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Aug 30, 2017, 11:57 AM
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New Product

JJRC RC Desert Q39 HIGHLANDER 1:12 4WD Truck RTR Blue

EDIT: 27 Feb 2019 - THIS THREAD, the Feiyue FY03 Eagle-3 Kit / Wltoys 12428 DIY Upgrade & Mods and THIS ONE, the FEIYUE - FY03 Desert Eagle aka look like Twin Hammer rock racer and THIS ONE, the Feiyue Deset Eagle-3 1/12 4WD Rock Racer - Review threads are the best place for mods and more info on the base model, the FY-03 from which this Q39 model was derived.


POST 1 - Table of Contents, Stats, Major Features, Included, Not Included
POST 2 - Where to Buy, Background, First Impressions, PROs, CONs
POST 3 - Parts
POST 4 - Unboxing
POST 5 - Motor
POST 6 - Rx/ESC brick
POST 7 - Charger & Battery
POST 8 - The undercarriage
POST 9 - Tools, Manual
POST 10 - Spare Tire
POST 11 - Transmitter/Controller, Binding
POST 12 - Servo
POST 13 - Driving Videos
POST 19 - KiwiCraig's list of upgrade parts for the FY03
POST 23 - Lights LEDs
POST 24 - Inside the JJRC Transmitter
POST 32 - BIND PROBLEM SOLVED. FY-RX01, 2 versions found!
POST 64 - New bind procedure for Car Rxs and right stick only setup for throttle and steering



Brand: JJRC
Type: Desert Truck
Model: Highlander
Proportion: 1:12
Motor Type: 390 size Brushed Motor
Features: 2.4GHz Radio Control
Drive Type: 4WD
Drive Modes: Forward, Backward, Turn Left / Right
2 Channels: Throttle and Steering (Reverse included)
Age: Above 8 years old
GB says control from 30 to 80M
BG says out to 100M
GB says Run Time about 15 mins
BG says Run Time about 10 mins
Charging Time: About 2.5 hours
Weight: 1.304Kg / 46oz / 2.876lbs
Product size (L x W x H): 39.00 x 22.00 x 16.00 cm / 15.35 x 8.66 x 6.3 inches



1. GB says 35km/h+ Maximum Speed; BG says Max Speed of 40km/h
2. 19g high-torque servo 10N, m (Neodymium magnet 10 power) generates 1kg torque for acceleration and climbing performance
3. 7.4V 1500mAh LiPo battery
4. Independent shock absorbers minimize the vibration and damage on uneven roads
5. LVC - 6.5V
6. 40A ESC



1 x Car
1 x Remote Control (Pistol type)
1 x Battery (1500mAh 2S LiOn)
1 x Charger (2S balance type)
1 x Manual
1 x Cross Wrench
1 x Screwdriver (not found in GB Rx’d)
1 x M3 Screw (grub, set screw)
2 x Gear
2 x R-shaped Pin (cotter pins, bent)
2 x Allen Wrench



3 x AA Tx/Controller batteries
1 x PH Screwdriver (not found in model Received from GB)


JJRC Highlander 1/12 4wd Desert Buggy - Unbox, Running and Review (7 min 27 sec)


Other reviews I have done are:

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2. Dynam Hawk Sky V2 RTF Glider Airplane
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3. Halloween 1031 RTF Quadcopter
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4. WL Toys F959 Glider Airplane
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5. XK A1200 RTF Glider Airplane
The RCGs review for the XK A1200 1200mm wingspan RTF airplane glider is HERE.
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6. RS-220 Racing Quad PNP
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I have also created a DATA REFERENCE SOURCE at RCGs for the following models.

WL Toys V913 Fixed Pitch Helicopter reference link is HERE.
A product link to the V913 Brushed motor version RTF model is HERE at GearBest for $77.72 with FREE SHIPPING.

E-flite 1.2M Spitfire with SAFE Airplane reference link is HERE.

FMS 1400mm P-40B Warhawk Airplane reference link is HERE.

Dynam Cessna 188 AGwagon Crop Duster Airplane reference link is HERE.
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Aug 30, 2017, 12:10 PM
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Thread OP

Background, Where to Buy, First Impressions, Similar Models, PROs, CONs, Etc.


This is a review of the JJRC Q39 HIGHLANDER Desert Truck 1:12 scale 4WD RTR model from a newbie’s perspective. I am an intermediate RC pilot of fixed wing airplanes and fixed pitch helicopters. I got into the RC hobby in 2012. Although I can count on 1 hand the number of times I have driven my son-in-law’s RC trucks, I would say I am brand-new to RC cars/trucks/truggies. I’m not even sure what a truggie is but I know they’re out there.

