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Aug 23, 2017, 09:30 PM
looking up, down under
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Frsky G-RX8 - integrated 8 channel receiver and high sensitivity variometer

first up, my thanks to Liang and the team at frsky for providing a sample for my review

as some readers probably know from my blog ramblings, i have been "taranis curious" since my earlier struggles to master the dx8 to my satisfaction when i discovered the world of discus launch gliders, and since then have been playing with (initially, until it got binding issues) an x9d, and now an x9d-plus that replaced it, which is on the current 2.2 firmware

my review on this is from the perspective of a keen but non-competitive pedigree of flight, and i am pretty sure lots of other flyers aren't after all the bells and whistles this little beauty may provide, bur nonetheless keen for something small and light that obviates the need to try and squeeze a separate decent range receiver and vario into the rather tight dimensions of an f3k or similar

the additional capabilities are a bonus

the official frsky write up on their site says :

This receiver is designed to be used for the Gliders. FrSky built the variometer sensor into the RX8R receiver, this will give you telemetry data like altitude and vertical speed. The G-RX8 supports the redundancy function as well, this means you can add on another receiver to create a back-up in case one fails. In addition, it supports SBUS and PWM mode, you can switch between the 2 channels between very easily.

Integrate with high precision variometer sensor
Support redundancy function
Support telemetry data transmission
Switchable SBUS/PWM mode (1~8CH from PWM outputs and 1~16CH from SBUS output)

Dimension: 55.26*17*8mm
Weight: 5.8g
Number of Channels: Up to 16 CH
Operating Voltage Range: 4.0 -10V
Operating Current: [email protected]
Operating Range: Full range
Firmware Upgradable
Compatibility: D16 mode

all the frsky info is available here on their site; the manual is too big to attach on the forum (at 4.4mb), but the direct link is for your ease of access

my measurements of the sample are thus :

dimensions :
  • 37 millimetres (cardboard case) - or 55 to the tip of the pins which extend from both ends x 18 x 10
  • the aerials are ~95 millimetres from their connections, and run ~85mm past the end of the case
the official dimensions may well be for a naked receiver; i've slid the case off and x4r-ii before, and won't make that mistake again - getting it back on is a struggle that i will gladly avoid

weight : 6.1 grams

overall (as per the attached photos), it is slimmer than the x4r, but taller

the s-port pin out, as noted by mawz in the initial posts on the request for reviews differs from the x4r, but on looking closer at the x6r also, i note that this has a different configuration again

in an individual build this is probably inconsequential, but if you have a quiver of birds and favour ease of interchangeable harnesses, it complicates your life

mixed blessing that i am not that guy - and my squadron is not inconvenienced by the novelty of multiple arrangements being required to accommodate every receiver

as mawz also noted, there are two connecting cables for the s-port options, and eloquently explains their configurations at the earlier linked post, which i won't reiterate

the possibilities for a slave installation, and s-bus configuration are beyond my needs, or indeed comprehension at this stage, but i reckon they are features others will love, and i will grow to use as my comprehension of the frsky-verse evolves

as for the test bed, a quick rough and ready look at my binary 900 (a mosquito sized dlg, and my long-time favourite which through numerous repairs is now somewhat of a "beater") reveals that it can likely do the honours

my only minor criticism thus far into evaluation is that this rx, like all the other frsky ones mentioned, requires an operating voltage range of 4-10v for safe use, and there's plenty of us that favour 1s for simplicity, which means either a voltage booster (sort of detracts from the idea of less things to connect and fit in the limited space found in pods), or running 2s but having to make sure the servos or any other components can cope

as my info from a post from ray at frsky tells me : " if you use the 1s lipo for the receiver, it also can work, but we don't recommend that you connect too much load (eg servo), if the voltage is too low, it will affect the performance of receivers."

conveniently for me i know from my earliest binary set up that the dymond d47's are quite happy wth 2s, and thus my only other issue will be how well i can configure the available options in the space - and luckily the nanotech 300mah 2s lipo is almost exactly the same size as the g-rx8, and they should do fine

i have flown the x4r-ii with a 1s lipo quite successfully (and in ignorance of the specs, having presumed that like the lemonRx featherlites it can manage down to 3.45v; it's lucky i didn't find out the hard way)

a few photos below of the relative sizes of the available rx stock i would consider using in f3k and other gliders, for comparisons of same

i'll add information after i have had some time to have a play with it, but first impressions are good, and i think it will be a very welcome option for the niche market it is aimed at
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Sep 05, 2017, 07:16 AM
looking up, down under
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Thread OP
and sadly, the fun is over even before it began

after all that measuring, i finally plugged it in, and ..... d.o.a

there's a brief post mortem over at the original thread asking for reviewers

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