Foxtech GAIA 160 Record Breaking Flight

Foxtech is setting out to break the UAV flight time record. Foxtech is going to attempt to fly across the Sea Bay. More reports will be updated in this thread!


Hybrid Record Breaking Flight - 3 hours Flight Time and 154km Range

This just in from Foxtech:

In the past few months, the Foxtech staff has been working on a secret mission that could totally change the drone industry. The drone to break the record is the Foxtech GAIA 160-Hybrid.

In the past few years, multicopters were used in many industries like surveillance, photography, filming and even agriculture . However, no matter what we do to increase the power system efficiency, there is still a big limitation that holds the multicopter back from flying longer ranges and longer flight times - that's the battery.

Even with the latest technology, the battery's capacity still can not meet manys industrial needs. Take the mapping industry for example, by loading a 2 kg camera, the multicopter powered by a battery can normally fly 20-35 minutes, then you have to land it and replace the battery. At least 3 sets of battery, chargers and power supply will be necessary.

Foxtech has made great efforts to develop a reliable multicopter with longer flight times. The GAIA 160-HYBRID GAIA 160-HYBRID is a big hexacopter that uses high efficiency motors and propellers and full carbon fiber light body. The most important feature is the on-board generator system. The generator system can generate 2000w power with only a 4kg weight. The power generation efficiency is also a lot higher than the current industry standard.

The GAIA 160-Hybrid can handle an 8 kg load including fuel, the longest flight time will be more than 6 hours. What needs to be mentioned is the GAIA can fly at a speed over 15m/s. The test showed a 2 hour flight time with 5kg payload.

The invention of GAIA 160-Hybrid is a milestone in multicopter history and should be remembered.

In order to mark the significance of this evolutionary drone, Foxtech is going to fly GAIA 160 HYBRID across the Sea Bay. The total range will be 154 km, and the total flight time will be more than 3 hours. We may encounter heavy wind or even rain conditions in this mission, but we believe that this flight will prove the reliability and potentials of this drone.


Learn More!!

Visit Foxtech's thread on this here and learn more about the Foxtech GAIA 160.

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Aug 07, 2017, 06:47 PM
Registered User
Ya know...I find this to be pretty amazing! Thanks for posting, though I am subscribed to foxtech on Youtube.

Gas-powered quad...I've been preaching to friends and family (they nod and smile, lol) about the limitations of lipos and how it's holding us back. Well, this is one way around that problem!
Aug 07, 2017, 08:55 PM
Registered User
Flyawayyy's Avatar
amazing!! can't wait to see more flight video
Aug 07, 2017, 10:42 PM
Registered User
Scratchbuildrc's Avatar
Great idea! Never thought that a generator would be light and powerful enough to be slung under a hex like that!
Aug 08, 2017, 04:02 AM
Registered User
Your people are making history, will visit your youtube and FB often to know the flight process. Good job!

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