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Jul 04, 2017, 06:39 PM
ancora imparo
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Official Lemon receiver comparison chart

People on the official Lemon receiver discussion thread have commented that it can be confusing to work out exactly which receiver they want from the Lemon web page.

The attached chart summarises all the useful data. It has been checked and approved by Lemon but is not written by them. It is by Daedalus66 and myself.
I will keep it up to date as new products are released. The chart is in two forms, a downloadable pdf or as screen viewable png files. Use whichever suits as the content is identical.

I will keep this thread closed as it is purely a place to keep this reference data. Any questions, comments or discussion should be over on the general Lemon receiver thread here. Both Daedalus66 and I follow that thread.

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Dec 17, 2019, 07:35 AM
ancora imparo
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Update on Lemon products for 2020

I am cross posting this since not everyone reads all the Lemon threads. Apologies if you see it multiple times.

Lemon have been spending significant effort over the last few months in upgrading their receivers and stabilisers to a new SDR (Software Defined Receiver) architecture which no longer relies on the obsolete CYPRESS RF chip that all DSM2/X protocol radios have used to date. Just for info, Spektrum have similarly moved to an integrated RF/microprocessor chip.

As part of this process Lemon are rationalising their range and dropping products that are unpopular and have poor sales.

As a heads-up this is my best understanding of what is going to happen. As always, I take no responsibility for the accuracy of this info.

1) ALL DSM2 only compatible products will be discontinued. This includes:
The Microlight and Featherlight 6 channel range. LM0025, 0026, 0019, 0021, 0023.
The 8 and 10 channel DSM2 compatible receivers. LM0015, 0016, 0017, 0018
The DSM2 satellite. LM 0001
2) The 8 channel PPM will be discontinued. LM0039 and 0007.
3) The non-diversity regular stabilizer with the short wire antenna will be discontinued. LM003, 0032, and 0004. Diversity antenna versions will remain in production.
4) The non-diversity Stabilizer Plus with the short wire antenna will be discontinued. LM0042. Diversity antenna versions will remain in production.
5) The stand-alone Telemetry system LM0029 and 0030 are discontinued.
6) The LM0041 7 channel telemetry receiver with PPM out is discontinued.


1) If you are a fan of the super cheap 6 channel DSM2 – then that has been replaced by the 6 channel DSMP 6 channel DSMP receiver. Available in top pin, end pin and pinless versions. You get a much better long single flexible antenna, full user set fail-safe and better range for about the same money.
2) If you need a PPM receiver then you are out of luck. Buy up existing stock now. It is likely some future Lemon products will have SBus.
3) If you need the stand-alone telemetry system then buy up existing stock now. Spektrum to my knowledge make nothing similar since the demise of the TM1000 and the Lemon unit filled a niche requirement for Spektrum users. Lemon have said they might consider production again but it is a demanding unit to manufacture and not profitable so I wouldn’t count on it.

Mar 20, 2020, 07:36 AM
ancora imparo
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Updated Chart

The most recent version is attached.
Aug 05, 2020, 07:56 AM
ancora imparo
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Latest version - posted 5 August 2020

Includes info on identifying D series stabilizers with fussy voltage requirements.
Note that the information on the 6 channel micro brick receiver is tentative.
A sample of the production version has not yet been tested.


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