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Sep 03, 2017, 05:16 PM
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For those interested in Spring Air retracts

Guys I spoke with Ed. His is the son of the British guy. He is taking over the shop. He told me he is working on the website and he is making retracts. He authorized me to put his tel number here, he said a text message is the prefered method to place an order. I know from my previous experience that he is very slow making the retracs so my advice is that we have to be patience. I am lucky that I live one hour away from his shop so shipping does not concern me because I can drive there.

Ed Watton. 321-684-2125
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Sep 03, 2017, 06:50 PM
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Thank you for this information. I'll give him a try.
Sep 03, 2017, 07:25 PM
And You're Not
It'd be handy if he'd put the website back up, I'd like to buy some retracts but am having a hard time recalling which models I'm after just from memory.
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Sep 03, 2017, 07:49 PM
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I know. The website is a need. But he is very slow. The most comon type of retract or at least the ones I have on my Curare are the HD 3/16 wire single steering. He said he was working on the website but God knows how long will that take him.
Sep 03, 2017, 08:12 PM
AKA 8178 - MIke Dailey
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That is great news and Bill's spirit lives on with Ed's work.

Sep 04, 2017, 04:40 PM
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Good news.
Sep 05, 2017, 03:58 AM
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Idea. There are guys on here that can make a web site. Maybe someone can suggest to SA, they will make him a web site, and he can barter some gears,
trade deal.

Sep 05, 2017, 05:57 AM
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Good idea Vince.
Sep 05, 2017, 03:19 PM
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1 1 1
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Sep 05, 2017, 07:33 PM
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Originally Posted by jyrmex
Yes it liveīs. Both of them donīt fill their promises.

Ed, Billīs son is a man with promises, nothing more. Last spring I was in contact to him and told me he father was passed away.
He promised to ship my order or refund after one month . After three months I send him another mail to ask where we are standing. Again he promised to refund. Nothing happens. Now he is not answer to mails or phone. At least not mine. If You dont want to loose Your money dont do any business with him.
I have thought some action against him. He stole 300 USD of my money. In this part of the word itīs called theft Maybe I sell my invoice to debt collection firm and let them do the work.
Itīs funny how this community forgives clear scam. Ed just collects Your money, never ship orderīs and after one year You all are wondering what happened to " new Spring Air" again.
For those who are in contact with Ed tell him my regards. I will not forget him even he would like to forget me.


Not good.
Sep 05, 2017, 09:24 PM
AKA 8178 - MIke Dailey
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That sounds horrible! I've spent well over $1,500 with them and they never charged my card until the day my order shipped.

Sep 05, 2017, 11:49 PM
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Today Ed returned my payment, so by my side the case is closed.
Last edited by jyrmex; Sep 07, 2017 at 12:51 AM. Reason: case is solved
Nov 03, 2017, 09:50 PM
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I tried, unsuccessfully of course, to buy the company, somewhere around 2008. I spoke with Bill many, many times about it. The price was exorbitant, but I really think it was because Bill, the inventor and owner of Spring Air really didn't want to sell his "baby." I knew nobody would buy it for what he wanted, it's a shame since Spring Air could have lived on in the hands of a hobbyist.
Nov 04, 2017, 06:49 AM
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Maybe you should try to buy it again....

Nov 04, 2017, 11:19 AM
PhoenixFlyer's Avatar
Whats the scoop ? In business or out ? I had e-mail with him a couple months ago, he said everything is on track to make and ship gears.


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