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Jun 13, 2017, 10:47 PM
"I will return" Federico
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A Victory Roll for the Maiden

Just got back from a successful maiden of my new 87" Extra 300 SHP. Winds were calm or very light with no cross wind. Perfect!

Other than a hard bounce on first landing attempt - I was not use to the new throttle curve, which is very flat on the low end - the flight was uneventful. I couldn't resist a victory roll for completing a long six month build and getting all systems working so well for the maiden. I did one hammerhead stall turn and got a low cell warning from telemetry, so at least one cell dropped below 3.70V for more than 2.5 seconds. After resuming level flight the main batteries were OK. Packs are brand new and have never been cycled before, so I should have gone easy on them.

The plane kept tracking left during taxi tests, but we didn't discover the cause until after the flight was over. The left wheel pant rear was dragging in the grass, causing a pull on that side. These are not adjustable wheel pants: the blind nuts were pre-installed and the holes in the CF landing gear are pre-drilled. I'll have to "move" one of the holes, so I can re-align the wheel pant to match the one on the right side.

I was unable to get the aileron trim adjusted so the wings would remain level. It needed a half-click to get it right. I was able to adjust this later by changing the trim step setting on my Taranis Plus from medium to fine.

I have plenty of telemetry data to review! Motor, ESC, batteries, radio and flight telemetry from GPS.

I need to dial down the control rates and do some trimming flights, then it's off to my first IMAC contest with this plane eleven days from now!

Thanks to my co-worker Ed for taking the video and Jim for assisting with pre-flight checks and flight trims.

Enjoy the video and post-flight pics. See my build log for pre-maiden pics.

New 87" 3DHS Extra 300 SHP Takes to the Sky - Part 1 (9 min 43 sec)

87" 3DHS Extra 300 SHP Takes to the Sky - Part 2: Landing (1 min 0 sec)
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Jun 16, 2017, 10:34 AM
"I will return" Federico
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Ready to Fly Again

I had a long checklist of adjustments and to-do items before returning this plane to the air. Here is what has been done for the second flight planned for today:

- Inspected entire plane for loosened bolts and damage from hard bounce - all was secure; no damage found.
- Added some additional velcro to secure wiring in the plane.
- Secured all connections to the RB-10 with floss threaded through the cables and tied in a loop.
- Reduced control throws to 10/18/45 for E.A.R.
- Discovered I had the aileron control rods hooked up to different holes in the servo arms! I had meant to come back and match the other side and never got to it. I thought the poor tracking between the two sides was due to differences in the servos and had made an adjustment in the radio to compensate. All fixed now.
- Changed trim step setting from medium to fine to get a "half-click" adjustment on the aileron trim.
- Replaced cheap wobbly 1" stock tailwheel (axle bore was not centered!) with Klett 1.5" wheel; this alone took hours, because the set screw was frozen in place, and I stripped it trying to remove it. I made a trip to the hardware store for a screw extractor, but couldn't find one small enough. I had to remove the whole assembly from the plane and resorted to just drilling out the set screw.
- Adjusted left wheel pant to stop it from dragging in the grass.
- Added a drop of clear nail polish to tips of trim covering to hold them in place on wings and stabs. They were already coming up after one flight and wipe down (wings got wet from dew fall)
- Charged both flight packs to full capacity, reset mAh capacity on Smart Switch to read full, and reset flight counter to read 1 flight.
- Programmed Bump tag NFC chip with all the information needed for charging the two 6s 6000 mAh Glacier LiPos with the Revolectrix Bump Controller. Now I won't have to use the manual mode, as I had been up to now. Once I get the other two battery trays built, I can copy this tag to the other packs, since they are all the same.
- Moved Glacier batteries back 2 cm in the battery tray to reduce nose heavy CG.
- Built a tie down for safety from 5/8" rod stock, 5/16" threaded rod, and 6' of nylon strap that required some hand sewing to make loops on each end.

She's ready to fly! Today will be a test of the CG, and maybe a few trim maneuvers.
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Jul 21, 2017, 03:55 PM
And You're Not
I really appreciate the attention to detail and the meticulous preparation you put into your maiden.

Me, I'm more into a grip it and rip it type of maiden

3DHS 87 SHP (0 min 20 sec)
Jul 21, 2017, 04:49 PM
"I will return" Federico
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Nice demonstration of electric power! I saw your video long before I purchased my Extra. Thanks for posting.

Believe me, I wanted to let her rip on the maiden, but I had to respect the pilot I asked to help me out. And this is my first giant scale plane! Can't afford any mistakes, at least until I pay this one off.

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