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Jul 29, 2017, 11:24 PM
ah dinnae ken
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Bump Controller Custom Charger Case (DIY)

I find that chargers with the outboard power supply, balance/parallel boards and Bump controllers to be a mess of equipment and wires on the bench. I like the entire system mounted in a case. I recently got the FMA Revolectrix PL6, PL8, Bump Controller and two MPA-EC5 parallel boards and tow 75amp power supplies. After spending that much money I couldn't justify paying for a custom case from one of the awesome makers out there (add $500+). So I decided to make my own.

I found that Plastic Case's Nanuk 940 has a factory made aluminum deck available. So I ordered the case and deck from B&H. My plan was to have chargers and power supplies below the deck and to have no penetrations thru the case, so it remains waterproof when closed. Figuring how to mount everything is the challenge, because none of the components are made to be mounted.

I clamped the chargers to the underside of the deck with a piece of aluminum 1/2" x 1/8" bar across the underside of the charger and a piece of 8-32 all-thread on each side. I used closed-cell foam between the charger and the deck to isolate the charger from shock and to allow airflow all around it.
I recessed the Bump Controller (BC), by cutting a hole thru the deck and backing it up with a piece of 0.120" G10. The assemble is held in place with for 3mm cap screws and nuts.

The power supplies are mounted from the same G10 that holds the BC. I added G10 spacers so no heat transfer from the power supplies would get to the BC. The power supplies are held on with four pieces of 8-32 all-thread and an aluminum bar across the top.

I added a power switch and a socket for the power plug. My fan is a 100cfm 120V unit. It runs whenever the power switch is 'on'.

The parallel boards are screwed to the deck. The units are held together with 8-self tapper screws. I removed four and drilled all the way thru the MPA. The screw locations are reinforced and there are no wires there. I tapped the deck for 3mm screws to hold the MPA's in place. I added the grommets where the wires pass thru the deck to protect them.

I cut the big inlet vents to allow airflow thru the case.

I want to add USB outlets and I have the parts to install.

Everything is mounted to the aluminum deck. To service it, I just remove the deck screws and lift the deck out. The case is not modified, so I can pull the chargers and reuse it for other purposes in the future.

I added stickers to the deck to make it look less hideous. If my cuts were better, I'd Cerakote it.

It's a bunch of work - I wonder why the charger manufacturer's don't offer the complete case from the factory. I wish that at least the components were available for mounting, with flanges or rails for a DN standard.

The case with deck cost $160. The G10, fan, switch, plug socket, wire and hardware was about another $100.

The aluminum deck material is soft. I only used my drill press, unibits, files and a jig saw to machine it. It is very easy to work with. This would be a good project for a small CNC router.

So far I like it! I like the batteries set on the deck, so the wires are not stressed. The 940 deck is 22 x 14 so there is plenty of space for four big packs. I like how convenient it is to open up and use and to close up and store the charger system. I don't necessarily need a waterproof case, but it keeps the dust out, which is good for the electronics.

Needless to say - the 120v power side can kill you. I have lots of experience with electrical wiring and I would not recommend that anyone attempt this without the proper knowledge and experience for this kind of wiring.
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Jul 30, 2017, 08:26 AM
Registered User
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Nice and clean.
Jan 26, 2020, 11:43 AM
Patrick Randall
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Very cool! Do you ever discharge packs? If so, at what wattage/amps?
Jan 26, 2020, 04:40 PM
ah dinnae ken
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Thread OP
I do discharge to store batteries. I generally set the discharge rate to 1C which means less than 6A.
My fan system keeps it cool enough, even when its above 100F outdoors.
If I was doing this again, I'd use a 945 case because there are some nice lid organizers available for that model.

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