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Jun 14, 2017, 04:06 AM
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Dynam Messerschmitt Bf-109

After having flown my Dynam Bf-110 since her release in 2014, I decided to 'need' their Bf-109 also. This is my third 109 since 2008, the first one being an EPS model distributed by 'Robbe' and the second one being PZ's Bf-109. Both are sold since long and I never thought to have another 109 again...to err is human
I am satisfied with the overall quality of the kit, although there were some smaller issues I had to correct. My rudder was straight out of the box, but had its hinges glued absolutely misaligned. Also there was a 'hump' in the lower third which I had to sand off. I removed all the hinges supplied, sanded the hinge line straight and re-hinged the rudder, using four CA hinges I had left over from another project. Now everything looks fine.
To strengthen the v-stab and avoid warping, I inserted a piece of carbon strip 5mmx1mm, that runs from the tip to the root of the v-stab.
Another issue were the two elevator halves. They were bent or warped in a way so the had the shape of a lifting airfoil instead of a symmetrical one- with the 'lifting' side facing downwards I carefully bent both of them back to a more symmetrical shape and reinforced both, the stabilizer and the control surfaces with carbon strip. The 'kid pilot' was swapped to a more 'adult' version.
To avoid overheating of the motor, I cut a large hole on either side of the fuselage, along with a cutout under the supercharger intake. The holes for the motor cooling were covered with two plastic parts, normally used to protect the exit holes of control rods. In addition I also changed the stock ESC for a 60Amp Skywalker model.
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Jun 14, 2017, 04:26 AM
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Like many others too, I didn't want to stay with the stock paint scheme and began searching the net for something different that would fit my taste. This can be a lifetime task.... When I repainted my PZ 109, I chose a very rare scheme. It is a night-fighter from 1./ NJG 11, the 'Weisse 5'. This particular aircraft was found by American troops in Holzkirchen, Bavaria, at the end of the war....in a less good condition than our models
Although it was a Bf-109 K-4 with the 'Erla Haube', I liked this paint scheme so much that I had to do it on PZ's model too. Admittedly I love night-fighters in general Some photos from various plastic model websites helped me to find the (probably) correct colors.
I didn't have the opportunity to fly my PZ 109 very often, in fact only a few times before I had to sell her. For this reason I opted to give Dynam's model the same scheme. Here are some shots of my Parkzone model and a contemporary photo of the full size Bf-109 after which I modeled mine.
Jun 14, 2017, 04:36 AM
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After all preparations and modifications were made, I went into the garden to give the darker parts of the paint a thin coat of light grey to have an even color tone. It was a calm and warm day- perfect for spraying a model outside without getting into trouble with the wife, ranting about the fumes tainting the air in the house
Jun 14, 2017, 04:50 AM
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After the light blue had dried, I mixed the colors for the mottling. I took black and white to achieve the grey tone and green with a lot of yellow to get a really light green. For painting my models I use either Revell enamels or Tamiya acrilycs. In this case I took Tamiyas colors. The light green is mixed from 'Deep Green' #XF-26 and 'Yellow' #XF-3.
On the photo the colors look quite dark, due to the lighting conditions. They appear much brighter in natural light. After I had finished my paint job, I applied some glossy clear paint to all the positions on the model where a decal had to be placed. I always make my own decals from waterslide decal paper and to achieve a good bond to the surface, especially on foam models, I use this technique which I learned from the plastic modelers. In the end the entire model gets a coat of clear matte paint.
Jun 19, 2017, 12:14 PM
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I did want to have some additional details so I swapped the stock tailwheel for a larger and wider one. For the pilot I made an armor plate and a 'Revi' gunsight- both admittedly very simple, but good enough for me- I wanted to get her into the air I glued the machine guns into pieces of brass tube which had an inner diameter that fitted exactly to the outer diameter of the guns. So I could glue them back into the foam to let the armament look a little bit more realistic- more than having the guns simply glued onto the top of the fuselage.
Jun 19, 2017, 12:36 PM
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Next were the decals. As I mentioned earlier, I make them by myself using waterslide decal paper- in this case white paper. After printing them out, they have to be sealed with clear paint, either matte or glossy, to give them a protective cover against water. Then you can cut them out with a sharp hobby knife or a pair of scissors. After all the decals had dried sufficiently, I sprayed the entire model with a final coat of clear matte paint for protection and to equal the shiny and matte parts of the model. Before I applied the underwing crosses, I drew their outline onto the wings surface and sanded off all the mold marks that were within the perimeter of my pencil lines. Now they lie flat and smooth on their surface.
I uploaded the files with all the necessary decals in case someone wants to use them for his model. I left the black angles outside of the white part of the 'Balkenkreuze' to have a guideline for cutting them and have them either with only the white border or with the black angles. All the files are scaled printer ready for this size of model- feel free to alter them to your own needs if necessary
Jun 28, 2017, 01:22 AM
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Dynam BF-109 Canopy

Hello there, could I ask you where you got the other canopy for your 109. I want to make one for my plane like the BF-109G.
Jun 28, 2017, 03:23 AM
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Hi, sorry to disappoint you, but the shots of that finished model with the 'Erla Haube' are from my Parkzone Bf-109 which I built a longer time ago. I just posted them for comparison to my Dynam Model.


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