I got my JJRC Q-39 Highlander model from GearBest. I have reviewed other models for GB but if you read my reviews (links in POST #1), you will see I give very honest and uncensored reviews.


JJRC RC Desert Q39 HIGHLANDER 1:12 4WD Truck – RTR Blue

LINK TO GearBest with FREE SHIPPING for $68.99.

GearBest COUPON CODES: The discount amount may not be as stated and these codes don't always work, but worth a try.
RC18OFF = 18% discount
TOY15OFF = 15% discount
RCQ39 = $3 discount

LINK TO Banggood ($79.99 + $4.06 shipping) for $84.09.


I really like the looks of this model. It appears to be good quality and well-put together. Having only dealt with aircraft, I was surprised at the weight of the truck. The first thing I did after unboxing the model was to remove the battery so I could check the voltage. I liked the T-plug or Deans connector for power. I use it on most of my planes. This battery also uses the standard JST-XH balance connectors.


Since I have no idea of what to expect of this model, I decided to research it here on RCGs. I found it is very similar to the WL Toys 12428 4WD 1:12 scale Crawler. It is also very similar to the Feiyue FY-03 2.4G Eagle & Eagle-3 RC Car models.

EDIT: per comments below, 9/2/2017
Based on just the undercarriage, this Q-39 is identical to the WL Toys 12428 Crawler Feiyue FY-03. Based on other reviews here and on YT, many parts are interchangeable with the Feiyue FY-03 Eagle and Eagle-3.


I approach putting together a model with a view towards intuitiveness. I go forward without reading anything initially and see if what needs to be done is obvious and intuitive. This usually works but sometimes it can lead to problems of my own making. I don’t advise it for others. With regards to the Q-39 Highlander, it was pretty much put together when I received it. As a newbie, I wasn’t sure if the zipties holding the body and frame compressed was stock or not. After looking online, I decided I should cut the zipties and the body uncompressed and raised up.


Once the battery was charged, I thought I should at least turn the truck on and see if it worked. I loaded 3 AA batteries in the Tx and got an alternating blinking green and red light. After reading the manual I see you have to turn on the model first, then the Tx. On page 6 under ITEM 2, OPERATIONS, to “Power on the car, then turn on the remote control (see image)."

I know my son-in-law’s cars have an ON/OFF switch so I looked for one on the Q-39. None were to be seen anywhere. I watched a YT video and all the guy did was connect the battery. With my planes, that’s all I do for power too. So I plugged in the battery. Well, , , nothing happened after I plugged in the battery. DISAPPOINTING!

So, I figured, something’s amiss inside or broken. I took the bottom off first. That didn’t help get to the insides. To make a long story short, to take off the upper fuselage or roll cage, there are 2 bolts at the very front, 2 in the very rear and 4 on the bottom under the belly pan that enable you to remove the roll cage. In the process, I found an ON/OFF switch right behind the driver’s head!

All in all, I got to disassemble the car just trying to turn it on. I would eventually get to that anyway so nothing lost. I spent 2 hours learning about how the truck is built. I would think though that the diagram on page 1 in the manual would show the ON/OFF plainly. But it’s nowhere to be found in the manual.


I did finally get to drive this little gem. I read about the metal upgrades available and think someday I may get those. But it drives around just fine for me. I have no idea if it’s fast compared to some. Or how it compares in handling. But it goes where I point it and seems very well-built for a beginner’s car.


1. Toughness - I don't have the experience with model cars, trucks, etc. But for the price, this model seems to be well-put together. Whether or not it will stand up to the abuse an experienced 4-wheeler can dish out, I don't know. But for my purposes it seems to be good enough. I will revisit this I'm sure as time goes by.

2. Price - For what you get, the price was very reasonable. It's a complete package with everything you need to start 4-wheeling.

3. Appearance - If you're partial to blue and black, this model will appeal to you. I like the general look of the model and its overall quality. The screws are hex head, and the plastic isn't brittle. If you're more partial to other colors, as far as I know, it only comes in blue.

1. Manual - The manual is a mess. As I mentioned above, page 1 with the numbered diagram is missing the vital part, THE ON/OFF SWITCH! There is no parts listing. The pages of the manual are posted below in POST #9 HERE.

2. The controller/Tx - This is a beginner's model and a beginner's Tx. Although the Q-39 truck looks much better than most beginner's models I've seen, the controller/Tx feels and looks like a cheap plastic beginners model. Depending on where you read about it, it uses 4 or 3 AA batteries. It actually uses 3 batteries.

