Tower Hobbies P-51 Mustang Rx-R Review

Tower Hobbies has now given everyone the ability to add the classic P-51 Mustang to their fleet. In this article, we'll review this red warbird and show you just how easy it is to take it from the box to the sky!

Tower Hobbies P-51 Mustang fully assembled.


Tower Hobbies P-51 Mustang
Wingspan:40" (1016mm)
Length:34" (864mm)
Wing Area:282 sq in (18.2 sq dm)
Weight:30 - 34oz (850 - 964g)
Wing Loading:15.3 - 17.2 oz/sq ft
Receiver:Futaba R2006GS
Battery:3S LiPo, 1800 - 2200 mAh
Motor:925W, 800 kV Outrunner
ESC:30 Amp
Prop:10x7E composite
Transmitter:Futaba T6K
Manufacturer:Tower Hobbies
Available From:Tower Hobbies and local hobby shops
Street Price:$119.99

It's hard to even think about warbirds without the P-51 Mustang coming to mind. Though the P-51 is known for its agility in the sky, warbirds, in general, have a bad reputation for being clunky flying bricks with small wings and a lot of weight. Rarely do the words "warbird" and "parkflyer" go together in the same sentence. When I found out that Tower Hobbies had released a 40" Rx-R P-51 Mustang for under $120, I was ecstatic!

This little guy is sure to become your new favorite parkflyer! Now let me show you why...

Kit Contents

  • Preassembled Wing
  • Fuselage
  • Tail Sections
  • Fixed Landing Gear
  • Wheels
  • Motor
  • ESC
  • Propeller
  • Spinner
  • Servos
  • Instruction Manual

I was informed by Tower Hobbies that the foam block design for this plane is being re-evaluated for even better protection.

Required Parts

  • Minimum 4-channel radio system
  • 3S 1800 - 2200mAh LiPo Battery
  • Charger
  • Common building tools

Parts Supplied by Tower Hobbies for this Review

Tower Hobbies supplied a Futaba R2006GS 6-channel receiver, and an Electrifly 3s 2200mah 30C Li-Po Battery for this review.


The majority of the assembly is done at the factory, so it will only take you about 30 minutes to finish assembling the remaining pieces.

The first step of the build is to attach the horizontal stabilizer. The horizontal stabilizer simply slides into the fuselage and is held in place with two foam pegs that slide through the bottom of the fuselage.

Wing and Landing Gear

All four of the servos are pre-installed. The two aileron servos in the wing are connected to a Y-harness.

The main wing slides into the front of the fuselage and is attached at the back with a single bolt.

Once the wing is installed, you can insert the included landing gear into the slots on the bottom of the wing.

The manual comes with detailed instructions on how to add the optional flaps and retractable landing gear. Additional pushrods and control arms for flaps are included.


Because of the assembly done at the factory, the only real assembly on the fuselage is attaching the steerable tail wheel, prop, and spinner. The hex key needed for installing the tail wheel is included.


Most of the electronics are pre-installed in the airplane, including the motor and ESC. The only step remaining is to connect them all to a receiver and configure the plane in the transmitter. The Futaba T6K and Futaba R2006GS were the perfect combination for this plane! The setup was easy, and I love that there is no protruding antenna to accidentally break off of the transmitter... Don't ask me how I know.


Once the battery is installed with the CG set and the transmitter configuration is completed, you're ready to fly!


The Red Racer color scheme is very easy to see in the sky, and the checkered bottom makes it easy to maintain orientation.


Basic flying with the P-51 is a breeze! While it is a very aerobatic plane, it is also perfectly at home flying circuits and minor aerobatics like loops and rolls. The plane is very fluid at basic flying, and I never feel like I'm fighting to keep it level.

Taking Off and Landing

Take offs are very easy with the P-51, and it requires only a short distance to get off the ground. Once the plane is up to speed, a slight pull on the elevator will get you airborne! Landings were surprisingly easy with this plane. I expected it to have a tendency of tip-stalling at slower speeds, but the old 'stang glides in easily even when not under power.

One thing to note is that the wheels on this plane are very tiny and they seem to be a little too close to the CG. This makes this plane nose-over easily on both takeoff and landing unless you're on a hard surface runway. I found myself having to hand launch the plane from time to time, but I imagine that replacing the wheels with a slightly larger size and possibly bending the landing gear to sit closer to the front would fix this issue.


Aerobatics are where the P-51 truly shines! Loops are easy with a simple throw of the elevator. Rolls are easy as well, but be prepared to use your rudder if you want to maintain straight lines during a slow roll. Low, fast passes put a big grin on the little foam pilot in the cockpit, and there is just something satisfying about rocketing straight up after a fast pass to end in a hammerhead stall.

