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Feb 21, 2002, 12:06 AM
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Post your heli specs

Just post your helicopter specs:
-Helicopter kit
-Motor Controller
Anything else you have on your helicopter.
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Feb 21, 2002, 12:56 AM
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-Helicopter kit---Eco 8

-Gyro---Futaba GY240

-Motor---Aveox 1406/3y

-Motor Controller---Kontronik 40-6-18

-Servos---3 HS85 on cyclic and 1 HS81MG on the tail

-Reciever---JR 910ZX PCM reciever

-Radio---JR 10sx

-Battery---9 cell 2000 mah pack(matched and zapped), 10 cell CP1700 pack

-Upgrades---All aluminum upgrades; Carbon Frame, Fins(both special made in Gemany and is stronger and cheaper then the Ikarus version, the 2 cost less than the Ikarus Carbon Frame); tail servo mount; carbon tail push rod

-Blades---MS composit

PS: Looks like I spent a lot, but I got many parts used so I my set up is a lot cheaper than it looks you just have to look for those deals
Feb 21, 2002, 02:57 AM
Electrics rule
risto's Avatar
Futaba GY401
Plettenberg HP 300/25/A3 heli
Schulze future-35Ho
3x Futaba S9001 + 1x Futaba S9253
Futaba FP-R138DP 35MHz (PCM, 8-channel)
Futaba FC-28 v3.2
20x Sanyo 2400RC + 4x Sanyo 1100AAU

> Anything else you have on your helicopter.
Check out:

Feb 21, 2002, 04:19 PM
ChrisS's Avatar
XL60 graphite (heavily modified)
CSM 360
Actro 40-4
Actronic 32-70 w/control panel
3X 9202, 1X 9205
Futaba PCM Rx (148?)
Futaba 9Z
32 cells RC2400 main pack
NHP 710mm Razors mains
NHP 110mm tails
4 cell 800mA rx pack
11.5 lbs and aerobatic... :-)
Feb 21, 2002, 04:32 PM
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-Helicopter kit---Corona 120

-Gyro---Ikarus Profi (HH) or Simprop PG-05

-Motor---Kyosho Atomic Force

-Motor Controller---TMM 30 Heli (Very NICE!)

-Servos---3 HS81 MG

-Reciever---Hitec Micro 555

-Radio---Hitec Eclipse 7

-Battery---7 cell 2400 mah packs(matched and zapped), 7 cell 1400 SRC packs

-Upgrades--- Plastic Tube in tailboom....

-Blades---Stock LMH

-Helicopter kit---Hornet

-Gyro---CSM 180

-Motor---Speed 300

-Motor Controller---TMM 8 Heli (Very NICE!)

-Servos---3 HS55

-Reciever---Hitec Feather

-Radio---Hitec Eclipse 7

-Battery---Sanyo TwiCell 7 cell 720mAh pack, 8cell 880mAh pack

-Upgrades--- Double bearing tail pitch slider, Ball swash

-Blades---Stock CS
And soon a ECO8!
I also fly a Raptor 30 with all the upgrades!
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Feb 21, 2002, 04:37 PM
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Voyager E
Futaba GY240
Hacker 8L
Kontronik Smile 40-6-12
3 Hitec HS-85MG and 1 Hitec HS-81MG
Futaba RF148DF
Futaba 9CHF
10 cell CP1700maH
carbon frames
Feb 21, 2002, 06:00 PM
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gliderdude's Avatar
Voyager E
Futaba GY240
Hacker 8L
Kontronik Smile 40-6-12
3 Hitec HS-85MG and 1 Hitec HS-81MG
hitec super slim
hitec eclipse 7
10 cell 2400 nicads
carbon frames
Feb 21, 2002, 06:10 PM
GoEFlight's Avatar
My helicopter specs:

-Helicopter kit: ECO 8

-Gyro: Heli Max HH

-Motor: Jeti Phasor 15/4

-Motor Controller: Kontronik Smile 12-6-40

-Servos: 3 Hitec 85MG and 1 81MG

-Reciever: Futaba 128F

-Radio: Hitec Eclipse 7

-Battery: MEC Panasonic 10-Cell 3000 NiMH

- Ugrade: Autorotation Gear, MS Composit Main Blades, Aluminum Swasplate, Aluminum Tail Rotor Slider

