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Jun 28, 2017, 12:37 AM
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Let's discuss - most rock solid reliable and smooth FC for aerial video today

I wanted to talk about what we think as of 2017 is the most reliable, smoothest and locked in flight controller you have used or know about.

Specifically for FPV and aerial video on a mid sized multirotor 450-600 size give or take.

I have used a naze32 on a reptile 550... wasn't very good. Baro was garbage, still good on my racing quad.

Moved on to NAZA lite with v2 hack - this I have used the most... personally I think it has been pretty good, the manual mode is smoothest then atti. mode and gps mode is convenient but horrible for doing aerial video. GPS mode feels like fighting it the whole way, it wants to pull out of your control and move back to its last recorded position. Ok for sitting high in the sky but for doing smooth pans and yaws it's no good.

Atti. mode is good for moving it along like its on a rail and yawing etc - really easy to fly, doesn't fight you. BUT in really still conditions it actually rocks back and forth slowly no matter your gains, if you film without a gimbal like I do this takes an excellent flight experience and turns a perfect video into an average one. It doesn't do this in manual mode. A real pitty because doing real estate shots like I have started doing the atti. mode can be great as you just set to 50% throttle and "move your camera around like it's on rails"

If your yaw gains aren't high enough and you hit strong wind it can spiral out of control. If your yaw gains are too high it will wobble and descend if you yaw hard... the last part can be largely fixed by turning your motors a few degrees in the direction they yaw (i.e. front motors lean back and rear motors lean forwards) front right and rear left motors fire up to yaw right (CW), so it actually helps it with a little thrust not just torque.

Running the NAZA on a 3s battery 1.5kg quad resulted in stability issues (wobbling descent no control), moving to 4s resolved those problems.

I'm suspicious the NAZA creates tiny little oscillations, that you would never see with the naked eye but shows up in video if you look hard, that are out of your control and ability to tune.

I have also tried this and still have it... it seemed rock solid and super sharp but would randomly try and fly away in gps mode.... this may have been interference so am willing to give it another shot.
Other issues are, in iNav I can't set the compass orientation, it allows adjustments of just 90degrees for compass orientation when I needed 45degrees (could never get the quad to actually point north, always 45degrees out)... I could probably set this right if I knew how to modify the code (le sigh).

I also have 2 of these

Really curious if anyone has tried one of the above two and your conclusions about them.

I'm on the hunt for something "better" than the NAZA. None of the little rocks and shakes, crisper pilot feel but the same or better baro and gps performance.

My conclusions about the NAZA:
Pretty damn good manual mode - smooth although a little sluggish... no airmode equivalent... no to little control during low throttle if you like to do dives like I do.
atti. and gps modes are super easy to fly.
Super easy to set up and get flying good, impossible to get perfect - perhaps DJI had to compromise on some level.
GPS mode no good for serious filming.
GPS mode rock solid if you set it up right, will hold in strong winds.
NAZA lite with v2 hack is at a good price to performance ratio and offers excellent training wheels for new pilots and still allows full manual control when you gain confidence.
But once you reach that level, some small niggling thing as mentioned above will have you (like me) seeking something better. If I could iron out those small issues I would stick with it.
However the convenience and ease of use keeps me loyal to the NAZA as I don't want to spend the entirety of my spare time PID tuning (but will if it eventuates in something better)

My latest video
Sony FDR x3000 | NAZA manual mode | Proximity flying at the beach | Scarab Stealth Reconn (4 min 29 sec)
please excuse the quality - youtube encoded it to avc1 instead of vp9 for some reason.
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