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Jul 11, 2017, 02:08 PM
What could possibly go wrong?

Controls for set elevator to camber mix A9X

Hi, I asked this question tacked onto someone else's thread so I guess that's why it wasn't seen, reading the sticky I see I should start a new thread for individual questions. Sorry to repeat myself but I see now my question would have been missed.

I'm using an Aurora 9X with Optima 9 and 5485JB servos, all of which I think are great. I've set up flaperons using the CAMB MIX function, and assigned Switch F to switch the function on and off, and LS (Left Slider) as the amount of flap. It's a 2 aileron servo wing and it's not practical to alter it for separate flaps, and I think I should try flapersons to solve the problem I have. I set it so when I move LS all the way forward both ailerons deflect 40% down. Then, I set the elevator mix, I had to guess but as a starting point I set 25% (so when LS is on full you get 25% down). All of that works fine when I test it, I can see the surfaces moving as I want. I inhibited all the middle curve points on both ailerons and elevator, so it's just linear from the 1st to last point, and later once I'm flying with this function I can change that curve if needed.

Here's the problem - I'm trying to work out how to use LT, one of the assignable trims, to alter the elevator mix. ie so if I'm flying and add flap and decide that the elevator mix is too much or not enough, I want to be able to adjust it with LT, rather than have to go through menus to the CAMB MIX screen again. That way would really have to be done on the ground, and it'd take another flight and landing every adjustment. That surely can't be how it's intended to work. But I can't work out how I should assign LT to do this. I assigned LT to the Adjust Function option, but when I test it I don't see it affecting the elevator at all, so it's not changing the mix. Can anyone tell me what that option does? I don't get that.

Is it possible to do what I posted (adjust elevtor ratio to flaps in flight with LT via camber mix fn.) or have I misunderstood? I thought maybe I'd need to do elevator to flaperon mix with a P. Mix, but that would kinda defeat the point of Camber mix, unless I've misunderstood what that's for.

I've tried to work this out for myself but I'm not getting anywhere and now I'm confused. I asked elsewhere but I guess I should ahve started a new thread from the start, so apologies for nagging. I'd be grateful for some help as it's a function I'd like to use. Thanks again for all the help and for a great system which I'm happy to own.
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Jul 11, 2017, 03:04 PM
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I'd recommend sending an email to one of our reps, he doesn't patrol the forums much but actively answers emails. Make sure you mention you're from Australia:

He knows the transmitters functions like the back of his hand.
Jul 11, 2017, 03:08 PM
What could possibly go wrong?
OK will do, thanks for that. If I get it worked out I'll post the answer back here in case anyone else wants to know.
Jul 11, 2017, 04:38 PM
What could possibly go wrong?
I got my reply very promptly, I'm really happy with that. Here's the important part:

"The Adjust function is what you want to use. Turn the rate up to 100% on page 1/2 to get more adjustment with the LT switch you assigned and then on page 2/2, zero out the ailerons so you are just adjusting the elevator. "

So that makes more sense, and I was on the right track after all, I just had to tweak some more of the variable in the CAMB MIX section. I've seen a few people ask about setting up flaperons, so that's the answer. Set up this way, it's a very cool system. FYI, some people would rather have their flaps operate by switch, instead of the slider I used, all you'd have to do is assign the switch you want instead. I'll play with it on the model then edit this post into a walk-through for people who need one.
Jul 11, 2017, 06:59 PM
What could possibly go wrong?
It just don't work! Not for me, anyway.

Well it's very strange. I wrote back to the service dept (it's MM) and confirmed everything was as I was told it should be. At his end, it works, but at mine, I move LT as I described and it does nothing, except on the Adjust Function screen for the Camber Mix fn. No change to servos in the model or positions on the Tx servo monitor. I tried using CT and RT just in case, and RS too for this function, none of them alter the mix ratio of flap to elevator by so much as a single step of servo.

Interestingly, Mike says watching the channel monitor screen he can see it working for him as he goes from one end of travel to the other (ie the aileron and elevator channel bars moving as the mix changes with LT), but on mine, there is definitely NO change, not in the model nor monitor page. I set up a whole new model memory, same wing etc. config as this, it's just a 4-chan. trainer, and did nothing except set up the camber mix. So I think I've made sure I have no other weird settings interfering, yet still, absolutely no result. So I think this might be a firmware thing, as this A9X has never been updated.... I haven't bought an HPP-22 yet. I always thought it was slightly off that you had to buy separate hardware to access maintenance updates, but that's what you have to do. I can think of no other reason it ain't working.
If anyone knows what's going on I'd really love to hear about it, I've really tried hard to get this working.
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