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Oct 31, 2004, 07:53 PM
ptlpc's Avatar

How do you set up your two channel sailplane?

Question: If you are running a two channel glider are you putting both on right stick?
Related question: Would you set up a Rudder/Elevator plane the same as a Rudder/Aileron plane?
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Oct 31, 2004, 08:06 PM
Think Thermals!!!!
SoCalGliderFlyr's Avatar
Both on the "right" stick for us right handed flyers. If you have a programmable transmitter some will put the rudder on the left stick but link it to the "ailerons" on the right stick. This is so rudder can be used as the sailplane is winched or hi-started with the left hand till the right can be placed on the right stick.

Edit: should have said right stick.
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Oct 31, 2004, 08:30 PM
TLAR Black Belt
ejett's Avatar
Personally, I set my rudder up on the aileron stick with elevator on the same stick. I like SoCal's suggestion to mix aileron with rudder so I could control the plane up the line with my left hand if I need to.

Oct 31, 2004, 08:55 PM
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SoCalGliderFlyr's Avatar
Should have said both on right stick. I strongly suggest this if the flyer is a beginner to early novice and not totally familure with a his programmable radio. Depending on your programmable will depend on how you do the mix.
Oct 31, 2004, 09:08 PM
What you asked:
My two or 3 channel, R/E on the right stick.

More non-essential info:
I do have a flight mode switch that when turned on slaves the aileron channel (left and right on the right stick) to left and right on the left stick which is normally rudder. So master is left stick, slave is right stick. As SoCal says... this lets me make quick corrections on the winch by using my left hand for rudder control on the way up. When launching with my right hand, you'd be surprised how long it takes to find the sticks.

If I flip the switch the other way the mix is still there, but set to 0% so effectively it's turn off.

Hope that was lucid... and probably more than you wanted to know.
Nov 01, 2004, 12:02 AM
Think Thermals!!!!
SoCalGliderFlyr's Avatar
I think that make and model of your transmitter is essential. Go into a bit more detail.
Nov 01, 2004, 12:26 AM
Originally Posted by SoCalGliderFlyr
I think that make and model of your transmitter is essential. Go into a bit more detail.
Hitec Eclipse. I am using IIRC (it's not in front of me) switch 7 which controls Programable Mix 1 (see page 7 of the manual). BTW: For my RES planes I am not using the GLIDR mode but the ACRO mode.

Then I chose PMix 1 on the menu, I choose Rudder as the master channel, and a 100% Mix to Slave channel which is the Aileron Channel. (Recall the rudder servo in the plane is it plugged into the RX's aileron channel.) Turn the switch on and that mix is activated. So I move the rudder (left stick) and I get 100% of the same movement (1 to 1) in the aileron channel. Since the aileron channel is physically connected to the servo running the rudder, I get rudder movement just like I was using the right stick*. Flip the switch and Pmix1 is turned off.

*Not quite like the right stick as the Dual Rate on the aileron channel is not in effect on the rudder channel. So I get FULL rudder deflection using the left stick, not the reduced dual rate deflection I get when using the right stick.

It's nice to be able to do this. Most computerized TX's can handle it and the latest ones are not that expensive and will serve you well. I like the spectra 50 channel module. It's handy at meets to be able to swtich a days flying to another channel and avoid conflicts. The Optic 6 is looking nice. But regardless of the spectra I am sure Futaba's and Airtronics and JR have affordable offerings as well.

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Nov 01, 2004, 12:01 PM
ptlpc's Avatar
Great info guys - thanks.
I'm using an Airtronics RD8000 and have the elv and rud on the right stick for my BOT. I have Ail and Rud on the right stick and throt on left for my Coyote. I ask because I want to set these up for growth and do not want to get into any bad habits due to poorly set up radio. The RD8000 is very easy to set up and I could easily put the rud on left stick w/a mix as suggested. Thanks
Nov 01, 2004, 12:11 PM
Registered User
All my models are set up the same no matter how many channels I use. Since I fly mode 2, that means I fly aileron and elevator on the right stick with rudder and throttle/spoiler/flap on the left stick. If the model doesn't have ailerons, then I move the rudder to the right stick. I think of it as pitch and roll on the right stick with yaw and speed on the left stick. That way I always turn with the right stick and coordinate turns with left stick (if avaialable).
Nov 01, 2004, 04:42 PM
Think Thermals!!!!
SoCalGliderFlyr's Avatar
I must say I've found it challenging to use the left stick for more than throttle/flaps having started with a two channel single stick in 1969. Best thing that happened was the programmable transmitters. Saved me from replacing the aileron pot on the right stick with a double pot slaved into the rudder channel to coordinate turns.
Nov 01, 2004, 05:52 PM
Registered User
Mark Miller's Avatar
That is one of the cool things about my Multiplex EVO Tx. You can switch modes on it and it will switch the stick function for you. Mode 4 is rudder and elevator on the right stick. All done in software.

Nov 05, 2004, 08:45 AM
Proud member of LISF and ESL
Originally Posted by ChuckA
I think of it as pitch and roll on the right stick with yaw and speed on the left stick. That way I always turn with the right stick and coordinate turns with left stick (if avaialable).
Chuck, I believe you have it exactly right. Channels are spoken of as surfaces, but in fact they are assigned by funciton

In mode two format, the standard format in North America, pitch and roll on the right with roll ALWAYS being your primary turning control. Yaw and speed on the left.

Depending on the design of your plane, rudder can play different rolls.

On on dihedral or polyhedral wing with no ailerons, the rudder provides roll and yaw so it goes on the right stick with pitch/elevator.

If you think of it in this manner, there is no confusion moving back and forth between single stick to dual stick. I do it all the time. I have two single stick radios and two dual stick radios. The singles are used as R/E/T for two parkflyers.

My dual sitcks, both computer radios, are used for parkflyers, TD Sailplanes and slope gliders. The surface layouts span R/E, A/E, R/E/Spoilers, R/E/throttle, R/E/A and R/E/A/Flaps where flaps play the part of speed control.

These are unpowered sailplanes with flaps and spoilers are on the "throttle" stick. During normal, "speed" flight the stick is all the way forward, flaps or spoilers are fully retracted. When I come in for a landing and want to slow the plane, the stick comes back toward me, just as it would with a throttle, and the flaps or spoilers deploy according to stick position.

Think of your controls this way and there is never a doubt what goes where.

Absolutely no confusion at all since I think of the sticks according to function, not surface.
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