3. Hardware - After I removed the roll cage and belly pan, there were at least 5 different sizes of screws. Even a diagram of which screws go where would be nice.

As Joe DN relates in his video below, the JJRC Q39 uses bushings instead of bearings in the wheels as found in the Feiyue FY03.

Review of ball bearing issue with JJRC Q39 Highlander compared to the FY-03 Desert Eagle 3 (6 min 45 sec)
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Aug 30, 2017, 12:28 PM
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Parts other than the Rx/ESC not generally available from BG for this model. But be cautious you buy the right one (see below). BG does sell compatible FY03 parts, BUT the Part No. FY-RX01 listed for the Feiyue FY03 is NOT compatible with the JJRC Q39. If you search BG for "Q39", the right part will appear. Do not search either BG or GB for "FY-RX01" or the wrong one will come up.

Recently GearBest is carrying and sells most of the spare parts for the JJRC Q39, but NOT the correct Rx/40A ESC brick for the JJRC Q39. The Part No. FY-RX01 at GearBest is only for the Feiyue FY03. Do NOT buy it for the Q39.

Link to Spare Q-39 1500mAh 30C 2S LiIon battery with multiple connectors:
at GearBest for $7.78

UPDATE 2 March 2018: WHOOOAAA NELLY!! This is where the confusion begins. Although this Q39 and the Feiyue FY03 share the same PART No. FY-RX01, they are different Rx/ESCs for each of these models. They are also separate and different Product IDs at BG.

Link to Spare for the JJRC Q39, Part No. FY-RX01, Rx/40A ESC brick at Banggood for $5.99.

Link to Spare Feiyue FY-01/02/03 390 size brushed motor with JST plug at GearBest for $11.67. Exact same part in my model.

Feiyue parts: Although PART No. FY-RX01 is listed, it is NOT the same PART No. FY-RX01 that is compatible with the JJRC Q39.

Feiyue FY-03 Eagle/Eagle-3 parts Although PART No. FY-RX01 is listed, it is NOT the same PART No. FY-RX01 that is compatible with the JJRC Q39.

WL Toys 12428 parts:
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Aug 30, 2017, 12:33 PM
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Thread OP


My package arrived with an extra part I ordered. The bump on the top of the box is that item. Luckily nothing inside the truck packaging was damaged.
Aug 30, 2017, 12:36 PM
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The main motor is a 390 size brushed motor. I will have to research to find out if other 390 size motors will fit the chassis if a replacement is needed.

The WL Toys 12428 RC model uses a 540 size motor. It is very similar to this Q-39 model.
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Aug 30, 2017, 12:42 PM
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Rx/ESC brick

Rx/ESC Brick: PART No. FY-RX01

UPDATE 3 March 2018: See POST 3 and POST 32 for the correct Rx/ESC Product # to order a replacement from BG. There are 2 versions - one for the JJRC Q39 and one for the FY01/02/03 WITH THE SAME PART NUMBER but 2 different Product #s. If you do a search at BG for "Q39", it will show the correct Product to order for the JJRC Q39. If you do a search at BG for "FY-RX01", it will give you the correct Product to order for the FY03, BUT the wrong Product to order for the JJRC Q39.

The Rx and ESC is a combination part. I have tried my FlySky airplane/quad Txs with it but so far they do not appear to be compatible. The module has 3 female power type connectors facing the left side of the frame. The ON/OFF switch plugs into the aft most plug. The switch is attached behind the driver's head. I accidently pulled the female connector off with the male. They slide back on without any problem. The red wire should be to the left on the connector but it probably doesn't make any difference. The other 2 conns could be used for LED lights if they can operate on the battery power of 8.4V.

I'm guessing the ESC has a reverse feature that changes the motor direction for reverse gear. Since I fly planes mostly, that would be dangerous if it was easily selectable inflight! But higher power ESCs do come with reverse capability on BL ESCs. and make it handy during setup to reverse a BL motor's direction so you didn't have to swap motor wires. They are also used on EDFs to slow down after landing with reverse thrust, just like on the real ones.

The Quadcopter community has reversible ESCs that allow them to reverse motor direction inflight that allows them to fly upside down.

