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Aug 05, 2017, 08:40 PM
siriusflier's Avatar
You should make a video or take pictures to show the problem and contact the vendor about the problem. They may have accidentally left the battery turned on when they installed it in the quad. I have left my battery installed on purpose but with it turned off, and it did not drain the battery. Good luck.
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Aug 05, 2017, 08:48 PM
siriusflier's Avatar
If you are handy and can maybe solder, you could make an adapter or solder a different type of plug to the inside battery terminals and route the plug outside to use other 2S batteries if you have any. I found one of my 2S batteries was a good fit and made an adapter plug. Next time I take it apart I will probably connect an adapter straight to the inside battery terminals.
Name: zcx23adptplugbatant.jpg
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Aug 06, 2017, 05:13 AM
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Yes soldering an BEC plug to the drone is what i have in mind. I have several 900mah 2S batteries for my Blade 200QX. They fit and should do the job as well. Maybe less flight time, but changeable battery ;-).

EDIT: I soldered my BEC cable in and it works fine. Just wait to go outside, but its raining cats & dogs in the moment. Keep you informed :-)
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Aug 06, 2017, 09:40 AM
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Cheerson CX-23 Small GPS FPV Explorer Drone Flight Test Review

This small brushless GPS quadcopter includes 1080p camera, telemetry, circle position, and 5.8Ghz FPV transmitter and monitor screen. Mine also came from Banggood.

and here is its flight demonstration
Cheerson CX-23 Small GPS FPV Explorer Drone Flight Test Review (20 min 18 sec)

- Small unobtrusive brushless quadcopter.
- Includes GPS, altitude hold, return to home, and circle position modes.
- Includes very detailed telemetry information, both to the on screen display (OSD) of the FPV monitor, and also to the transmitter LCD screen.
- 5.8 Ghz FPV can be viewed with provided monitor, or via third party FPV goggles.
- 1080p camera with onboard microSD slot and DVR for video recording.
- Control range is predicted to be out to about 500 meters. However FPV video range is about 140 meters with provided monitor.
- Low voltage warning via beeping and vibration warnings of controller.

- A bit noisy for a small quadcopter.
- Activation of compass calibration is difficult, with many multiple presses of the mode switch needed to activate it.
Aug 06, 2017, 10:12 AM
siriusflier's Avatar
Good review toonz, thanks for sharing.
I forgot to mention it is noisy, but my different props made it a little quieter.
Pressing the mode switch multiple times is a little strange to initiate compass calibration. But once I got it started and wasn't over a metal surface, it was fairly easy.
I know it recommends doing compass calibration before each flight, but I fly in the same area every flight. I only did it one time, and have not noticed any problem behavior since.

Darksmile, glad you got your battery problem sorted, happy flying.
Aug 06, 2017, 05:21 PM
Registered User
I donīt know if you guys know this already, there is a "How-to" to access secret settings on the CX23.

The most interesting Point to me was that you can adjust on what Voltage it triggers a "Low Voltage" warning
and on what voltage it triggers "Low Voltage Land"

As with my 900mah batteries it cries for "Low Voltage" very early, but i know this batteries last longer, as i fly them
in my Blade200QX!
Worth a look!
Aug 06, 2017, 09:30 PM
siriusflier's Avatar
Very good find Darksmile. I watched the video a couple of times and took notes, am going to go play with the settings in a little while.

My CX-23 kicks in low voltage warning when it drops below 7.2 volts and then if I continue to fly it will go another minute. Battery is usually discharged at rest to about 7.1 volts or 3.55 volts per cell. So I am satisfied with that low voltage setting on mine.
I don't like being limited to 85 meters in height, so that will be the first thing I try to change. Will report back on how it works out.
Aug 06, 2017, 09:31 PM
siriusflier's Avatar
For others, here is the video:

Cheerson CX23 settings adjustment - easy and quick (1 min 37 sec)
Aug 06, 2017, 10:54 PM
siriusflier's Avatar
To get to the secret settings menu you turn on the quad, the transmitter, and the monitor. When they are all paired up, you do not have to wait on the satellites or GPS.
Hold the throttle stick to 100% and then click on the Mode button quickly and repeatedly. May take 20 clicks or more, just keep on clicking until the monitor changes to this screen:
Name: zcx23screenadjust.jpg
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That picture shows how mine was set to at the factory.

