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Jul 16, 2017, 10:27 AM
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HSP 1/10 Monster Truck 'Grave Digger' edition

So, I mentioned last week I had this thing coming... and that I would start a thread on it .... aannnnd... here it is

Ok, so here in Australia, the Top Brushless was $AU319 The Pro Brushless was $AU239 and the Brushed was $AU140....

The only difference from brushed, the pro has a 60A 3650 3300kv and hub bearings.... the Top Pro has a 100A 3650 2754kv and hub bearings.... other than that, the brushed has all the upgraded ones have....

So, being a tight rrr's.... I bought the brushed for $AU140, a set of Plaig bearings for the hubs that I already had $AU20 and I fitted a 3660 2600kv motor ($AU39) and a Chinese 120A esc.... ($AU25) .... so that is a total of $AU224 ($US168) (The Australian $ = US .75c)

So, I got the truck out of the box, took off the GD body, pulled out the motor and esc.... took off the wheels, dropped out the hubs and fitted the Plaig bearings. I pulled the seals out of one side of each bearing and greased them, then put the inner bearing in facing the open side outwards and the small outer bearing with the missing seal towards the inside, so there is a seal on the outside of the pair of bearings and the bearings can share grease between them, but no dirt can get in

I also fitted some alloy hex that I got for $AU1 a set of 4... which I had.

I chose not to use the wheels that came with it, I already had some huge wheels/tires from BG... the monster wheels it arrived with, I cant buy, the ones from BG are $AU22 for 4 wheels/tires and are excellent.... so, I chose to use them.

The truck came with a 64T main gear and a 17T pinion.... because of the low kv motor, I went up 2 teeth to 19T to give it some top speed, although I am thinking more of climbing over stuff with this, rather than fast running.... so, I thought 19T was a good place to start. I had to carefully bore the pinion to 5mm because the 3660 motor has a 5mm shaft.

I mounted the pinion, tightened it up, mounted the motor and set the mesh... perfect.

I had yanked out the brushed esc, so used 2 sided tape to stick in the 120A Chinese esc and plugged it all in.

I already had a LiPo style battery tray, so I fitted that... it is a rectangular tub that the battery lays in (protected) as opposed to the rounded LiOn posts that locate the LiOn battery.

Just because I had one, I fitted a fan/heatsink to the motor.... the esc has a fan.

I got the Rx to bind with my usual Tx.... so all run from one Tx.... only the truck needs the forward backward switch set to reverse? And I set the end points.

I looked for anything else I had to do to it... apart from some zip ties and tidy the wiring.... I gave it a wheel alignment... I don't like the factory toe out on the front... so about dead straight ahead.... done
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Jul 16, 2017, 10:41 AM
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Once finished, I took it outside (in the dark) and just confirmed that it worked... I could already tell it was going to be fast... any quick flex of the go finger and you can hear the 4 tires trying to chew up the turf... or concrete.... whatever the tires are on, it is going to get hammered

So, today (woops, yesterday already) I took the 3 of them down to my tar track and gave them all a flogging.... er, I mean, drove them all

The other two were feral and fun as usual .... it was getting dark, so I got the digger out.... set the low voltage buzzer set it down and gave it a run....

The battery of choice being a Floureon 2S 6200mAh ..... well, I gave it a rip and nearly flipped it right off ..... so behaved myself a bit and drove a bit 'normally' went from the overgrown tar seal to the grass.... up the embankment with bark on it, on some gravel, over my wood jump a couple of times .... and it is most excellent

It is fast enough, but can go slow and climb a bit (but not like a rock crawler) ..... it handles all terrains very well... grass, no problem..... and it handles? It is more drivable than my XSTRs? Where the XSTRs will rip up to a corner, then drift and corner wide as the 6kg servo keeps blowing out.... this digger will like 'turn on its nose and be ready to go back where it just came from? I am still learning how it drives, only got half a pack thru it.... it got dark....
Jul 16, 2017, 11:06 AM
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So.... Am I happy with it .... YUP!!

Does it go good? YUP!! Outstanding

Anything I would change? YUP HUH?

