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Nov 04, 2004, 11:23 AM
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Colour Schemes?

This is the only info I can find. Doesn't seem to match real life in most cases. Anyone have any other tips?
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Nov 04, 2004, 12:00 PM
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Funny, I've been searching for just a file of plane pictures showing different color schemes, have yet to find any such thread, or file. I am not creative, though I'm great at plagiarizing someone elses color schemes - I have no shame.

If you find something let me know!

Nov 04, 2004, 12:38 PM
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There are lots of places that show schemes like and for other model types What I'm really after is what is best for visibility and orientation while still looking like a real plane.
Nov 05, 2004, 04:42 AM
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rutat..... what's the problem with the "Don't Color Me Gone" site ???.......Very good proven color scheme RC plane info......"Real" planes contain "real" pilots not bothered by it's color scheme, unlike RC planes where your eyes have to keep track the plane at all distances and angles and require special color scheme patterns NOT similar to real, full sized piloted aircraft.......Color your favorite plane to exact scale and you'll probably crash it soner or later due to certain sky or terrain conditions........ kw
Nov 05, 2004, 07:57 AM
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I agree, "Don't Color Me Gone" gives good info for visibility. Contrast seems to be the key word -- contrast between upper and lower surfaces, and contrast between different colours in the patterns. I once had a black model with silver starburst pattern on the upper wing -- it was just as visible as any brightly dayglo coloured model.