Feb 21, 2002, 08:02 PM
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Heli #1:

Joker CX (upgraded)
JR G5000T
Actro 24-4
Actronic 70-32 w/control panel & cooling fan
3 - JR531, 1 - JR8700G
JR 8103 Tx
32-cell Sanyo 2400RC pack (3)
4-cell 1400 mAh Rx pack
710mm main blades

Heli #2:

Logo 20 (upgraded)
JR 410T
Plettenberg HP 300/25/A3 heli
Schulze future-35Ho
3 - JR 531, 1- JR 8417
JR 8103 Tx
20-cell Sanyo 2400RC pack (4)
4-cell 1100 mAh Rx pack
600mm main blades
Feb 21, 2002, 10:08 PM
-Flight enthusiast_
gpeden's Avatar
Helicopter kit: LOGO 20 (the one in my avatar)
-Gyro: GY401
-Motor: Pletti HP300/25/A3H
-Motor Controller: Schulze Future 35Ho
-Servos: JR9011, Futaba S9253
-Reciever: JR 649S (PCM)
-Radio: JR 8103
-RX Battery: JR 4.8V, 1100mah
-Flight Battery: 24 x RC2400
-Blades: SAB 600, MS 600
-Pinion: 8T, 9T
Plus: Kontronik ferrite ring, elevator upgrade, Alu. mixing hub, C/F fins

Helicopter kit: LOGO 10
-Gyro: JR G460T
-Motor: Kontronik FUN 600 - 18
-Motor Controller: Kontronik SMILE 50-6-18
-Servos: JR 3121
-Reciever: Airtronics 92777, 7 ch FM
-Radio: JR 8103
-RX Battery: no-name 4.8V, 300mah?
-Flight Battery: 13 x RC2400
-Blades: Mikado 500mm F/G
-Pinion: 15T
-Plus: BB mixing hub, BB mixing arms, thrust bearings, auto-hub, boom support

Helicopter kit: MS Hornet
-Gyro: GWS PG-03
-Motor: Speed 300
-Motor Controller: Micro-6
-Servos: HS-50
-Reciever: Hitec Feather
-Radio: RD6000, rubber ducky antenna
-Battery: 7 x 720 NiMH
-Blades: C/F

Helicopter kit: Ikarus Piccolo
-Gyro: GWS PG-03
-Motor: Ikarus G-295
-Motor Controller: custom 2-in-1 JMP micro board
-Servos: HS-50
-Reciever: Hitec Feather
-Radio: RD6000, rubber ducky antenna
-Battery: 8 x 350 mah
-Blades: C/F

Misskimo, you busy typing?


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Feb 21, 2002, 11:31 PM
Our Daddy and Heli Junkie
Fred Bronk's Avatar

My 4 Helis;


LMH 110
Hacker BS-13S with heatsink
Schulze Future 25be
6 x 1300CP
Berg mini 6 RX
Cirrus micro gyro
3 x CS-21BB's


Hacker 8L
Smile 40-6-12
10 x 1700CP or 2000nimh
3 x HS-85BB's and 1 HS-81
Berg mini RX 6 channel
Hobbico piezo gyro
All MS blades and CF frames

Logo 10

Kontronics 600-15 with traxxes 1522 heatsink
Kontronics Smile 40-6-18 (still not right though)
Futaba 148 RX 8 channel with revolution antenna
Futaba 401 HH gyro
5 cell 650ma nimh RX pack with meter
3 x HS85BB for CCPM and 81 for tail rotor
12 cell saft 2400ma nicad or zapped 3000 nimh panasonics

Hawk III SE Electric Conversion

First setup;
Aveox 1412/4 and EZ30 ESC
16 2400 nicads
4 x HS 225BB servos
Futaba 148 RX
6 cell 1000ma nimh RX pack with meter
P200 gyro

Second setup;
Aveox 1412/4
Schulze 35ho
20 cells

Current setup (when I finish it! )
Tango 45-6
Schulze 35ho V16
24 2000 nimh cells
CCPM conversion
Scale fuse with retracts
Cooling system
Feb 22, 2002, 01:14 AM
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giheli's Avatar
My helicopter specs:

Heli I

-Helicopter kit: ECO 8

-Gyro: Profi / Ikarus

-Motor: Hacker B50 14L and B50 -19S

-Controller Kontronic 4-6-12 used in conjunction with a separate homegrown 5V voltage reg. in lieu of BEC on ESC

-Servos: 3 Hitec-85MG cyclic and HS-81PG tail

-Reciever: Futaba 128DF

-Radio: Super 8

-Battery: Everyready domestic 10-Cell 2400 NiMH's and 10-Cell Sanyo Cp-2400's NiCD. - Both work well! Hitec CG335 charger.

I'm still using the plastic rotorhead and original woodies-heatshrink covered!

- Upgrades: Autorotation Gear, , Aluminum Swasplate, Aluminum Tail Rotor Slider , AL pitch compensator, wide Landing gear, CF Tailboom All possible Hardened Masts. Horizontal stab supports and homemade Al horizontal fin (very thin)

4- Lamp LED Flying lights :separate 3.0 V Li power supply

Heli II: Yes its a slimer!

-Helicopter kit: Mercury CCPM 50

-Gyro: Futaba GY 401

-Engine: OS 50-SXH equipped with a Hartori 50 Muffler

-D'best 2 oz Header Tank & pressure tapped Main Tank.

-5 Cell NiMH reciever battery pack & a homegrown 5V voltage reg. in lieu of standard 4-cell Power Supply- reliable!

-Servos: 3 Hitec-5645MG Digi. Dual Bearing HTorque Cyclic, and a Futaba 9253 tail servo 1 Futaba 3003 push pull Throttle.

-Reciever: Futaba 128F

-Radio: Super 8 Ch 55

-Battery: 5 Cell - 1600 MAh NiMH - Everyready domestic. Yes these are great!

600 mm V-blades: CF

- Upgrades: KSJ 368 Blade studs and ball levers, Kalt-HPI Heavy-Duty Al Rotor Grips, CF Tail pushrod and boom servomount. The standard rotor and swash on this bird are Al/metallic. D'best Al anodized 20 mm servo arms.

6- Lamp LED Flying lights :separate 3.0 V Li power supply

Feb 22, 2002, 06:24 AM
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PierreVC's Avatar
Helicopter kit:

ikarus eco8
autorotation gear
tailboom support
Symm GFK Blades
training landing gear

Gyro: GWS PG03

Motor: Ikarus X250-5

Motor Controller: Shulze Booster 40H

Servos: 4x HS81MG

Receiver: Futaba R-148-DP

Radio: Futaba FF8

Battery: 10xSanyo NMHI3000H

That's all,

Feb 22, 2002, 09:11 AM
A man with too many toys
-Helicopter kit ECO 8
-Gyro GY240 (Heading Hold Mode)
-Motor Aveox 1015/2y
-Motor Controller Kontronik 40-6-12
-Servos HS-85BB (3), HS-81 on the tail (boom mounted)
-Receiver Futaba PCM
-Radio Futaba Super 8
-Battery RC2400x10, RC3000x10, CP1700x12
I am waiting for some good weather to evaluate the 12-cell setup.
Stock wood blades that have been refinished and balanced
Upgrades: hard shafts (3), autorotation hub, carbon frame
Feb 22, 2002, 11:54 AM
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Helicopter kit: LOGO 10
-Gyro: GY240
-Motor: Kontronik FUN 600 - 15
-Motor Controller: Kontronik SMILE 40-6-18
-Servos: HS-85BB, HS-81
-Reciever: Hitec 7 ch FM
-Radio: Hitec Eclipse 7
-RX Battery: 4.8V, 700mah
-Flight Battery: 12 x RC2400
-Blades: Mikado Stock Wood
-Pinion: 13T
-Plus: auto-hub, boom support,Blinki-mc3

Helicopter kit: Corona 120
-Gyro: GWS PG-03
-Motor: Fusion
-Motor Controller: Fusion 35
-Servos: HS-81
-Reciever: Hitec 555 case off
-Radio: Hitec Eclipse 7
-Battery: 7 x CP1700
-Blades: Stock
-Pinion: 9T Stock