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In the action-packed world of Extreme FPV Racing, there are a ton of options out there for the experienced pilots, but not much for the beginner trying to break into this exciting section of the hobby. This is where the RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Race Quad comes in! Let's jump in with Mean Joe and see what this "all in one box" system has to offer!


RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Race Pack

Product:RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Race Pack
Retail price:$349.99
Motors:Four 2280Kv brushless
Camera:600TVL resolution
Video Transmitter:200mW 5.8GHz VTX 8-channel
Radio:RISE J2000 2.4GHz 6-channel with smartphone holder
Battery:3S 11.1V 1500mAh 25C
Charger:2-3S AC LiPo balancing charger
Available from:Tower Hobbies

The RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Race Pack is an "everything in one box" FPV Race system designed to give the fledgling FPV racer a set-up that they can hone their racing skills on without breaking the bank. The RISE Vusion Race Quad is also capable enough to give even the experienced FPV racer a system they can pick up and head straight to the field with.

With its dual rates and three flight modes, it will be perfect for the beginner to advanced pilots that want to race with no complicated builds or set-ups to navigate through. It is ready to go right out of the box with everything you need. Just charge the batteries and get under the hood! Let's check it out!

What's in the box

The RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Race Pack is a true "everything in one box" FPV racing system. It comes with everything you will need to get in the air and racing in very short order. Here is a list of what's included:

  • RTF Vusion FPV Racer
  • 600TVL FPV Video Camera with Micro Memory Card Slot
  • 5.8GHz 200mW Raceband Video Transmitter
  • Tactic FPV-G1 Goggles and FPV-RM2 40 channel 5.8GHz monitor TACZ5202
  • RISE J2000 2.4GHz 6-channel Radio System
  • 3S 11.1V 1500mAh 25C LiPo Battery (RISE2022)
  • 2-3S AC LiPo balancing charger
  • Spare propeller Set
  • Four AA Batteries
  • Screwdriver
  • Instruction Manual

You can go from the box to crashing gates in just the amount of time it takes to charge the monitor, install the transmitter batteries, and charge the flight pack. It truly is just that easy.


So as a self-proclaimed "Plane Guy", Mean Joe was super excited to get this one out to the field for some testing. I charged up the flight pack and the monitor, installed the batteries in the TX, and headed to the field.

With my first flights, I kept everything in "Mode 1" (switch away) to check out the flight characteristics recommended for the beginner racer. I found that the RISE Vusion Race Quad was very stable in this setting. This mode has autolevel, mild roll rates, very limited tilt angles and is ideal for the pilot who is moving up from an entry-level quadcopter. Perfect for the first time racer!

After a few "get to know you" flights in Mode 1, it was time to bump up to "Mode 2". This mode still has autolevel, but has higher roll rates and a higher tilt angle setting. I would recommend this mode for the intermediate pilot. Mode 2 is a great place to start hitting some gates from. The stability settings are high enough to keep you from getting too out of control but are still enough to really start getting in some good laps at the track while you hone your skills.

So once you are completely comfortable with your skill level, it's time to jump up to "Mode 3" This is "rate mode" and the Quad has no limits on tilt and much faster roll rates. Keep in mind that the RISE Vusion Race Quad WILL NOT self-level in this mode. Mode 3 offers the most maneuverability but requires the pilot to be able to control the attitude of the quadcopter themselves. Mode 3 really unlocks the potential of this fantastic flying quad. Loops, rolls, high-speed turns, and clock crushing laps are all going to be at your fingertips!

I was really impressed with the performance of this 250 size race quad. The RISE Vusion 250 Race Quad was able to handle everything I threw at her with room to spare. The speed was such that even the experienced race pilots will have a blast tearing up the track at their local fields.

The RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Racer has a built in "modular arm" system to help prevent you from doing too much damage as you learn to race. If anything is hit hard enough the motor arms will simply break free from the fuse. The system seems to work very well, and I can see this saving you the sometimes costly repairs associated with race quads not equipped with this system. And as stated earlier in the review, being a "plane guy", the durability was well tested. I never hit anything hard enough to take advantage of the modular arm system but after more than just a few gate/ground encounters, the Rise Vusion Race Quad was able to just keep right on going.

It should also be noted that Tower Hobbies carries a full line of replacement parts that are priced in such a way that it won't hurt too much to repair any mishaps that may head your way. With the way this little quad is designed, even the novice should have no issue at all making any repairs they need in just a few mins.

The Gear

The Rise Vusion Extreme FPV Race Pack comes with everything you need. The monitor is high-quality and produces a very clear picture as tested. It has a built-in sun shade to help with any glare you may encounter during your flights. It also has an included DVR to record your flights. The Extreme FPV Race Pack ships with the Tactic Goggle system as well. Simply open the front of the goggles, snap the monitor in place and start enjoying the immersive experience of true FPV flight and racing!

Mean Joe was not able to use the included goggle set-up during testing due to the inability to wear them while wearing my glasses. Secondly, in offering full disclosure, Mean Joe's melon is classified as a small planet in most circles, and quite frankly, the goggles were not comfortable to wear at all for me. I did test them with several other people with normal sized heads and no need for glasses. The response was that the picture was very clear and they were able to immerse themselves in the flights with no issues. The only complaints were geared towards the foam around the eyepiece. It was stated by more than one person that it's a little hard and not that comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Other than that the feedback was very good, and they all enjoyed the experience.

I did, however, test the Rise Vusion Race Quad using my own goggles and they worked seamlessly! The picture was great and I only experienced the usual interference to the video signal. The onboard footage used for this review was recorded with my goggles built in DVR so you can see just what I was getting on my end. Overall very good signal!

Video Review

RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Race Pack - RCGroups Review (4 min 31 sec)

In Closing

In closing, I will say that the RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Race Quad is a fantastic flying racer with all the features that will make the beginning to advanced pilots out there very happy. It is docile enough to use as a "race trainer" as well as a full-on fast lap turning beast! So if you're in the market for a great flying, durable 250 size FPV racer then look no further! ~Mean Joe

For More Information

For more information and gear used, check out these links!

RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Race Pack

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Aug 26, 2017, 02:48 PM
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I know this thread may be kind of old, but has anyone tried putting more powerful motors on the thing? I'm really considering it because It doesn't seem very efficient or powerful (especially when I try to carry a lightweight HD camera). Thanks- Degovernator
Aug 27, 2017, 11:02 AM
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Spektrum transmitter

Hey guys, been flying this quad for a while now (killing it!) and was wondering if anyone has successfully converted from the stock transmitter to a spektrum (DS6i in my case)? Would really appreciate any tips/tricks the community might offer as well as info re: any other potential upgrades..... thanks, and happy flying!!
Sep 03, 2017, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyGuy911
Hey guys, been flying this quad for a while now (killing it!) and was wondering if anyone has successfully converted from the stock transmitter to a spektrum (DS6i in my case)? Would really appreciate any tips/tricks the community might offer as well as info re: any other potential upgrades..... thanks, and happy flying!!
looks like a flysky tranmitter so youll have to change out the receiver and that should be it

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