Only a couple of things... one, the cheap Chinese ESC I got for it has brakes, but no reverse I want reverse... so, I will have to swap out the esc for one with reverse

Also, the body where it sits, leaves the motor/fans/esc exposed to any debris coming off the tires... so, I will make some sort of side cover so the electrics dont get wet/trashed....

Apart from that, it is most awesome ..... Very, very happy with it.

In escense, I spent about $US200 on it and it looks good (to me as a Grave Digger fan) although I would also like a Metal Mulisha body (which I do have something very similar) .... but that is another story for another thread

This thing is wicked... I like the body style and how it squats the back and lifts the front under power.... then dives the nose on brakes... just like when watching the full size monster trucks... I like the look of the body better than the XSTR small body shell.... well, it is nice to have both

As I said.... around $US200 and I have this thing I think is at least Top Pro spec. probably better. I will get a esc with reverse.... and just have fun with it... but I would sure recommend this 'recipe' to any other middle aged (old) guys like me who just want to bash something that looks cool... Just, rather than pay big bux for the Pro or Top Pro... get the brushless and put what you want in it... If I can do it.... anyone can

I like driving it so much, I have ordered 2 more GD body shells from Banggood

I am not addicted... honest I could give up any time I wanted to.... IF I wanted to

Too bad they don't make 'King Sling' bodies Oh, and the 'Hotrod Monster truck' shell looks dandy as well
Jul 19, 2017, 02:02 AM
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Just a report on the big tires/wheels from BG... I am extremely 110% happy with them... they are awesome.... but the brushless 3660 2600kv running gear can throw the tires off if they aren't glued.

Oddly, it is always the back right for some reason.... the fronts dont come off... it seems they only come off, or actually on (they go towards the chassis, not off the vehicle) when cornering REALLY hard on a grippy surface like black top... so, in the interest of being able to replace the tires easilly, I am only going to glue the rear tires and leave the fronts unglued...

If I find I have to glue the fronts I will, but these tires are directional pattern, so if you glue them all one way, they will be wrong on the 'other' side.....

So, when I get a set of 4, (they come left and right) ... I will glue one right and leave the others unglued and see how I go with that. Naturally, If I glue them any combinations of directions, I will always need 'the OTHER direction' just ask Mr Murphey

I cant believe how much grip they have and how well they handle running on grass and on gravel, how much rooster tail of debris they throw on hard cornering and acceleration
Jul 26, 2017, 09:38 AM
Please call me Dana
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Looks like you're having a lot of fun! I need to source some wheels/tires for my new 1937. I can tell already that I'm going to wear them out pretty fast the way it spins the wheels and slides around. Good news is that I didn't manage to tip it over or roll it no matter how aggressive the steering. That's a vast improvement over my other buggies.
Jul 26, 2017, 11:35 AM
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Thread OP
Hi Dana... grab some of the fake rimlock wheels from BG... they are $US12 for 4.... get a couple of sets... they will keep you going while you look for something you like better. You have to glue them on the rim... but, great price.

The stock tires last about 6 packs, depending if you are driving it right or not

These are slightly taller at 107mm .... standard HSP is 86mm. These work fine... they grow when you rev them tho but a smooth ride

I am really liking the grave digger one, using the bigger 125mm tires is good, but you need monster truck lower arms so you can turn the front tires without them running into the body or chassis...

The red fake rimlocks work well straight up.... is yours brushless? What motor and esc etc?
Aug 01, 2017, 08:05 AM
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Thread OP
I had a breakage today, I noticed my digger was front wheel drive only... so the rear diff wasnt working,,, I thought I had ripped the pins off a dogbone...

But it turned out, I had sheered the pin off (chewed it up) on the back left. I bough some of those pink bling hex adapters for the wheels.... but I didnt get the ones with the grub screw or the allen bolt that clamps them onto the hub... I just got the hex's that rely on the pin for drive. I think I didnt get the pin perfectly in the slot, so the pin munched the hex.

So, if you are getting hex adapters, make sure you get the ones that clamp onto the hub... and get the pin in the slot perfectly, then tighten the grub screw...
Aug 04, 2017, 06:50 AM
Please call me Dana
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You are obviously better at thrashing than I am. I haven't managed to break mine like this yet.
Aug 04, 2017, 07:29 AM
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Thread OP
I think I didnt get the alloy hex perfectly seated on the drive pin, so the end of the pin swept around and wore itself off. I now have hex's that have a screw to pinch them onto the hub spindle.... so now, I fir the pin, slide on the hex, check the pin is seated, then tighten up the screw.... so it cant back off the pin while I put the wheel on... these are the hex's to get. Our hub spindles are 5.0mm so if ordering, check your hub spindles beforehand...

