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Jul 30, 2017, 06:50 AM
What could possibly go wrong?
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At last - Kangaroos!

It must have been a good year ago, that I promised I'd come up with a picture of kangaroos as the field where I usually go. One way or another it didn't happen, and then I hadn't been there again until today, but it was a REALLY good day. I finally got my solo wings, conditions were just about perfect, and I got photos of 'roos, on the field, with a model in the same frame, and stuff like a windsock and the runways and so on. I was challenged on this but at last I can prove my word is good... presenting that symbol of the Antipodes, the great marsupial, one of which even has a full-looking pouch (sorry, no cute little face peeking out but take it on faith).
By the way, see all the little black pellets on the ground? That's one way you know the 'roos have been there (exercise for the reader)

EDIT - just to give credit to the club, these pic's were taken at the WA Model Aero Sports Centre, which is in a very nice reserve called Whiteman Park. I won't go through the other stuff they have there but it's really cool and very popular (just to say my American Brother-In-Law has one of his classic cars on display in the auto museum there, I think it's a Chrysler Newport). You can see the triangle of 3 perfect paved runways, set up for the prevailing winds (one thing about Perth is, it's just a windy place and if you want to fly RC, you better learn to fly in wind!)
This next club, KAMS, is another fine venue, with a historical family link between me and the club. This is where you'll find some of the high-up "brass" of RC modelling in West Australia, and some championship pilots and scale builders, just look at the models on their site:
And I'd also like to say thanks especially to WARMS, the 3rd of the major local clubs. A smaller venue, but also very well set up and comfortable, I've always had a great time here, and one instructor in particular believed in me and gave me my first chance to really do whatever I wanted on a model, and I finally learned how to fly properly when I had that opportunity... not to take away from any other club, who also supported me.
Have a look at the gallery pages of any of these sites and you'll be extremely impressed!

EDIT - by the way, see all those little black dots on the ground? Roo pellets... always plenty of evidence they've been around. Wipe your feet!
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Jul 30, 2017, 09:24 AM
Waste Nothing
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B :

Been waiting to see these mate . Thanx ! In one of the captions "Qantas paints them ....' . Qantas airlines 'paints them' ? What color are they naturally . hahahahhahahahahahahha For us here in Canada , the odd PITA bear or 2 , Elk , or a Canadian Emu (wild turkey) can be seen . Lately , a large mommy cougar has been spotted . 'That' can be dangerous as they are clever camo / stealth predators .
Jul 30, 2017, 09:40 AM
What could possibly go wrong?
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Originally Posted by RickC_RCAV8R
Qantas airlines 'paints them' ? What color are they naturally . hahahahhahahahahahahha
OK full points for that, credit where it's due Geez they talk about Australia having the dangerous wildlife, I'm not so sure now! Wild big cats, bears, moose and elks with big horns, think I'll stay here with the NICE animals! But it's true, there are some nasty little beggars out there, some of the spiders and snakes, I think the most loathsome have to be near-invisible deadly poison jellyfish, yeeks. Crocodiles aren't usually good pets either, but otherwise the bigger animals really aren't much to worry about. In fact I read somewhere that they've survived because of a lack of real predators - koalas, platapi, wombats and all those sweet little marsupials are just about defenceless. Sometimes the warning signs are pretty clear, for instance, who's going to mess with a snake called a Death Adder? Well, it's good to hear from someone with an awareness of the animals living around them, they're important, and they help make me love my country just like anyone else does their own. I had a pretty much perfect day at that club today, got my solo wings, conditions were absolutely ideal, and some 'roos just added to the scenery. All just makes RC the best thing I've done for myself in a long time.
Aug 13, 2018, 03:51 PM
What could possibly go wrong?
Thread OP
By the way if you zoom in tight on the 'roo in the first picture I do believe that's a little pair of paws sticking out of that pouch - a Joey! Aww! They really are the sweetest little creatures. The main hazard is falling in love with them, you just want to protect them and take them home, but they don't do well like that. They're not a pet dog, they need a LOT of attention and care, if you ever find yourself in that position get in touch with a wildlife sanctuary or at least your local vet for advice. But if you do meet one, watch out, you'll be sucked in! People hang a pillow slip off a door handle and they boing into it, tumble over and peep out the top, it's pretty sweet. They're all long, ungainly legs poking out everywhere. Cute.

Anyway I thought I'd point out there's a baby in that photo, and that's really just on the edge of the suburbs. They're not rare animals, if anything they're considered to be in "plague" proportions now. People think Australia is just all these incredibly dangerous animals all out to kill you but it's just not like that, not living in the cities anyway. You have to be way out in the sticks, AND all alone, before there's really much risk. Yes there are spiders and snakes of a totally different continent you'll have no immunities too, but everywhere has that. It's just these TV shows going for sensationalism. Australia is a beautiful place, and big, so there's every type of climate and lots of wonderful wildlife like these guys. You'll see more animals to love than to be scared of. Just as America and Europe and everywhere else has its wild, natural beauty, of course we do too, as unique as anywhere else. Gotta love your country one way or another, right?

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