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May 23, 2017, 08:19 PM
Looking for the obscure
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Eastcraft Lectra-Starter

I wanted to open up a thread discussing the Eastcraft Lectra-Starter just to share some information. This company is out of business but did produce onboard starting systems for gas and glo engines. I do not know a lot about them or their history but, as fate would have it, wound up with one of their systems in a recent purchase. I was provided a wiring harness and all of the pieces in a small box. There were no instructions.

Some forum and internet searches did not provide too much information and I see that a few of them were sold in the classified sections. I found a few discussions about their quality and that the system was heavy and really just a novelty. Non the less, I still needed to figure out if I had all of the components to make the system work. Being able to hit the starter might bring some cool factor. I posted a want ad for some info and got a couple of responses.

Being totally unfamiliar with the system, I was fortunate enough to make friends with Mark through RCG. He provided me with the manual and the different variations Eastcraft produced. The manual posted here is for the System 301 in .pdf format.

The components I have will be used with a Q50 on a Byron Originals P-51 with the Prop Reduction Drive. This is more of an "Informational" post rather than a "How To" post. I will provide information on the different gearing based on what I have. I do not know about the other systems. There appears to be more than one way to set these up and open to the creativity of the modeler.

Although this thread is specific to my setup feel free to add additional info to help out other modelers and future searches.

Here is a list of the different kits that were available:

201 Glo engines
301 Early Byron Mustang
303 Q35-42 and G-38 rear all gears
401 ?
403 Q-50 Sachs 3.2 rear all gears
----- .28/.45/.61 small glo front
501 Boat
601 Heli
801 Byron Mustang on engine
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May 23, 2017, 08:46 PM
Looking for the obscure
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Here are some shots of starter system setups I grabbed from the internet. One is still new in the package.

Credit to Epoxyearl for sending me the belt size for the final belt reduction. Here is a link that he also sent me to some onboard starter configurations starting about post 320 on this page -
May 23, 2017, 09:33 PM
Looking for the obscure
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Here are some shots of my setup. This was in use by the previous owner. He removed it because of weight and also a couple of broken brackets. I will need to make some new ones. My setup is a little different than the Mustang pictured above. I will have the motor shaft facing forward with the first reduction gear on one side of the shaft and the smaller gear at the rear. There is still some fiddling to be done before this is operational, but it gives you an idea. The shaft that runs between the gears is 1/4" and I had to order one. The one shown is just for mock up.

Basically there is a front bracket that will hold the motor and axle with the silver 64T gear. The rear bracket will hold the axle and smaller 10T gear. The axle is supported with bushings.

The "Q" Adapter is attached to the rear of the crankshaft and is the mounting point for the red gear. The adapter measures 1/2" O.D.

This whole Prop Reduction assembly will be disassembled and gone through.

I will list specifics about the components in the next post.
May 30, 2017, 02:34 PM
Looking for the obscure
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Individual Component Data

This post will discuss the individual components. I will include their size/specs where applicable and possible replacements. They probably have specific names for the location of the different gears but this is how I describe them, starting with the motor and working to the final drive gear. Dimensions are in inches measured from what I have (beat up used stuff). Replacement gears are listed and have dimensions that are very close to the same. It is easier if you click the hyperlinks to see full dimensions of each piece.

Motor - This is a brushed motor. It measures 3" long including shaft and has a diameter of 1.44. This appears to be a replacement motor from the original. Mine is stamped Trinity on the mounting face. Voltage is unknown. If the motor rotation direction is incorrect, you can reverse the wires in the harness to get it to rotate the correct way.

Pinion - The pinion I have is steel and has 7 teeth. The pitch size should be 32 based on the dimensions of the next gear below. I really don't know how to measure this.

First Reduction Gear or Bull Gear - This is an aluminum gear. It appears to be cast? Some are Nylon. It has 64 teeth. The outside diameter is 2.06 inches. The overall thickness including the hub is .437. The thickness of the hub where it stands off of the gear is .25. The gear thickness is .1875. The OD of the hub is .625 and the center hole size is .25" The pitch diameter is 2, and should be pressure angle of 20 degrees and and pitch of 32 (taken from website) This has two set screws 4-40 thread, 90 degrees apart.

Possible replacements are McMaster Carr 6832K57 or B&B Manufacturing SS3264 Both of these are stainless steel and have a center hub diameter that is smaller than .625 (0.5") but it should not matter in this application.

Second Reduction Gear with Flanges
- This is a smaller aluminum gear with flanges to hold the belt. It is stamped 10XL. It is used with a belt that is .375 wide. It has an overall diameter of .882 including the flange. It has a length of .82 including the hub. The distance between the flanges is .433. The outside dimension of the flanges is .565. The center hole is .25. The gear diameter is .61. The hub has two set screws offset 90 degrees.

An exact replacement for this gear is from B&B Manufacturing 10XL037-6FA3

Final Gear - This is aluminum and anodized Red. It has 48 teeth. It has an O.D. of 3.04. It is .865 long. The I.D. of the hub is .75. The width of the gear face is .439. There is a small hub on the rear that sticks out .23 inches and longer one on the front that sticks out .526 inches. If you use the belt dimensions this has a pitch of 0.20.

One way Bearing - This sits inside the final gear and has an O.D. of .75. The I.D. is .50. It is .875 long. There are numerous needle type pins inside. They are configured across 3 rows from front to back in a short, long, short pattern.

A replacement bearing appears to be these two from Boca Bearing, one with stainless springs RCB081214FS(X) and one with plastic springs RCB081214(X)

Bushings/Bearings - The drive axle or rotary shaft is supported by 2 Flanged Oilite bushings pressed into a bracket. They have an outside diameter of .5 and an overall length of .375. The hub diameter is .375 with a .25 inch hole. A bearing could be used in this application. There are many types of these bronze bushings. Choose the material you like.

Some replacements are and

Drive Axle or Jack Shaft - I am using a Stainless Steel rotary shaft here. I will need to cut it to size. The OD is .25. Pick what you need for your application.

This is what I bought:

Q Adapter - I do not know a whole lot about this piece. It is mounted on the crankshaft and secured with red loctite. The outside diameter is .5". The length is 1.22 measured from the step on the engine shaft to the end. It appears to be made of steel and there is a groove on the back to accept an E clip.

Belt - The Belt is a Gates 120XL037. It measures 12" and has a width of .375. Tooth shape is Trapezoidal and it has 60 teeth. The Pitch is 0.20.

They come in different materials.

Micro switches - These are made by Micro Switch in Freeport, IL. The body measures 1.1 X .633

I hope this helps anyone who is researching the Eastcraft Lectra-Starter. Feel free to post any corrections or additions you may have.

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Aug 03, 2017, 07:06 PM
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I have a Lectra-Starter System 601 for helicopter. Never been used. Had been installed on the frame for a Kavan Jet Ranger over 20 years ago. I think I have all the parts but not sure. The box says it has #96441 JA (1/4-28) adapter.
It was going to linked up to a new Webra 61 helicopter engine which I also have.
Any suggestions on finding someone that might want to buy these?
Thanks in advance.
Aug 03, 2017, 09:04 PM
Looking for the obscure
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Hello. Thanks for posting. That sounds like an interesting setup.

You might try posting it in the Classified section or try ebay.

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