So yes, it was a breakage, but it was pilot error
Last edited by Calcifer; Aug 04, 2017 at 07:35 AM.
Oct 15, 2017, 07:43 AM
I have an opportunity to get one of these cheap and I'm quite tempted to pick it up and get a brushless combo.

It's one of those platforms that seems to attract polarised opinions but I know a couple of people who own them and they only ever had issues with dog bones bending and/or falling out which was solved with the traditional o-ring/fuel hose spacers or by installing universals.
Oct 15, 2017, 10:12 AM
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Thread OP
They are a blast

The only thing that damages them really us hitting hard things like concrete posts or gutters with the wheels or bad landings from height onto one wheel, like cartwheeling.... other than that, there is alot of flex in the suspension to help stop things breaking...

My one recommendation is to get a heavier duty steering servo... because of no center diff, when you turn the steering and accelerate hard, it tends to straighten out (and hits things)

I am very happy with mine
Oct 18, 2017, 12:43 PM
Just got it, haven't put a brushless in yet but took it for a quick spin. Stock NIMH battery was pretty gutless, I don't expect miracles but it was really weak. I'll put that down to it needing a few cycles to break in.

Slipped a 2s lipo in and it was much better, top speed nothing amazing but fairly good torque. The ESC appears to be a clone of the Quicrun 1040 and worked very well, nice to see they have moved on to an ESC that has a lipo mode even if some of the writing on the box predates the ESC and warns against using lipo! The LVC kicked in just fine with the jumper on the esc set to lipo.

I'm familiar with the Quicrun ESCs so I knew what to expect, the power delivery is well judged, when you floor it from a standstill the power sort of feathers in for a brief moment before kicking in 100% which helps for making quick getaways on loose surfaces etc. It's more of a help on 2wd stuff but I guess it makes life easier on the drivetrain so I'm not grumbling. The brake was very strong and had no issues bringing the truck to a halt very quickly.

It handles very well for a big truck but we all knew this already, the chassis is relatively low slung and buggy like so it can corner pretty fast without tipping, very easy to control even when going sideways through dirt. That's not to say it can't handle rough stuff though, it goes through moderate grass like a knife through butter and will go over some pretty rough terrain quite happily. The twin shocks seem to overcome the relatively low chassis when it comes to jumping, I'm not someone to jump stuff from 10ft high over and over but I did multiple jumps from about 4ft and it seemed to be pretty happy with that, seems quite neutral in the air, I wasn't doing huge jumps so there was little need to use the throttle to control the attitude mid air although I did dab the brake once or twice. It landed nice and square most of the time with no bouncing even though the shocks probably aren't full up! It can only get better in that department.

Overall I found it a nice handling truck that can be bashed quite aggressively (aggressive to me is mild to others though) it seems pretty versatile in what it can do and the chassis seems like it could easily handle brushless power. Overall I'm very pleased with it. I got it for cheap but even at full price I would say it's a lot of truck for the money. Seems like a good all round basher and looks great too.
Oct 18, 2017, 05:29 PM
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Thread OP
Which body style did you get? The twin shocks take alot of the shock tower twisting issues away....

Lots of fun.... especially for such little money

Get a low KV brushless. I have 2600kv in mine 60A
Oct 19, 2017, 12:24 PM
Originally Posted by Calcifer
Which body style did you get? The twin shocks take alot of the shock tower twisting issues away....

Lots of fun.... especially for such little money

Get a low KV brushless. I have 2600kv in mine 60A
I got the same body style as yours, going to order a spare shell just in case!
Oct 27, 2017, 08:14 AM
Interesting....they make metal gearboxes now.

I tend to avoid stuff like metal suspension arms because they can just snap the mounts off the plastic gearbox case but I guess this would avoid that issue.

Or even if you kept everything else plastic and just got the metal boxes they are sure to be a lot tougher.

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