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Aug 02, 2017, 06:43 AM
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Htrc b6 v2 80w

anyone seen this charger? Assuming this is definatly a clone.

I ordered one to replace my old b6 clone that the power supply blew up and also after my iffy calibration. I'm going to be getting a reaktor 300w charger so these just have to tide me over till i get a server power supply and better charger. Ill keep them though for low power charging as they do ok.

the b6 i have is supposedly 60w but i reckon its more likely the same as original at 50W.

is this one i have orders really 80w. that would mean id actually be able to draw 6 amps with my 3 cell batteries as that would require 75w.

Looks the same as the imax but different colored case and lettering.


so far from normal use charging my 3s 2200mah and 3s 850mah battieries, those B6 clone is far better (although i could just be lucky) it lives up to the 80w claim. its got way more features and seems to charge batteries pretty consistantly to 4.2v per cell.

It even handles nimh battieres much better.
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Aug 02, 2017, 08:58 PM
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I'd say you have a very good chance it will perform as advertised. Lots of B6 wannabes out there with those specs.
Aug 03, 2017, 04:01 AM
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Originally Posted by RustyUs View Post
I'd say you have a very good chance it will perform as advertised. Lots of B6 wannabes out there with those specs.
I havnt tested this unit but i have to say im surprised at the packaging. Really nice tidy box, the charger came wraped in that white thick soft pouch.

The cables feel really nice. 1 of the cables is bananna on one end and then splits out to xt60 and T connector. Essentially is a parallel charging cable. I might just change that cable out of another xt60 then i can use the paracable on 1 charger and the paraboard on the other. Ill be able to charge 5 batteries at once and it should only take less than an hour.

ill get some tests in on charging times. my complaint about the other imax b6 clone was the charge times. they seemed longer than others were getting. and from time to time it would overcahrge to 4.23v per cell but not always. (i reckon that the voltage readings were drifting with temperature more than they should)

I'll be getting an 800w server power supply so i can run both of these until i can get a turnigy reaktor 300w and ill retire the blue imax b6 (which had the powersupply blow up) to spares . The gold B6 if it performs fine ill use it as a field charger
Aug 03, 2017, 04:48 AM
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Right this charger is different to a normal B6. The screen is differemt, the beeps are less annoying and the menus are very different. theres even extra functions. It will measure battery statys and even IR>

So i popped on a battery, let it read the status. showed 17% 11.3v. the cell readings are in mv to 4 digits.

IR showed 13mO 10mO 10mO

The battery i tested was a failry new set of batteries. 25-25c 3s 2200mah turnigy (light blue labelled) batteries so the IR should be close to when new as they are only a few months old although have seen a fair amountof use (guessing 30 flights)

Currently charging at the full 6 amps so around 2.5c and looks though the mah count is going up faster than my old B6 500mah in 5 minutes. based on that 20 minutes would result in 2000mah which should be a fully charged battery. obviously need to take into account the CV stage will slow things down but so far it looks as if this charger is performing much better.

One thing though, its worth checking the included cables. The paracable with 2 differnt ends on it. the heatshrink hasnt been heated enough. i found 1 of them to have moved exposing solder joints. If both heatshrinks had moved it woiuld have caused a short.

Now voltage reading....

measured from the charge leads. 12.46v. Charger is reading 12.28v. Cells all at 4.14v per cell chartger is reading 4035mv....

hmmm just checked the main lead voltages and it was up to 12.70v.. checked the individual cells and they were 4.23v. stopped the charge checked battery with a cell checker. 4.17v. Might have been too quick to stop it as it must have been ramping down.

put back on to charge at 3 amps and it started at 1amp with battery at 12.54v.

Battery came off the charger exactly 4.2v per cell! I put another battery on charge at same rate but will leave it the coarse im guessing its normal to see a higher voltage during charging.
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Aug 03, 2017, 05:15 AM
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ok 2nd battery left to finish charging itself. finshed at 4.17v per cell....
Aug 04, 2017, 12:06 PM
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Tested charger again (not been flying so not got much to test it with)

3s 850mah turnigy nantoc lip ( for my 250)

think it was around 11.3v

charge took 17 minutes at 2c

504 mah put back in and ended at 4.17c per cell....

Its definatly not over charging although id like it to come up just a tad more. there is an option in the settings to adjust the cell end voltages. I may try upping it 1 volt after i test more batteries.

however im pretty pleased with this sofare. in that its definatly not overcharging so far and its way quicker than my old charger.

thinking i should just bin the b6 clone and get another one of these. Thene later on when i get more batteries and get a 6s heli add a 300w charger
Aug 04, 2017, 06:16 PM
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Just adding data.

charged 2 2200mah 3s packs in balance charge mode at 6 amps. packs were around 11.3v.

