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Jun 02, 2017, 05:14 PM
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Aloft Taranis Product Support is Awful!

Tried several ways to contact Aloft Hobbies for technical support. Simple question which would have been will the LCD $17 replacement fix the "Factory Defect" on my Taranis screen or would I need to order the main board + LCD screen ($70).

Email, phone, Aloft contact form and nothing. No response, No screw you. ZIP, NADA, Went ahead and ordered the $17 LCD screen to fix my Taranis V1 and luckily the replacement worked.

Thanks for NOTHING Aloft. I'll remember this before I buy Taranis again and will also share this experience. Simply moving the boxes and pocketing the money isn't a way to run a business. Good luck.

Here's the response and my reply I got from Aloft on their FB page:

Aloft Hobbies Now Fred, I'm sorry we did not answer your email right away, but I don't think this is fair. Your email was of a technical matter, and it is hard to find qualified people to answer technical questions. We simply do not have enough staff to answer all of our tech emails as quick as we would like.
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Aloft Hobbies We do an awful lot to bring improvements to the hobby and the FrSky ecosystem. I think our overall track record shows this very well. We do work very hard to take good care of our customers.
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Fred Herrmann Aloft Hobbies I dare to disagree. FrSky along with its OpenTx is built largely on the unpaid work of developers who YOU make your money off of, unlike Spectrum, Futaba and others.

Which leads me to the outright theft of the intellectual property shown in the V1 Taranis which is obviously a physical copy of a Spectrum radio.

Fred Herrmann "Fred, I'm sorry we did not answer your email right away..."

Oh baloney! I made my first attempt to contact you on Monday, before I ordered the LCD screen.

You had enough time to run the charge for the LCD screen.

You had enough time to ship the LCD screen.

But you didn't have enough time to provide a simple one line, or maybe even one word answer to my question by Friday!

Word is getting around. Here's a response from a person in another RC group that I got a few minutes after I posted my Aloft experience... "Yep, same problem here. I contacted Aloft about an issue with a receiver several days response." - MD

I've actually received better product support from Hobby King!

Like I told you on the phone: If you're really that "sorry" refund the $20 I spent repairing the Taranis factory defect.

PS: Other, respected manufacturer's have treated LCD trace de-lamination as a factory defect and in my own experience have actually replaced the LCD along with the entire microprocessor that was attached to it.
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Jun 02, 2017, 05:33 PM
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I think I have had slow responses from lots of companies via email. If I send an email I guess I have lowered my expectations over the years because of that. In time... you might too . I just assume emails will be dealt with by most companies when they get to it which will likely depend on their email load at the time.

If you bought a Taranis and it had a problem with the LCD, I would expect any company to ship a replacement under warranty. If it was a new purchase, I would have called them if they didn't respond in a day or two via email. I think in general, Email is usually one of the slowest ways to get a response out of a company dealing with technical stuff.

The last time I emailed aloft, I got a response after 4 days back in October. It was not a critical thing though. If it were important, I would have called them.

It appears you had issues with eagletree support too.
Jun 03, 2017, 12:54 AM
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Eagle Tree??

Eagle Tree isn't any better. Are they still in business?

As far as Eagle Tree documentation.... Documentation written by engineers for engineers!

If you go back and read the original thread you will see that I tried to contact Aloft by many different methods, including phone. About the only method I didn't try was Pony Express.
Jun 03, 2017, 05:49 AM
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I would have thought that someone who had such an apparent dislike for a company that allegedly made it's money by selling work done for free by others and using stolen IP would, as a matter of principle, refuse to support such behaviour by buying products from them.
Jun 03, 2017, 06:12 AM
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1) Was this Taranis under warranty?- I can NOT tell by reading your note for sure. If it was, why didn't you send in for a warranty repair?

2) It seems Aloft did respond within 1 hr (and you think this is bad?) on several questions - correct me if I am wrong? They also DID answer the phone with staff - try that with other vendors.

3) I am not sure how you expect ANY business to respond to your needs especially when diagnosing a technical problem by a verbal description provided over the phone. The normal method is to send it in if you don't have the confidence/technical ability to fix it yourself (which you did - so well done!).

4) Is there a supplier you think would provide the above mentioned technical support simply by a phone call or email and then put parts in the mail? Airtronics, Futaba, Hitec, JR, Spektrum, Jeti, or any hobby king product? The answer is highly probably NONE and most of them won't sell you the parts - you have to send it in (even for a switch replacement).

5) Do you think any of the manufacturers (well besides Spektrum ) would fix this for $17 or less?

I am sorry, but I don't agree that Aloft is the problem here, I think you have extraordinary expectations that are unrealistic.

Jun 03, 2017, 07:39 AM
Seems a bit over the top to me too. I totally agree with the why buy from them if your accusations are so against them. Wow. Not everyone gets to sit on the computer all day and I doubt they make enough selling these radios that sell thousands cheaper than other radios at their level to be able to hire a full time employee answering tech questions. These things take time. Emails are responded to as they can be im sure which is not always easy. It's all good to get stressed and complain but when one starts a thread on a forum to bash on a company trying to earn a living is just wrong. Sorry but I've ran into this kind of crap before trying to be a perfect ebay seller. Answer every single question quickly do everything in your power to keep buyers happy, go out of your way checking to make sure item was delivered and buyer is happy then not even get a positive feedback from over 50 percent of buyers. But if you do one thing wrong they immediately respond with the bad and to even go out of there way to even start a thread?? Just wrong over something so petty. Wow man this wasn't all that bad was it ???

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