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Jul 06, 2017, 12:30 AM
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Eachine V-Tail 210 Quad Mods

I bought a complete v-tail 210 quad from Banggood last month, and posted this thread in the "Hot Online Deals" when I ordered it, but before it arrived:

I finally received it a few weeks ago, but had not had time to power it up to test it. While waiting for some free time to work on it, I read that a lot of people had found a few big problems with this quad; the FC is very susceptible to high frequency vibration at about half throttle, the V-TAIL plastic V mount is so weak it is a joke, and the whole quad is pretty heavy. I was not ready to give up before I even started, and after some searching on the Internet, I found a possible work-around for the vibe issue: isolation mounts on the motors to get rid of the high frequency vibration. It requires some inexpensive rubber O-rings acting as isolators and some minor frame modifications, but supposedly they work.

An RCGroups member was selling his frame + PDB/OSD for $15, since he had encountered these same problems. He had decided to move the motor, ESCs, GPS, camera + DVR, video transmitter, and LEDs to another quad. I took a chance I could work through the vibe issues and went ahead and bought it.

On the original quad that I bought, I finally had a chance to test it out - sure enough, the vibe issue presented itself during CleanFlight setup. It was terrible; completely un-flyable. Before adding the rubber isolators, I tried changing the LPF frequencies in CleanFlight, but no settings worked.

So I started adding the rubber isolators in different installations setups. First I put the isolators between the screw heads and the arms, but that does not remove enough vibe energy from the setup. I found one installation method that seems to work to eliminate all high frequency vibe from transmitting into the sensors in the FC. Use four rubber O-rings (#61) from Home Depot between the bottom of the motor and the carbon fiber arm, one O-ring around each screw. You also need to drill out the channel that the screws pass through, into the bottom of the motor, so they are not sitting tight against the sides of the channel. The screws need to have locktite on them so they do not vibrate out, as they are not screwed in extra tight. They should be just snug enough to partially crush the O-rings, but still leave a gap between the bottom of the motor and the carbon fiber arm/mount.

I really don't know what Banggood was thinking with that plastic piece for the V-TAIL mount. I addressed the weak plastic V-TAIL mount by removing it, and converting the whole thing to a normal X-quad with straight rear carbon fiber extensions to extend the rear arms. For initial testing, I removed the GPS, camera/DVR, video transmitter, front LEDs, and got rid of almost all the plastic pieces including the landing gear. The only plastic piece that remains is the plastic mid mount which surrounds the PDB/OSD; that really needs to remain to hold that main board. The whole thing is much lighter.

I also moved to BetaFlight and installed the latest version. I just finished that whole conversion and test flew it this last weekend; it still needs some tuning but it is flying well around my front yard. I have only test flown it a few times, but so far it is rock steady.

I have now made these same conversions to the second frame + PDB/OSD + FC pieces I bought, and installed some different ESCs and motors that I had sitting in a drawer. They are not the same as the stock setup, but are close. I just finished soldering in a different camera setup and a stronger video transmitter to the second frame tonight. The attached photos show the bottom and top of the two quads as they currently are. These mods seem to have made this questionable quad into a much better flyer. I will be posting more details and photos to this thread in the next few days, after I do more tuning.
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Jul 07, 2017, 12:11 PM
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Photo #1 shows the rubber isolators in between the bottom of the motor and the carbon frame. This works very well to remove the vibration from getting into the FC.

Photos #2 - #4 show the overall layout with the new video transmitter wiring in place. I am using the Eachine TX526 5.8Ghz transmitter, which is adjustable to 25mw, 200mw, and 600mw. This transmitter is powered by 7V - 24V. The video transmitter connector on the front right of the main board supplies 5V, so that was not enough for this transmitter. I ran the VTX power to the main battery input, and the video line to the video transmitter connection. The ground wire for that video connection was not necessarily needed, but I ran it to avoid any possibility of a ground loop and to give the video section of the OSD a more direct path to common.

Photos #6 shows both 210 quads with everything installed. Photo #5 shows a detail of the new carbon fiber extensions I used for the rear arms. I was flying this yesterday around my yard and hit a tree branch about 20 feet up. The quad dropped to the ground and nothing broke, so this is pretty sturdy.

Still working on the PID loop values. The stock values did work well, but there is always room for improvement,
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Jul 08, 2017, 04:27 AM
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I also noticed the plastic rear frame is really week. With the first flight I cracked it with a fairly soft landing on the street. What parts did you use exactly to convert it to a 'normal' quad? I think this is the way to go.
Jul 08, 2017, 10:44 AM
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Look at picture #5 in my second post above. It shows the extensions I made from a thin sheet of carbon fiber. I removed all the V-tail plastic parts, used the 7 bolts and nuts from that V-tail plastic section, and re-attached the original carbon fiber arms further out. I sandwiched the original rear arms between the two extensions, one extension on top and one on bottom. Depending on how far out you extend the rear arms, you may have to solder in extensions on the motors wires also; I had to add about an inch to each wire.

In CleanFlight/BetaFlight configurator, make sure you change the quad type to a normal X quad. As I said in the above post, I hit a tree and the quad dropped about 20 feet to the ground, and nothing broke. I have also removed all the landing gear pieces, so the only stuff left is all carbon except for the mid body plastic piece which surrounds the PDB/OSD.
Jul 08, 2017, 05:31 PM
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Cool, glad that frame went to some good use. I had it flying decent while on cleanflight but it just would not work on betaflight. The "guts" went into a qav-r frame and are still crankin out after beating it up a few times. Those escs and motors are great.

I was also Shocked at how well the tiny camera and DVR recorded. Those are going in a small 3-4" build. Basically a cheaper version of the runcam split.

If they ever put that vtail back on sale Id buy another in a heartbeat.

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