1 BLHeli – S 10A DShot ESC
● 1105 7000KV brushless motor + 2435 four-blade propeller for faster speed and increased stability
● Ultralight RunCam Micro Swift 600TVL FPV camera features Super HAD II CCD sensor, 165-degree FOV

Flight controller: OMNIBUS F3 with OSD
Brushless motor: 1105 7000KV
Brushless ESC: 4-in-1 BLHeli - S 10A DShot
Propeller: 2435 four-blade
FPV camera: RunCam Micro Swift 600TVL CCD, 2.1mm lens
Integrated video transmitter; 5.8G 48CH 25mW
Whip antenna gain: 3dBi
Image transmission distance: up to 250m

Carbon Fiber Frame
Material: 3K carbon fiber
Wheelbase: 105mm
Bottom plate thickness: 2mm
Top plate thickness: 1mm
Standoff material: aluminum


Video Review
AuroraRC QAV150- One of the BEST micros - Review (13 min 54 sec)

Just flight footage - ill have my video review up tomorrow
THE QAV105 - a miniaturized version of the QAV210! - just flight footage for now (5 min 29 sec)

This came in a few days ago I am happy to say that it's even better than I expected. This thing is FAST!! I'll try to have some videos posted by tomorrow... for now, here's a quick write up:

The box that it arrives in.


What's all included? -QAV105 -2 sets 2435 -4bladed props & 2 sets of prop screws - extra rubber battery strap

weight without props

the klex90 - a 90mm with props is 78grams, without the props and screws it would still be around 72grams, that's 15 grams difference on a larger sized frame.

If it came down to performance alone, the QAV105 takes the cake by a long shot. The power difference in having a larger sized prop, it's almost as big as using higher voltage.

Big brother 210, well this one is a franken210, I had 2 qav210's, this is the result of 2 damaged frames.

it's going to be a bit heavy because I cut the arms off the damaged main plate and used it as the top plate here


it comes with a jst stock, I swapped in the xt30, and would suggest all to do the same.

The carbon fiber on this frame is very stiff, very little flex in the arms, and that's only if you really put pressure on it.

The frame is constructed out of 4 pcs, you have the two side plates making up the camera mount, then you have the top plate which measures just 1mm thick, and then the bottom or main plate at 2mm thick. Its really stiff carbon, even the 1mm top plate barely flexes. I was going to say that it should be at least 1.5mm thick, but am re-thinking since it seems really strong. And of course there are the 4 blue aluminum standoffs...they measure around 23 mm a pc.

a runcam micro swift, its got 600tvl resolution with ccd sensor and 2.1mm lens, producing an ultra wide 165 degree fov. its a fast, low latency camera, that produces excellent detail, color, and brightness. Youre not gonna find a better micro sized camera, this is the best. Although i heard the arrow comes in at a close second.

Great set of motors, excellent construction, there is no play in any direction, and twisting the bell with your fingers, they feel smooth with a little notch every so often from the magnets. They are auroraRC branded 1105's at 7000kv, these are perfectly paired with these larger 2435 props. The pairing makes for a serious speed demon, especially on 3S.

One thing I need to mention regarding the props: the center hole is excruciatingly TIGHT!!! I would suggest boring the hole out a bit before installing, it's not only difficult to install, but nearly impossible to remove

easy to remove top plate, just 4 screws and it lifts right off. QAV105 comes in multiple variants, I received the FRsky - NOT my favorite frsky RX, ill be swapping this out for an xm.

the FC and ESC stack... it's connected to each other through 8pins, which not only keeps things nice and tidy, but makes for removing the board a breeze. There are special things about this flight controller. First off, it is a rectangle shape! I've never seen a brushless FC that was anything other than a square before. 2nd, it has a built in OSD, PDB, and a built in VTX!! The board is an omnibus F3, it comes with betafllight v3.1.7, and its an excellent board, it's fast and its powerful, Ive been running the fc and ESC both at 8k/4k. 8k/8k is possible, I just like to leave the cpu load below 35%. 8k/8k brings cpu load to 38%.

