Team Losi Racing - 22 4.0 SR 2WD SPEC

The 17.5T SPEC class is arguably one of the hottest in ROAR racing, and the 22 4.0 SR 2WD SPEC was designed from the wheels in to dominate.

Team Losi Racing - 22 4.0 SR 2WD SPEC

Designed to Dominate the 17.5T Spec Class

The TLR 22 4.0 SR 2WD SPEC is a competition punishing buggy designed specificvally for the 17.5T ROAR spec class. This 22 has been put on a diet and features an updated direct-drive transmission, along with a host of upgrades. Here's what Losi has to say about it:

From Team Losi Racing:

The 17.5 buggy spec-class is the biggest class in electric off-road racing and perhaps all of RC today. A fully optimized buggy with a specific focus on stock racing is required to be competitive at the top end of the category, and the TLR®22™ 4.0 SPEC-Racer delivers such a buggy, right out of the box.

The 22 4.0 SPEC-Racer kit takes the drastic improvements made in the on-track performance of the new 22 4.0 and maximized the drivetrain for spec racing. Sounds simple, right? NO! That's because our goal was to turn the weight loss requirement into a performance gain opportunity. For starters, the car has shed weight by replacing carefully chosen stock 22 4.0 parts. The transmission boast the biggest gains where a Direct Drive System with a shortened top shaft, an aluminum diff with composite outdrives and aluminum CVA driveshafts with lightened steel axles has minimized overall weight and rotating mass.

In true TLR fashion, handling was a particular focus. A laydown transmission moves the motor forward by 20mm+ to a central motor location and provides two diff heights-standard 3.0mm and +3.5mm for carpet and Astroturf. This creates a chassis that drives much flatter, more consistent and corners quicker, especially on throttle which is critical for spec racing.

All told, the 22 4.0 SPEC-Racer weighs in under the ROAR minimum weight of 1499g, with no modification. But it's the moment you hit the track when the advantages becomes clear. Front to back, the 22 4.0 SPEC-Racer is more capable of competing for wins right out of the box than any other stock 1/10 2WD buggy in its class.

CLICK HERE for more info on the all new Team Losi Racing - 22 4.0 SR 2WD SPEC.

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Aug 11, 2017, 12:54 PM
Did I make the A Main?
bill_delong's Avatar
time to sell my 3.0 and upgrade!
Aug 13, 2017, 06:32 AM
Matt Gunn's Avatar
Thread OP
It's a looker for sure!
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Aug 13, 2017, 08:35 AM
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Work of art
Dec 01, 2017, 11:59 AM
Life is short, buy the boat.
jacobault2001's Avatar
this thing is just bad
Dec 29, 2017, 08:48 AM
I just bought one last night at our carpet track. Some of the guys were saying a put a Serpent gear diff in instead of the Losi. They said the Losi is weak and an over complicated design. Anyone have an idea of which Serpent diff I need? Info is scarce on the conversion.
Dec 29, 2017, 10:30 AM
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I'd try running it and see how you place, vs throwing money at it before testing.
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Dec 29, 2017, 11:39 AM
I run on a carpet track and no one there runs a ball diff. Everyone there builds there cars day one with gear diffs. All the guys say carpet tears ball diffs up real fast. High traction on carpet I assume is the problem for ball diffs.

I ordered a Serpent diff and should work with some shims.
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Dec 30, 2017, 12:21 PM
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Get the losi gear diff. Serpent cars suck. Also if you break in your ball diff correctly, it will out last the outdrives.

How to Build and Break In Ball Differential Best Way (6 min 16 sec)
Dec 30, 2017, 01:07 PM
Its the consensus online and in practice at my track to use gear diff's on carpet. We have so much traction that we have to tape the outside of our front tires to prevent traction roll on the SCT's and rally's. On buggies but we put a bead of super glue on the outer rib of the tires to prevent it. Guy's have tried ball diff but they tear up fast and require a lot of maintenance. I prefer less maintenance and those little balls are pricey. I'm only running the 17.5 lite class so I really don't need to be looking for every 1/10th of a second. So gear diff it is for me.
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