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Jul 14, 2017, 06:49 AM
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I have come to own a Hangar 9 "Arrow" and I have a few questions.

As the title says, I have come to own a Hangar 9 "Arrow".

The only problem is that it didnt come with a transmitter. To my knowledge, when it had originally shipped it had come with one. I have seen a few product pages that say that the "radio set" is built in at the factory. So my question is, where can I get a radio for this plane?
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Jul 14, 2017, 12:41 PM
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It uses a basic 4 channel transmitter. It originally came with a 72 MHz transmitter that operates on a specific frequency. If all the radio gear is still installed in the model you would need to find a replacement transmitter. It is a JR Sport transmitter, so basically you need a 4 channel (or more) JR FM transmitter, on the same frequency (channel) as the installed receiver.

You would probably be better off buying a basic 4 (or more) channel 2.4ghz transmitter, and receiver, and using those to fly the model. Also replace the battery pack in the model as you don't know it's age, or condition.

The Arrow was available as a RTF model with an installed radio system, and as an ARF where you installed the radio system of your choice.

Read the manuals for both versions of the Arrow, and they will answer a lot of questions you may have.

You can download the manuals here........

Arrow 40 RTF manual

Arrow 40 ARF manual

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Jul 15, 2017, 01:00 PM
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You might want to figure out and explain what you exactly have for this plane. Does it have a receiver, battery, servos, etc... ? If it does have a receiver, what brand/type/model #, ?

If the receiver is still in the plane, it would be good to know if it's a 72mhz, or 2.4ghz. receiever, as that might determine what transmitter you'd need...

If you just got the plane used, or second hand, a good check and probable replacement of the batteries are in order...

Your post is not real clear on what you have, other than a plane that you need a transmitter for.

As Ken said too... if you need to go with a whole basic radio set(transmitter/receiver/etc..) a good basic radio like Spektrum, Hitec, Futaba, etc would be the way to go.

If your plane is equipped with something like a Spektrum 2.4 receiver and servos already... a basic transmitter like a Spektrum DX6 would be fine.

If it's equipped with a Futaba 2.4 receiver.. then a basic Futaba transmitter would suffice...

If it has an older 72mhz receiver...all is not lost, as there might be a transmitter out there that would still work... but then I would probably refer back to Ken's suggestion of a basic 2.4ghz radio set.

So.... whatchya got?
Jul 15, 2017, 10:23 PM
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I'd just buy the flysky i6 for 50 bucks. It is a 6 channel radio that can be programmed to be a 10 channel and it comes with a receiver. I'd definitely put a new battery in it as well.
1st though I'd suggest joining a club and get the proper training.
Welcome to the hobby

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