Flight Video

I was able to get roughly 5 flights on the Mustang before writing this review, and below is a quick video of clips from the 5th flight. Unfortunately, I was short an experienced camera-op for the in-flight video.

Tower Hobbies P-51 Mustang | Flight Video (2 min 6 sec)


The P-51 is a blast to fly! It's perfect whether you are in the mood for a peaceful, easy flight, or in the mood for some high-speed pylon racing and aerobatics! While it is a very easy to fly plane, I would not recommend it for a beginner or as a first aileron plane. With that said, anyone with aileron experience will get many hours of enjoyment flying this plane. The plane is extremely durable, fun to fly, and at an unbeatable price. I would recommend it!

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Aug 02, 2017, 09:51 PM
14s 180mah should be enough...
IFLYOS's Avatar
Welcome back, PJ! Nice review, looks to be a good flyer
Aug 09, 2017, 09:06 AM
Flazo's Avatar
nice review thanks.

belly landing on grass?

Aug 15, 2017, 04:37 PM
Registered User
It's a foamie. It's a kid's toy.
Aug 15, 2017, 05:19 PM
Suspended Account
Flies great on a 4s
Aug 15, 2017, 09:24 PM
Out Standing In The Field
RexGalore's Avatar
Originally Posted by Flazo
nice review thanks.

belly landing on grass?

Yes! Very good, thorough & accurate review!

Belly landings are fine, but the belly scoop levers the plane forward onto the cowling and can crack it. There's enough elevator authority to raise the nose up at touchdown if you time it right. If you don't, Tower sells the cowling for a VERY reasonable $3.99 so it can be replaced when it gets too damaged.

Originally Posted by wuest3141
It's a foamie. It's a kid's toy.
Yep, this kid has lots of fun with it!

Originally Posted by Mikey 68
Flies great on a 4s
Haven't tried 4S yet, but a Master Airscrew 10x8 gives it better climb and speed than the provided prop on 3S without stressing anything, also.
Latest blog entry: Rare Bear
Aug 25, 2017, 10:22 AM
CA...gimme the CA...
whowhatwhere's Avatar
Originally Posted by Mikey 68
Flies great on a 4s
I have the P-51B, and it's plenty fast for me on a 3S. I'll bet it screams on a 4S pack.
Sep 29, 2017, 01:30 AM
A man without religion
Ironman929's Avatar
Originally Posted by wuest3141
It's a foamie. It's a kid's toy.
Foamies, balsa, tissue, they are kids toys. We are just big kids!
Aug 30, 2018, 12:34 AM
Registered User
Sparc's Avatar
The stock components can handle 4s???
Aug 30, 2018, 05:56 PM
Registered User
Rhombic's Avatar
I have the P-51B, berlin express.

You MUST rake/bend the main gear forward or it will nose over on takeoff.

Take a look at at a full size Mustang and see how far in front of the leading edge the wheels are.

Even in the above vid it looks like it was almost starting to nose in. A longer take off roll would have nosed it in. (IMHO).
Aug 30, 2018, 06:56 PM
Out Standing In The Field
RexGalore's Avatar
^Yes,the LG is the Achilles Heel of all the Tower warbirds.
Not one of them is grass field capable as delivered, however, they all fly great.
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Sep 02, 2018, 07:55 PM
Registered User
Hi guys,

I had the Tower P-51D and found it to be a good airplane for the price; however, the silver paint scheme was a little hard to see at times. I replaced the "D" with the "B" version and it should be much easier to see. I also noted you can have the "D" version as well by just buying an extra "D" version hatch. The decal is off a little, but a little work would fix that easy enough.
Last edited by mickydee; Sep 03, 2018 at 12:43 AM.
Sep 02, 2018, 09:11 PM
Out Standing In The Field
RexGalore's Avatar
Yes, and the canopy / hatch pieces are only $9 or $12, including the pilot!
Other low priced parts are the cowling ($3.49) and spinner ($1.99).
I use them on other planes, like the Millennium Master.
Latest blog entry: Rare Bear
Sep 02, 2018, 09:42 PM
Registered User
Hi Rex,

The Millenium Master is another favorite of mine too. It currently shows, "On order" at Tower and I hope they aren't going to discontinue it......
Sep 02, 2018, 11:52 PM
Out Standing In The Field
RexGalore's Avatar
Not a great sign, but I hope it comes back in stock. Mine's getting kind of "experienced" looking, and I should probably lay in a backup unit.
I removed the trike gear and have been belly landing it since my rebuild. I'd like to make it a tail dragger, because my rough grass fields just aren't "trike friendly ".

Speaking of Tower parts prices, the replacement motor for the P51 is $19.99, and the same motor (as far as I can tell, and I've used it ) for the MM is $37.99.
Latest blog entry: Rare Bear

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