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Jun 26, 2017, 05:32 PM
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Bugs 6 Antenna Mod

see here photos below, easy to do, should increase range, also besure to change the antenna in the transmitter to face upwards
simply punch a small in rear canopy to poke thru. thats it. notice stock its blocked at times depending on where its facing
sticking out the back you got clear signal transmissions. seems logical to me mjx.......
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Jun 26, 2017, 05:47 PM
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Post 7,page 1 updated

Hello everyone. I just updated my post (as the title says). IE: prop removal/install.

Jun 26, 2017, 06:08 PM
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Hi Chap: i did review your prop video, happy to hear someone explain what i also experienced.
right away, upon arrivals one of the props was warped, so i needed to change to a spare prop.
top nut comes off easy but the prop does not, i found i had to struggle a bit too maybe just holding in one hand and the prop in the other is what i did, yea now i remember i did force something under it for leverage.

good luck folks with whatever works.
yea dont Tighten Your Nuts Too Tight as Chap Suggested & Noticed there is a rubber grommet spacer inside the prop, which is different than most any other props on the market. these props are unique to say the least. you can only use other props if you drill out the hole 5mm half way thru, or with motor swap, most 5mm props will fit 5 to 6 inch.

i think this special unique spacer inside the prop absorbs the shock-vibrations, acts as a dampener. dont loose it....
i agree dont over tighten the Cherry Red Knurled Nuts

speeking of these cute little things on top of the props
you will see them in chaps prop video

i have about 14 flights in so far (day & nite)
Sun Behind My Back flying ..... what i notice, a distractions, these Fancy Cherry Red Prop Nuts Glisten in The Sun and Sparkles brighter than the Red Lights... results from the knurled cross cuts / catches sun rays/ reflects back as prop spins, glistens big time......shooting stars of red
this is late day, sun setting to my back. it was reflecting back to me seemed to be most noticeable.

its a distractions i don't like mjx

Another Mod coming soon: " I am Going To Paint My Nuts Black "
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Jun 26, 2017, 06:29 PM
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2204 Motors on the Way

see here is what i got on ebay.... will install and let you know what happens
does it blow the esc or not is the big questions. trust me will do full punchouts to find out.... its a test


this motors come with cherry red prop nuts, so maybe i wont have to do you know what.....
Jun 26, 2017, 06:43 PM
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Blue Bugs, You'd be very surprised of the strength of that plastic motor can. As I mentioned, the pliers din't even mare(sp) the motor can. Nothing! I held the pliers in one hand and twisted the blade with the other. No ill effects lining up the key way on the blade to the shaft. Nice and snug once seated correctly.

I really do love this system

Jun 26, 2017, 07:48 PM
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Hey Chap, yea i did see those pliers were a perfect fit actually, with little no pressure to hold it,
what worried me was someone else trying it, and not doing it exactly like you and used wrong pliers maybe vise grips, maybe too much pressure and you know what happens

yea i have not seen props like this before
you discovered something in that video to let others know about

good info/ yea keep adding to your lucky post #7 as you find out more.
i like it more i fly it
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Jun 26, 2017, 08:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Blue Bugs
see here photos below, easy to do, should increase range, also besure to change the antenna in the transmitter to face upwards
simply punch a small in rear canopy to poke thru. thats it. notice stock its blocked at times depending on where its facing
sticking out the back you got clear signal transmissions. seems logical to me mjx.......
Hey Bud, I've been flying aircraft for some time now. Your antenna config is really not that good. I will tell you why.

Every aircraft that I have ever seen, the antenna (RX) is "always" parallel to the ground to pick up your TX signals better. My DX9 has two antenna's. One is stationary that sticks straight up and the other is in the handle as a loop antenna (parallel to the aircraft). This is why most of your hobby grade TX's can adjust their antenna parallel to the aircraft..

You could sweep it downwards towards the back.

Jun 26, 2017, 08:25 PM
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Hey Chap: i was understanding it was ok if the transmitter and quad antenna were parallel .
otherwise + where one is up other sideways is not good.

some people think the signals shoots out the tip of antenna which it does not.
================================================== ========
it just seems the signal can be blocked. depending on orientations of the quad.
i think you can agree its not ideal locations here is it

Question then is Stock Better to Leave it Alone? or Do Something About it? if so what is it

on my rc cars the antenna is always pointing up never sideways as it is now, so that got me thinking of this mod
most my other rc stuff has the antenna coming out straight like boats and cars buggies, they got the antenna sort of the same

so far my range has not been an issue no beeping, was late at nite and got bored i guess

are you suggesting i put it more horizontal laying flat, & stick out the back more not on top
also leave the antenna in the transmitter way it is laying flat inside and not stick it up thru the plastic housing.
so both are parallel to each other. is this the concept here?

is there a difference in way someone holds the transmitter way its tilted and fitted in the hands.

any better receptions way its held ?
different positions of quad, maybe should i point it a different way to avoid a weak signal,

anyways the antenna placements stock out of the box... does not seem ideal to me. does it to you? are you leaving yours alone pilot?
you know i dont want another flyaway, like it too much /10-4
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Jun 26, 2017, 09:16 PM
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Antenna Mod rev #2

Hey Pilot Chap / trust what you say, makes sense now i think about it
cars and boats are on the ground level field and the plane and quad is 3d

see photos revision 2 out the back end
was easier, no hole to drill . Simply re route antenna under canopy, perfect length to do this.
seems secure enough, i put a small elec tape inside to hold secure
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Jun 26, 2017, 10:07 PM
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Update. Page 1, post #7. IE: Nav lights with flight.

