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Aug 04, 2017, 07:58 PM
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Anyone make their own sails?

I've started to play around with the idea of scratch building sailboats and land yachts. Since I mainly build scratch built fast airboats and have NO idea of how to sail or whats even needed in RC for a sail anything to work... I figured I'd ask the people who play with them often and might know a thing or two about sailing!

I'm not good with the sailing terminology but I am learning through some basic research on the internet so bear with me!

I've made a rc land yacht (pics below) and winged every part of the build basing measurements of what materials I had, what looked good to me, and what I could find pictures of on the internet.

The one main question I have is how do people make the boom attach to the mast and how do you keep the boom down in the wind?

I'm using fishing weights at the end of the boom and the stronger the winds the more weight I need to hang.

The second question is how are sails made and attached to the mast and boom? I have a ton of ripstop nylon that I made my first attempt from but it looks bad and I was wondering if anyone had ideas on this?! I used a soldering iron to cut the sail out and burn holes to wire the sail to the yacht.

Anyways pics below! Please look them over and pick this thing apart if you will! You won't hurt my feelings and the help will be greatly appreciate!

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Aug 04, 2017, 08:15 PM
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Two recommendations.......

1. Go to the AMYA website and to the 1 meter class pages. Download the construction manual which covers all aspects of model sailboat building rigging, etc. While there check out all of the recognized sail boat classes of different sizes. Use the search feature on this forum to see specific information on classes that interest you.

2. On this forum, search for CLAUDIO'S GADGET which is an easy way to try building your own sails. Post question as you go. Lots of information for you here.

Good luck....enjoy

Dick L.
Aug 04, 2017, 10:22 PM
a.k.a. Bob Parks
And for your first try, a simple, single panel triangle will make your land yacht go.

This is a commercial model:

Aug 07, 2017, 10:25 AM
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Seems like you did a pretty great job designing a building your first land yacht. How does it work? Did you get a chance to sail it yet?

One question you asked was how do you keep the boom from lifting. Most sailboats have a vang which you can google. It is a linkage from the mast to the boom that prevents the boom from lifting. You may not need one on a land yacht, because the downward force of the main sheet also restricts the sail from lifting, and most the time you'll be sheeted in pretty tight.
Aug 08, 2017, 11:20 AM
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Your land yacht looks pretty decent, especially for a first build.

You may be interested in this:
Aug 09, 2017, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Crunchy Frog
Your land yacht looks pretty decent, especially for a first build.

You may be interested in this:
That was a fun read! Seems like when you finish a creation the conditions needed to play with it go away... It's been dead still here so I havent been able to do anything but put up a box fan and go 3 meters before i hit the living room wall..

I'll start another once I've played with this a bit. To be honest if it works at all I'll call this a win haha!
Aug 13, 2017, 03:54 AM
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I make my own sails from racing mylar. It works OK and is better than the sails that came with my boat, but probably not as good as custom made sails with shape. You can see the carbon mylar sails on my Northwind 36-600 'Windfall' compared to the stock nylon sails on my roomate's Sea Cret. I am using a similar material for the sails on my new carbon fiber boat, which is still under construction.

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