You can change channels using the button, or you can changed the settings through your radio/ goggles. To access the OSD, simply yaw left while at center throttle, and pitch forward. (mode 2) Once in the settings, youll have access to a plethora of options: power scheme, channels, bands, PIDS, rates etc...

Pretty standard for micros -a 4in1, 10amp, blheli-S esc. What's not standard are the power, ground and signal to JST connectors, which allow for easy, solder-free replacement of damaged motors.

Such an AWESOME micro from AWESOMERC. Ill have a video review up in a day or 2, and some flight videos up tomorrow, so please check back tomorrow thanks.

How does it fly?

There is a ton of power, I've flown quite a few micros now, and the QAV105 is among the best of them. In fact it comes in either first or 2nd place when it comes to performance -with the other micro being the FlyEgg130

The power is no surprise, the 1105's paired up with the big 2435's on a light weight frame, that's pretty much a recipe for power.

The F3 flight controller and 10amp-4in1-blheliS ESC's are able to run at max 8k/4k, you could probably get away with running 8k/8k, but the cpu load does go up to 38-39%. I personally like to keep this number below 35%. However, if you plan on using dynamic filter, it's suggested to set to 4k/4k

The stock tune and settings that it comes with are a bit tame, it still flies good, but flips and rolls will be slow. The tune would be good if you plan to go racing, since the sticks are not overly sensitive. If you plan on flying freestyle, you should bump up the rates.

Very stiff carbon
Powerful/ Fast
Runcam Camera
Easy to replace "solder-less" motors
Top mounted battery

not a fan of the frsky receiver that it comes with
Does not come with battery
JST connector
Limited camera tilt, due to little room btwn FC and camera

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Sep 04, 2017, 05:09 AM
Fan of just about anything RC
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With that much space, can the battery fit inside the frame?
Sep 04, 2017, 11:29 AM searchfor danqfpv
Danq0's Avatar
Originally Posted by SoloProFan
With that much space, can the battery fit inside the frame?
oo thats a good idea, i think it will, there is a lot of space in there. I would attach it to the top plate, just underneath instead of on top.
Sep 04, 2017, 12:13 PM
Registered User
Is it using an IPEX vtx antenna connector? Nice touch with the SMA pig-tail option!
Sep 04, 2017, 03:29 PM
Registered User
Sumfear's Avatar
Originally Posted by SoloProFan
With that much space, can the battery fit inside the frame?
Why no designer thinks on that possibility?
Sep 04, 2017, 05:43 PM
Registered User
passerbyeus's Avatar
What flysky receiver is good they have 2?
Why do they keep putting the jst plugs on these things..
Last edited by passerbyeus; Sep 04, 2017 at 05:51 PM.
Sep 04, 2017, 06:19 PM
Honorable Deplorable
Surprised this isn't over on!

What battery is suggested with this little guy?

This just may have to be my next quad
Sep 04, 2017, 07:43 PM
Registered User
passerbyeus's Avatar
Originally Posted by woogie_man
Surprised this isn't over on!

What battery is suggested with this little guy?

This just may have to be my next quad
Probably 450 with a high C ..2 or 3 cell
Sep 04, 2017, 11:27 PM
Registered User
Is it really 60 grams?
Sep 05, 2017, 12:03 AM
Looks nice!!
Sep 05, 2017, 02:17 AM
Registered User
Why is the VTX only 25mw and integrated directly into the FC? :/ Gotta have up to at least 200mw for these backyard beasts.
Sep 05, 2017, 08:05 AM
humayraykinaon's Avatar
The longest known frame finally shrunk down to compete with the rest of all micro brushless quads, nice!
Sep 05, 2017, 10:25 AM
Honorable Deplorable
Why not just bypass the vtx on the fc and install something different?
Sep 06, 2017, 04:54 AM
Registered User
Really loving the looks of this and it would be a perfect match for my 210 build I finished a couple weeks ago. Just wish they would put a switchable vtx on it.
Sep 06, 2017, 06:24 AM
Registered User
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Originally Posted by Relys
Why is the VTX only 25mw and integrated directly into the FC? :/ Gotta have up to at least 200mw for these backyard beasts.
But I would say 100mw is the minimum.

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