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Oct 24, 2004, 08:39 AM
Speed Demon
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New life for an old Adrenalin

I haven't flown this plane in over two years. I was very hesitant as my flying the past few years has been getting pretty rusty. This is what happens when you don't fly enough. To top it all off my throwing arm wasn't in shape and I knew it was going to be faster than ever with new found power under the hood.

Today it has been repowered with a Great Planes 7.2V S400 motor (not brushless) and a Thunder Power 3S1P 2100 lipo pack. This spins an APC 4.7 X 4.7 prop 18,500 RPM and draws 16.5 amps.

It is now flying with a 2" longer tail boom for increased stability. I sure am glad that I've painted the leading edges all black. This increased the visibility immensely. It also has two servos installed into the wing in place of one. The two servos are there to allow a snap flap mix for tight cornering and flapperon or spoileron for a lower landing speed.

Well, the launch wasn't my best but the power kicked in and she was up and flying in no time. It took me a couple of minutes to calm down but once it was in trim and in the groove it all started to come back to me. I was making low level circuits in no time and buzzing the runway.

I've custom made a set of Carbon Fiber servo covers because the wing servos are a tad too thick to fully hide within the wing in their new mounting spot. I wanted to smooth the airflow some. The servos are outboard of the fuselage while the servo arm and aileron linkage is just inboard. It all makes for a tight fit but allowed me to fly the plane with an 8-1950 FAUP Nihm pack at one time. It was extremely heavy but super fast.

The new Lipo batteries have taken things to a new level. It is now faster than I've ever had it and at the lower weight corners much tighter.

In the last picture you can see the wing servo setup and the 2" fuse stretch before paint.

Here are a couple of video clips from 10/22/04.

Launch and buzzing 2:59 29 MB

More buzzing 3:39 41 MB

Landing 0:28 5.7 MB
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Nov 01, 2004, 09:27 PM
Speed Demon
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Well, it ended up burning out the S400 motor after only 5 runs. I've replaced it and flown it a couple of times with the new motor but I could tell it was going to just burn up as well.

I finally broke down and got a brushless motor for it. There was a heck of a deal on Mega 16/15/3 and I already have a capable ESC so that is what is going in. Just in time for the pylon practice in a couple of weeks!
Nov 03, 2004, 01:30 PM
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From your figures I think your "7.2v" speed 400 was actually a 6v wind.

Nov 03, 2004, 07:50 PM
Speed Demon
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I'm just going from the figures on the package it came in. They had these and a few 6V motors at the LHS.

It doesn't matter anymore anyway. It's going to get the BL motor this week!

Anyone want to buy a S400 with only 2 flights on it?

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