Then move the left stick left or right to move the arrow displayed on the screen to the parameter you want to change. Move the stick up or down to change values. Move the arrow all the way to the bottom and then one more click will get it to the next page. At the top Max Fly Speed is displayed, mine was set at 10 meters/second, but I had the quad up to 14.5 meters per second once or twice. I increased it to 16 M/S as shown in the picture. Also shown on the second page screen is FwVer: which I think means firmware version. One more right movement of the stick will land the arrow on Save. Push the right stick up and the changes will be saved and the screen will go back to normal display.
Name: zcx23scrrenadjust2.jpg
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I changed Pitch and Roll to 50, Yaw to 70, and Lmt Alt to 150. Hopefully I will get to fly it tomorrow and test the changes out.
Aug 09, 2017, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by siriusflier
I wanted to go out and test how high it would go in altitude mode, but felt it was still a little too windy, so I did some other tests.

First I flew it out into the wind to 302 meters. At that distance it was just a little speck that I could barely see and lost sight of several times when I looked down at the monitor. But it still had a monitor view that was fairly clear except for horizontal white lines moving across it. Still good enough to see where I was headed. Later when it was only about 50 feet up and maybe 400 feet out facing to my right the picture got bad enough that I pushed the return to land button. I think position of the antennas makes a lot of difference. 302 meters is about 990 feet.
I did a long range test today with my DIY Quanum goggles. I flew straight away 500 meters and 40 meters high and had good video reception . But after turning the quad to fly back video feed went terrible, but never broke. I agree with you that antenna position matters a lot, especialy the rod antenna, but for a small rod it was quite amazing. When i have time i will disassemble the quad again and maybe i can install a small cloverleav to let it hang outside!
Aug 10, 2017, 09:30 PM
siriusflier's Avatar
Darksmile, the antenna is neatly tucked away inside the body just under the LED lens. When I had mine apart, I cut a notch and ran the antenna outside, and mounted it hanging down. If you try that, just make sure the antenna can not move up into the blades or it might get cut off. My thought is that with the antenna up in the body, it can get blocked by the battery or other electronics at certain angles. This post has photos that show the antenna: . What doesn't show is that I mounted a small piece of plastic with a screw to hold the antenna pointing down.
Aug 10, 2017, 09:39 PM
siriusflier's Avatar
A follow up to post #54 on changing parameters.
After I changed pitch, roll, and yaw and tried to fly it the next day, I got a severe wobble when I tried to take off and it would not fly right. Been busy the last few days, and finally got a chance to tinker with it again tonight. I set everything back to how it was from the factory, and it flew fine again. Then I increased pitch and yaw again one at a time but not more than ten points at a time and it continued to fly well. So it was a good thing I took a picture of original settings. If you change any settings, make sure to do it a little at a time to avoid messing up like I did. Hopefully get to try it some more tomorrow.
Aug 11, 2017, 10:12 AM
siriusflier's Avatar
I raised the yaw from 49 to 60 and the pitch to 40. Set the Lmt Alt to 150 and the speed to 16m/s. Went and did a test flight without calibrating anything. At first it wobbled just a bit but after 30 seconds or so most of the wobble went away. I got the speed up to about 16m/s but ran out of room and had to hit the brakes. I took it up to 120 meters in altitude. Even with a few speed runs and the landing gear reinstalled, I still got almost 17 minute flight time. So changing the parameters can improve performance.
Aug 11, 2017, 04:57 PM
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The CX-23 looks like an awesome quad and based on specs it is exactly what I'm looking for for my next flyer.

..except I really wish the quads camera angle could be adjusted from the transmitter!

It's especially frustrating considering there are actual scroll wheels on the transmitter that SHOULD do exactly that however I believe those are disabled currently.. Has anyone taken the transmitter apart? Is there any actual hardware behind those scroll wheels?

Maybe Cheerson may release an updated CX-23'B' version that has this feature (wishful thinking!)?
Aug 11, 2017, 05:07 PM
siriusflier's Avatar
NM, maybe angle adjustment would be good, but on quads I own that have that I don't use it much. The CX-23 has a lot of features, actually more than any of my other 4 GPS quads. If you get it, I think you will like it. I am still enjoying it and still learning more about the features on an almost daily basis.

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