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Aug 19, 2017, 09:49 AM
plane obsessed
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Vector+DL+Sbus 10 channels need some help

I am the consumate newbie here- I've got decades of experience flying LOS, and just started getting into FPV for a work project.

Here is what I'm trying to do- I have a 10 channel sUAS with a FrSKY Taranis X9D plus, DL Micro receiver, and of course the Vector OSD. I have gotten all the firmware updated, I got the 10 channels mixed and talking in my Taranis through my DL, now I want to use Sbus and divide the ten channels between the 2 systems. My plan is to run the primary flight controls through the Vector- rudd, ail, ele, and throttle. Then map the other 6 channels through my DL Micro RX. It makes sense in my head, but with three manuals all open and over 250 pages of information in front of me I'm overwhelmed.

I know I can assign "output" channels in my DL config tool, and I know I can assign channels through the Vector config tool, but my own internal logic engine is.... letting me down! On the DL micro RX ch 7 is the PPM output which I will plug the Vectors "Ail" lead for Sbus connectivity. I hope I got that part right-

Here is what I have assigned in my Taranis- I want these first 4 to output through the Vector-
The following I want to output through the DL Micro RX, most are IC engine related channels- most are on/off, only flap is proportional.
8- AUX-3
10- AUX-5

So, on the Vector they will be M1-M4 for the primary flight controls
and on the DL Micro RX I want my channels to out put this way:
DL7= SBus to Vector
DL8/ RSSI to Vector RSSI/Aux-3/5v backup. I have a Castle BEC downstream of the Vector current sensor, with a soldered Y harness splitting the amp load and RSSI cable between the DL and the Vector since I'm running a total of 10 digital high torque servos through the system. I am putting my power leads into the DL RSSI/ channel 8 port and the and Vector RSSI/ Aux 3/ 5v backup port. I hope this means I will have the RSSI on the OSD and distribute power without stressing the vectors AIL/Serial lead, AND be able to track my MAH useage for the vid tx, and other accessories. Once again- this is all in my head and I hope I got it right! I don't know id the current sensor keeps track of the mah usage of the Vector itself!

I'm up against a deadline, and I don't know anyone with the experience I need to help me through this- Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks- Cody
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Aug 20, 2017, 06:47 AM
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Program the DL Rx to output SBus on one of the channels. Don't need to use PPM.
Now also program your DL Rx to output the additional channels you want as PWM on the regular servo pins of the DL. You can change the order to suit what you want.

Set up the Vector to accept that Sbus and run the wizard to understand the channels you want.

You'll need more than just the basic 4 flight channels for the Vector, you'll need a channel for mode as well. Can probly live without Submode.

Any channels in the SBus stream you don't want affecting the Vector you can set the Channel mapping to None for that function on the RC Configuration tab.

Aug 21, 2017, 12:31 PM
plane obsessed
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Thank you for the reply- Right now I'm haveing a couple issues- I tried to setup the DL as you said, but for some reason my changes are not being saved, and even though the DL is set to output 12 channels in the PPM stream I'm only seeing 8 in the Vector.
I've also tried changing the servo mapping so channels 1-5 (5 being mode switch) are input into the vector through the serial cable, and the additional 6-11 output through channels 1-6 of the DL RX, but once again, it's not saving the changes- I can change the outputs so channels 6-11 are output on channels 1-5, but that means all channels on both the Vector and the DL RX are outputting the same- so, ch 6 is ch1 on the DL RX, and the Vector.

I hope I'm just missing something simple. I tried to connect the DL RX and the GUI doesn't even see it. I do have both firmwares updated to 2.9 and I do have bind.
Aug 31, 2017, 03:11 AM
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Are you using the new DL GUI? The one which looks like it was built with WPF. It should be auto updating when you connect up devices. I ask because you say you know RX is on firmware 2.9 but then say GUI doesn't see the RX.. so how do you know the firmware version and how are you assigning these channels on the RX if you can't connect it up?

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