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Mini-Copter Diabolo 600

The 600 is the bridge between their 550 and the 700 class that is easier to travel with by having a more compact design than the 700 class without much sacrifice in power.


The new Diabolo 600 bridges the gap in the MiniCopter line of helicopters.

The Diabolo 600 is the newest release from the experienced German based MiniCopter company. They are the makers of the legendary Joker line of helicopters from back in the day, and they have a respectable reputation for high end RC machines. The new Diabolo line of helicopters are state of the art, and fine tuned from years of experience in the industry. The 600 is the bridge between their 550 and the 700 class that is easier to travel with by having a more compact design than the 700 without much sacrifice in power.

The concept was mainly pulled from the 700 bigger brother but it also includes some personal changes of its own with a more focused direction and versatility. There is a quick change system in place for swapping out parts in the belt drive that reduces your repair time in half. The tail belt drive system was also moved above the main front gear to assist in how it runs through the 30mm tail boom. All the bearing blocks are thinner with a strong aluminum alloy construction. MiniCopter keeps a good eye on the details of their helicopters and you can expect not only top notch quality, but also a well thought out design for every component. You can run anything from 6S to 12S power systems, but the 10S setup is the manufacturer's recommended power source for optimal performance.

For more information on the Diabolo 600 click here.


  • Blade length: 600-625mm (1.62m) (blade length 710mm)
  • SRC rotor head.
  • Two-stage helical-toothed/gear unit.
  • Smooth belt drive system.
  • Quick-change system for toothed belt (DBGM)
  • All gears easily interchangeable.
  • Main rotor reduction: 1: 9.5-11.7 (1: 10.0, 1: 10.5, 1: 11.1)
  • Rear rotor diameter: 280 mm (blade length: 100mm)

Nick Maxwell Diabolo 600 Release (2 min 52 sec)

Diabolo 600 (3 min 50 sec)

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Aug 15, 2017, 10:38 AM
JR > Futaba
pvtzemerak's Avatar
Looks like an awesome heli. Love how they keep up with modern drive-train innovations while staying with a "classic" design with the canopy and head system. Glad to see Nick Maxwell behind it. I would be more interested if the manual was more clear and detailed, and if their was more support on the forums.
Looks like a winner.
Aug 15, 2017, 10:55 AM
Лайка - Герой Человечества.
Flying Pitcher's Avatar
Looks pretty good! I like how they went with hDFC™ mod by Yad-Tech®. Simplicity and effectiveness in harmony.

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