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Aug 10, 2017, 10:53 AM
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Eagle Tree Micro Vector - The Software

In my first blog post I looked at the Micro Vector and its hardware, connections and some installation, In this blog I wanted to look at the Software and some of the features around that.

The Vector and Micro Vector is an impressive flight controller with a large number of features you just don't see in anything else, it has a very wide model support and offers some fantastic features for both fixed wing and quad users, if your flying for FPV then the Vector is an absolute must to get no matter if plane or quad.

My origonal blog looking at the Micro Vector is here https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...Controller-OSD

The Firmware & Control Software

Unlike almost all of the other flight controllers in this class the Vector has a very interesting feature, that is its does not run Betaflight, Cleanflight or any of those other community driven autopilots, Eagletree Systems have developed their own in house flight autopilot and accompanying software, this brings some massive benefits that they can vertically integrate their hardware and software and develop it exactly the way they want.

The other intresting fact is the controller can be entirely configured by the OSD if you have a screen or googles and you do not actually need to use any PC based software at all other than to update the firmware however I do find the computer based configuration quicker and easier.
The EagleTree Vector Software

When you get your Vector there will be a card included that will direct you where to download the software

Once downloaded this software will handle every thing to do with your Vector such as configuration, Firmware Updates and Flash Log Downloads and viewing.

When you open the software you will be taken to the main landing screen

This page gives you an overview of all the current setting as well as quick access to the most common things such as Frame type, PID and RC settings.

The first thing you need to to is select the frame type.

Eagletree have included a large number of frame election for you to choose from, Fixed wing to Micro Quad.

Something that is worth noting is that there are x2 Quad settings to choose from,Quad X and High Per Mini Quad

If your putting the Micro Vector into a Race Quad you should select the High Per Mini Quad option as this pre selects some specific tuning setting for that type of craft, otherwise if its a normal quad choose the Quad X.

The RX Screen

Here you will find all of the remote controller configuration options csuch as Channel Mapping, RC Input, Flight Mode config and the Rx Analysis wizard, the first thing you should do is run the Rx Wizard , this is guide you though configuring your receive type and setting up all your switches and stick endpoints.

Once this is complete you can then tweak the RC settings and set the flight modes as you desire, Eagletree also have added an option for a second mode switch to get around the issues of only having a 3 position switch, you can set a submode switch option to give you more flight mod options.

Flight Controller Setup

In this screen you can configure the pitch and roll limits, set the basic flight controller gains and tune the stabiliser responsiveness, these are the first things you want to look at when tuning you craft, out the box the default gains will get you flying and you can also set these to a knob to allow in flight ajustment, these can also be adjusted via the OSD and RC stick commands too.

At the bottom there are some rests for Gyros and as well as the record flat option, these should only be needed if you are having issues and you should consult the manual before use.

Advance Flight Controller Setup

In here is where you can adjust the more advanced setting for the flight controller like ESC Timing, Advanced PID settings and you can also set RC expo and thrust expo on output.

Compass & Sensor Setup

Just like its larger brother the Micro Vector supports all of the same accessories like the GPS and Compass module and Power Module, In this screen you can configure the GPS lock settings as well as the voltage and current monitoring, If using the Eagletree Power Module the default settings are correct, the Micro Vector does have both voltage and current sensing wire inputs so if you want to use your own sensor here is where you can adjust the calculations to display the correct readings.

Safety & Nav Setup

Here you can set the GPS RTH and fail safe settings, Vector offers some advanced RTH options for both fixed wing and Quad such as landing, circling around the home point and hover, depending on your frame type depends on what settings you will see.

OSD Setup

The Vectors in build colour OSD has a large number of options and you are able to fully configure it to show exactly what you want to see.

You are able to configure it extensively and move and control how the OSD Looks.

You can also configure multiple OSD screens with different information and switch between them in flight via switch on your RC

Under Display HW settings you can change the OSD colour and brightness as well as its position and auto switching.


The Vector support on board logging and it can store data from your flight to review later, Here you can choose the logging options, download the log data and view with the builtin data viewer, this means if you are having any issues you can send Eagletree your logs and they can provide support that way.


A later addition to the Vector models if fitted with GPS is the Waypoints and Sky Gates features, these allow you to pre program missions and setup a flight course around your location to fly though virtual gates in the sky, Skygates is a dedicated feature to the vector that is not available on any other flight controller in this class.

Accessories Setup

Here is where you can configure other accessorises like the Alerter buzzer that can give notification if the battery is low or any other system errors happen, it also acts as a lost model alarm too.

Overall the Eagle Tree Vector and Micro Vector is one of if not my favourite flight controller to use period.

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Aug 10, 2017, 06:57 PM
Have fun
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Wow, Eagletree hasnt been slacking off! Gonna need one of these!

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