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Three Giant-Scale ARF's From Graupner

Check out these big birds from Graupner, now available and shipping in the US!


A Trio of Unique Aircraft

Graupner USA is now offering three giant-scale almost-ready-to-fly airplanes in the US market. The Starlet Stolp, B0 209 Monsun, and the Yodel Robin DR400 feature conventional wood construction with easy to access interiors. This feature makes each one great for electric conversions where battery swapping won't be a hassle at the field. Let's take a quick look at each plane.

Graupner Starlet Stolp 2400

The Starlet Stolp is a monoplane is a scale model of the original kit sold as an experimental aircraft by Aircraft Spruce. It features a parasol wing design with a wingspan of 94". The Stolp has a wide flight envelope and can be flown as a docile giant trainer or sport aerobat. The Starlet Stolp retails for $590.90.

CLICK HERE for more info on the Graupner Starlet Stolp.


  • Almost ready to fly
  • Durable balsa and plywood design
  • Ideal for switching to giant scale airplanes
  • Fuselage, wings, and tail plane pre-covered with multi colored foil
  • Wheels, small parts, and accessories for rudder linkage
  • Parts included for electric installation
  • Protective bags for wing and tail plane halves and vertical stabilizer
  • Wings and tail plane halves can be removed for transport
  • Control functions Aileron, Rudder, Elevator, Gas or Electric

Starlet 2400 | GRAUPNER (3 min 53 sec)

Graupner BO 209 Monsun 2200

The Graupner BO 209 Monsun 2200 features an 87" wingspan and is a scaled down version of the popular European 2-seater manufactured my Messerschmitt Bolkow. The BO 209 Monsun has excellent sport aerobatics flying capabilities and due to its large landing flaps, it facilitates very low, scale like landings. When installing the included aero-tow coupling the BO 209 Monsun can be used to tow glider models with a wingspan of up to 4.5 meters. The steerable nose landing gear gives the model excellent ground maneuverability for taxi and takeoff. Navigation lights are installed in the wingtips, making it easier to recognize the flight position of the model. The Monsun retails for $499.90.

CLICK HERE for more info on the Graupner BO 209 Monsun 2200.


  • Almost Ready to Fly (ARTF) model
  • Conventional framed ply construction
  • Suitable for gas or electric flight
  • Aileron, rudder, and elevators with locking design
  • Fuselage, wings, and tailplane pre-covered with Ultracote
  • Rudder control via cable pulls
  • Easy attachable main wings.
  • Ailerons, elevators, and rudder with locking design
  • Low landing speed thanks to large landing flaps
  • Wing tip lights included
  • Main landing gear with shock absorbers
  • Boarding steps can be removed for transport
  • RC Functions, Rudder, Elevator, Aileron, Flaps, Motor, Aero-tow coupling

BO 209 MONSUN GRAUPNER weymuller (3 min 0 sec)

Graupner Jodel Robin DR 400

The Jodel Robin DR 400 from Graupner is a unique sport airplane with a large 98" wingspan and very docile flight characteristics, thanks to it's outer-wing dihedral and airfoil. As with the other ARF's, the Robin has a large removable cockpit hatch to access the interior, making it great for electric conversions. The Jodel Robin DR 400 retails for $599.90.

CLICK HERE for more info on the Graupner Jodel Robin DR 400.


  • Almost-ready-to-fly (ARTF) model
  • Conventional wood construction
  • Ailerons, rudder, and elevators with locking design
  • Fuselage, wing halves, and tailplane pre-covered with Ultracote
  • Tailplane and wing halves attach to the side of the fuselage
  • Removable wings for easy transport
  • Good accessibility for the RC components by removing the cockpit canopy

Jodel Robin | GRAUPNER (4 min 50 sec)

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