Pack finished at 12.7v (4.25v per cell as i set!) ok so back down to the default setting.... Total charge time was 40 minutes.

consistantly faster than my old charger.

It hink the fast charge setting results in slight under charge but if you balance charge it will charge it to what the max cell setting is
Aug 05, 2017, 04:42 AM
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Another 2 3s 2200mah charged at 6amps

Charge time - forgot to look
Total pack voltage - 12.58v
Cell 1 - 4.19
Cell 2 - 4.19
Cell 3 - 4.19

Single 3s 2200mah
Total pack voltage - 12.61
Cell 1 - 4.20
Cell 2 - 4.19
Cell 3 - 4.19

really liking this charging. Big improvement over the imax b6 clone

Now gonna charge up my 600 nitro flight pack whih is a 5 cell 5000mah NiMh, this was a real pain to charge on my last B6 which usually meant stopping the charge manually when the battery started to get warm. If you just left it to finish itself the battery would be cooked]
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Aug 08, 2017, 03:48 AM
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Ok time to test its NIMH charging.

I have a couple sub C cells for glow starter and also a 5 cell nimh pack in my trex 600. The imax B6 AC had a real hard time dealing with the sub c's and would over charge the 5 cell pack.

With the sub C's i gave up it would false peak no matter what peak settings you used and would only charge sometimes at 0.3a or less. it was so picky i gave up and hacked the cable onto a AA/AAA charger. which did its job as expected.

With the 5 cell 5000mAh pack. The batteires would end up far too hot if you left it finish itself. i always had to stop the charge as i felt the batteries getting warm.

Ive stuck my turnigy 4200mAh sub C on a discharge/charge cycle on the htrc b6. 2amp discharge to 0.8v and 4amp charge. First discharge ended right away as the voltage dropped to 0.6v at 2 amps. waited 5 minutes and then charged for 5 minutes at 4amps putting in 750mAh.

The glow driver felt warm so battery is heating up but not sure how hot it is as the metal body is helping cool it which is probably a good hting.

2nd dishcarge cyclie ended at 0.77v pullihng 838mAh
2nd charge cycle ended at 1.45v putting in 1145Mah still way short of its rated capacity. I stoped the charge/discharge cycle as i dont have time to be waiting around. REmoved the battery fromt he glow driver. its pretty warm but not burning hot like my 5 cell pack ends up if i use the old b6.

I might just discharge it fully and then sit it on a trickle charge at 0.4amps overnight

Huge improvement over the B6 clone.
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Aug 08, 2017, 10:59 AM
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Charged 2 of my 3s 2200mah batteries from my car battery. No issues. Normal charge (without balance connectors hooked up) 36 minutes from 11.3v t fujll charge. Finished at 12.6v :-)
Aug 09, 2017, 05:36 AM
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Final post, doesnt seem to be much interest and no one else seems to have one.

Charge 1 3s 2200mah battery at 6 amps.

Starting voltage 11.5v
charge time 10 minutes
End voltage 12.6
Aug 09, 2017, 09:27 PM
I am a nice guy! Really!
I thought you were doing a good job keeping the thread running all by yourself.
Aug 09, 2017, 09:41 PM
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Thread? I thought it was a blog.
Aug 15, 2017, 05:56 AM
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Decided to charge my 5 cell nimh pack today for the 600 to see how it compared to the old b6 charger which would terminate the charge with the batteries roasting.

The batteries were not fully depleted, its a 5 cell pack sitting at 6.38v before i started the charge. Usually it terminates around 7,4v with the old charger at 2amps.

It took just under 1000mah and stopped at 7.38v. battteries were barely warm. SUCCESS .

So the final conclusion seems to be that this is actually (so far) a really good inexpensive charger. for 24 you cant complain. Its accurate enough with balance charging and doesnt over charge. theres several extra features like battery status (shows % and cell voltage) IR meter to name a vew.

It also works great of a 12v battery at the field.
Sep 04, 2017, 04:47 PM
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You are not the only one with a HTRC B6 V2 charger.
I just got one and am quite pleased.
Programming is a little different, ie. Easier than regular 4 button chargers like Accucell and Battman.
Note that it does not have a fan like the others but relies on a large heat sink instead.
Be carefull with the double output lead. If charging with XT 60 be sure to keep rubber insulator on the T connector.
It would be better to remove the connector you dont use to prevent unintended shorting like i did.
Mine works fine.

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