Jun 26, 2017, 10:20 PM
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Blue Bugs, I would say, that's more like it

I know what you mean about "black outs" while the Bugs 6 was above my head with the Nav lights on. My vid on page 1 post 7 proves these black outs. Scared the heck out of me even just loosing orientation for a few seconds.

Jun 26, 2017, 10:23 PM
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Hey Pilot:

checked out your nav light show....yea same thing for me too chap.
Straight Above Over My Head/ Punchouts i get Blackouts Watchout. No Lights
Also From the Sides, the Lights Disappear.

for comparisons my xk x251 has the lights under each motor pod
and i never go without seeing lights, no blackouts

your idea of adding lower LED's is a Good One maybe on the Landing Legs?

Hey You Almost Lost It On That Un-Expected Punchout. does not take much stick movements
Wow Chap Yours Got Good Power Like You Said........

many newbies would have lost it at that point no doubts
good you saved it Pilot Chap

startup is:
Red Button Hold, press in.
Turn On Transmitter 1st. Let Go

then plug in Bugs 6
it does a nice song, with blinking lights and stops with front white lights only

then press red button unlocks and lights rear red lights
mine is same as yours, you had a question about it in your video if this was normal or not.

yea some quads you plug in 1st the battery and turn on the transmitter and push throttle up and down then the thing starts up
bugs 6 got another startup for safety reasons / transmitter 1st then quad
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Jun 27, 2017, 05:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Blue Bugs
More Power / More Pitch heres how
you know this has been a complaint from the start, mentioned several places
so i make update on changes that have improved this out of the box experience

i now click the forward trim button on transmitter up 5 to 10 clicks.
this will make a noticeable deeper front pitch... it does take away from rear backwards tilt.
Hover is no longer center sticks, but its possible to hover fine knowing how to fly well

I have Bugs 3 Battery, left over from my flyaway that got run over by a car.
it survived this final crash..... Fits Bugs 6 using a shim inside. I find a 25cent piece fits perfectly and keeps battery from shifting. it is larger mah,
I get Better Punchouts Now, making me happier. CG is fine, It Feels it Powers the Motor Faster, and Last Longer too....

still more mods coming, hope it dont upset solo

I never discourage mods, only often wonder why people don't try something stock first, to set the baseline it's coming from, check if all is working well, and then start modding. Some start modding right away, and then complain things don't work, but you can never tell if the problems are an issue of the quad, or the mods, since it was never tested in stock form first.

Mike's Bugs 6 seems indeed more punchy than average. Mine doesn't climb that fast. Might be the battery needing some cycles to get into shape.
Jun 27, 2017, 10:33 AM
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MJX Bugs 6 Full FPV Racer Version Flight Test Review

This FPV quadcopter is specifically designed and intended for those wishing to transition to FPV racers. BUT NOT FOR BEGINNER FLIERS due to its size, weight, and power. Recommended for intermediate fliers who already have the needed skills of forward translational flight and turning, and also maintaining quadcopter orientation by movement alone. Find it here.

The difference between Bugs 6 Full FPV (with camera, monitor, and goggles) and Bugs 8 is the shape of the top cowling, and that the user must install the C5083 camera themselves (vice already installed in the Bugs 8).

Also, I don't know what it is, but with the camera installed, the Bugs 6 seems to be significantly tamer than the Basic Bugs 6 without camera. Maybe the added weight, or the power requirement of the 500mW camera, or both are degrading flight performance?

and here is its flight demonstration
MJX Bugs 6 Full FPV Racer Version Flight Test Review (15 min 39 sec)

- Full 250 sized racer drone. Good introduction to 5.8Ghz FPV flying.
- 1806 1600 KV brushless motors, with 10 A ESC's. ESC's have motor lock protection to stop the motors should propellers be blocked (such as in a crash).
- 7.4V 1500mah battery.
- Includes an all-in-one 8 channel (Band C) 500mW 5.8Ghz FPV camera with built-in 720p DVR.
- 32 channel FPV monitor, and goggles system.
- Up to 300 meter range possible with its controller transmitter.
- Telemetry warning of control signal strength and low voltage. The quadcopter's transmitter/controller will beep if received signal at the quadcopter becomes weak, or if the quadcopter's battery level becomes low.

- "Not for beginner fliers!" Beginners trying to fly this will hurt themselves, hurt others, hurt their dog/cat, damage property, break/lose their quadcopter, get sued, create enemies, cause that little old lady next door to call the cops on you, or all of the above. Beginners, strongly recommend that you start with a safe, lightweight, and durable drone to make mistakes with and learn what not to do, such as the Syma X5C
- No carbon fiber components for impact strength in crashes. Nearly an all plastic quadcopter.
- Full manual (stabilized) flying with no headless, one key return, or altitude hold available.
- Only six axis stabilized flight possible. No acro, or horizon mode, and no possibility of modifying flight parameters of the flight control board.
- FPV camera has only eight transmission channels (FPV Band C). However, the camera will work with other FPV goggles capable of receiving Band C.
Jun 27, 2017, 11:46 AM
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Hey Solo:

about 14 flights in so far,
what i notice is its flying better on its own some how

well maybe its my practice time with her too

at 1st thought it was my imaginations.
you mentioned Battery Cycles, and Breaking In, Today its Peppier
with improved throttle response i complained about in 1st posts but doubt its still going to be enough for me

you also mentioned Chaps is Faster than Yours?

Do You Got Bugs?


Video above Quadcopter 101 Got His Bugs 6 Posted 1 Day Ago. (just getting out)
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