OVERHEATING: I ordered a 12V fan to place over the ESC/Rx because it would run about 1 min and stop for about 30 secs before the motor would run again. It could be the motor but I believe it is the ESC/Rx. The motor has a heat sink on it and I've had many of the 360 size run till red hot! But after some thought, I think the problem has more to do with my use of higher C-rated LiPos causing the ESC/Rx or the ON/OFF switch to overheat. I believe the switch is overheating and shorting out. The motor is able to draw more watts than it would using the stock 1500mAh 20C rated battery. Whether it's the ESC/Rx or the switch, a fan should help eliminate the problem.
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Aug 30, 2017, 12:58 PM
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Charger & Battery


The charger is a basic unit that charges through the balance connector. The charger label says the output is 7.4V, 800mAh. I'm not an electrical engineer, but it seems it should be putting out at least 8.4 volts IOT charge the battery to 8.4 volts. Charging time was supposed to be 150 mins but took 3.5 hours using the provided charger. As the charge tapered off, the light turned yellow. I assume that was during the constant voltage, decreasing amps phase of the balance charge. Once fully charged, the light turned green.

Lithium battery:
The battery is called a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) but it does not appear to be one. It probably is a Lithium battery but probably Lithium Ion or Lithium Iron. It has a 1500mAh capacity, rated for 20C, and is 2 cell. Normally I charge through the T-plug and balance through the balance plug. But to charge using the provided charger, you only need to plug it into the balance plug.

Battery Tray:
The tray will take a battery that measures 86x 40x 18mm or less.

CAUTION: Newbies be careful not to force the balance plug into the charger. There are 2 small ridges on the batteries balance plug that slide into the slots on the charger's female balance plug. Make sure you are aligned with both plugs before forcing the plugs into each other.
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Aug 30, 2017, 01:06 PM
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The undercarriage

I took pictures of the undercarriage.
EDIT: Per Jym below.
They seem identical to the Feiyue FY-03 model. The pictures came in handy when I tried to put back the screws I had removed to get to the insides of the truck to find out why the wheels wouldn't turn. It turned out the longer screws holding the transmission in place were in the wrong place. They are the most forward of the 4 screws in the center of the belly holding the transmission in place.
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Aug 30, 2017, 01:12 PM
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Spare Tire

One spare tire identical to the others, is included.
Aug 30, 2017, 01:16 PM
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Transmitter/Controller, Binding

The Transmitter/Controller is a typical pistol style. I am not sure what the protocol is yet. It uses 3 AA batteries. The light blinks red and green alternately until the model is bound. It seems that you can turn on either the Rx first or the Tx. It binds either way. See POST 24 HERE for an inside view of the Tx.

UPDATE: To rebind, or bind a new Rx for the 1st time, all you have to do is a normal turn on sequence. If it doesn't bind, you may have bought the right PART #, but the version for the FY03. See my previous POST #6 on the ESC/Rx above, and/or POST 3 and/or POST 32.

I had read to turn on the Tx first. Then turn the wheel in one direction and hold it there. Then power on the truck. While it is powering up, turn the wheel left and right until the model is bound. But after replacing the Rx/ESC, all I did was a normal power up and it bound.
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Aug 30, 2017, 01:53 PM
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The servo is a 19g 5-wire servo. This is my first experience with a 5-wire servo. I am guessing the extra wires are due to the type of ESC and Rx. But why it isn't a 3-wire servo I can't figure out.

The servo generates 1Kg of torque. This must be impressive, since it is included as a special mention.
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Aug 30, 2017, 01:53 PM
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First day driving

These are my first videos of it driving. Two of the grill-like cover for the top set of lights came off. Luckily they were on the street so not too hard to find.

2017.9.1 JJRC Q39 Highlander Desert Truck - My first day driving (0 min 50 sec)

My first run outside with the truck. Before this I only did some test runs inside the house.

2017.9.1 My 1st run with the JJRC Q-39 Highlander (1 min 10 sec)

This is the 2nd run below.

2017 9 1 2nd Q39 run (0 min 34 sec)

One more video of the day. After this I went to my flying club for 2 flights with my Dynam Cessna 188 AgWagon. I just adjusted the motor mount for more upthrust and wanted to test it before the rains come. It did well. The rains came as the 2 of us that cut grass were just finishing the important parts of the runway and fly box areas.

2017.9.1 JJRC Highlander Q39, a beginners day of driving (0 min 18 sec)
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Aug 30, 2017, 02:38 PM
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Great job Name: Cool.gif
Views: 55
Size: 139 Bytes

this Q-39 is identical to the WL Toys 12428 Crawler.
I won't say that. From what i see it is a direct copy of the Feiyue FY03, not the 12428 :

More photos of the feiyue here also :
Sep 01, 2017, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Jym73
Great job Attachment 10317967

I won't say that. From what i see it is a direct copy of the Feiyue FY03, not the 12428 :

More photos of the feiyue here also :
Thanks Jym. You're right. I must have swapped pictures in my head between the 2 trucks. I was looking at the belly pan and the FY-03 and the motor are identical to my Q-39.

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