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Oct 30, 2004, 03:16 PM
Like to build
Ken Kaiser's Avatar

Dumas Brewster F2A-3 Buffalo Conversion

After reading all the great posts of how well the Dumas 30" rubber kits convert to electric, and with my strange attraction to fat stubby little airplanes, I decided to try my hand at converting the Buffalo.

I'm going to try it with a PJS 300 SFR for power, and will figure the rest out as I go...

Here's how it comes out of the box.
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Oct 30, 2004, 03:21 PM
Like to build
Ken Kaiser's Avatar
The fuselage is built by first pinning down the keel and adding half-formers. Then the side keel is glued in and the other half of each former glued on. The slot for the stab is formed with a couple pieces of 1/16x1/8 balsa. The wing saddles are added, and it's then ready for stringers.
Oct 30, 2004, 03:23 PM
Like to build
Ken Kaiser's Avatar
I decided to use a 1/16" ply bulkhead for the motor mount. It needs to be abouty 1/8" behind the first former because the cowl is very shallow. I extended it out to grab onto a couple of stringers and the keels. I don't know if it is a good idea or not, but the former seemed to flimsy to just mount the motor to it without reinforcement.
Oct 30, 2004, 03:26 PM
Like to build
Ken Kaiser's Avatar
I framed the back side of the first former with 1/8x1/8 basswood strips around the opening and out to the sides, and then glued the motor mount plate to the backside of the former. When the stringers are added, they'll tie into it as well. This thing really has a fat nose!
Oct 30, 2004, 03:29 PM
Like to build
Ken Kaiser's Avatar
Now on to the fin/rudder.

I added a piece of 1/8x5/16 for the hinge line, and will cut it apart later. Also added some 1/8" balsa near the bottom where I'll need to mount a horn, and to allow it to be cut out later.
Oct 30, 2004, 03:30 PM
Like to build
Ken Kaiser's Avatar
Similar story for the stab/elevator. Again, I'll cut out later. I haven't decided exactly how I want to control the two halves yet...1/16" joiner wire...1/8" dowel...seperate controls...we'll see.
Oct 30, 2004, 03:34 PM
Like to build
Ken Kaiser's Avatar
I am replacing the 1/16" balsa stringers with bass for a little bit tougher plan. It will be an outdoor flier. I added only the top half so far, until after I get servos and other gear set up. Then I'll close up the bottom. I am contemplating some kind of hatch, but I don't know where I'll have to put the battery yet for balance. I'm expecting it will need to be way up front because this plane has such a short nose.
Oct 30, 2004, 03:37 PM
Like to build
Ken Kaiser's Avatar
The wing is straightforward, but again, I am replacing the 1/16x1/8 and 1/16x1/16 spars with basswood. After framing it up, I framed in the ailerons. I extended them one bay larger than the scale outline, just because they looked too small to me. Don't know if good or not, but did it
Oct 30, 2004, 03:42 PM
Like to build
Ken Kaiser's Avatar
I made a servo mount for an HS-50 to lay down in the middle of the center section by using 1/16" balsa to make a shelf from the main spar, and tieing in to the two 1/16" forward spars. Makes a nice flat shelf, well supported. I'll probably use servo tape to mount the servo. You can see I snaked the Sullivan 507 cables through the wing also. They just barely squeeze by the landing gear mounts in a couple of the wing ribs. (Haven't decided if I'll use landing gear or not yet...)
Oct 30, 2004, 03:47 PM
Like to build
Ken Kaiser's Avatar
And of course, the mandatory trial fit to see if the wing will go on the does

I knocked the dihedral down to 1" on each side, vs. the 2" shown on the plan for the rubber powered free flight version. Hopefully that will be about right.

I'm not sure how I'm going to mount the wing yet. I was thinking of using rare earth magnets. With the wing in the middle of the fuselage like this, it can't move fore/aft, and I don't think the vertical loads would be all that much, so I think it might work. It's so nice not to mess with screws. Although a Buffalo with no wings won't fly too well. I have to noodle this one a bit, I don't know which way I'll go yet.
Oct 30, 2004, 04:21 PM
Manzano Laser Works
TomJacoby's Avatar

Nice work! I picked up a couple of these Dumas kits with the same intent - to build nice scale outdoor flyers.

Oct 30, 2004, 04:27 PM
EB-66C Team Member
J Morgan's Avatar
Good looking kit and nice looking build. Enjoyable to watch it. You might be pleasantly surprised at how well it flies. Mine isn't a dumas and is quite a bit larger at 43" and 32 oz but flies as well as anything I have. Have over 60 flights now and really no problems. Even handles wind well. Good luck.
Oct 30, 2004, 04:31 PM
Just fly,its just money.
looking good.keep the good building coming guys.
Oct 30, 2004, 08:38 PM
K5054 & K5083
wrinkled's Avatar
Mine isn't a dumas and is quite a bit larger at 43" and 32 oz but flies as well as anything I have. Have over 60 flights now and really no problems. Even handles wind well. Good luck.
Hello... What plans or kit did you use to build your Buff?

Oct 30, 2004, 08:55 PM
Just fly,its just money.
on post #10 on the second picture. there is a jap plane. what is that? looks like a claude. do u have plans for it anymore? is it an al wood plane? the jap plane that is. do u still have it? i want it. it looks nice. nice work on ur buffalo as well. really nice. hope the madian is good. keep us posted. thanks.

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