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May 23, 2017, 02:10 PM
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The New DJI Goggles Hands On and Pictures

The New DJI Goggles

The DJI Goggles and Mavic Pro are available to order for the DJI Store

Please note this is an affiliate link and if you would like to support me you can shop via it and I may receive a small commission.

Yesterday I receive the new DJI Goggles, After charging for an hour took them out for the first flight and here is my impressions.

Impressions After First Flight

The New DJI Goggles. (18 min 53 sec)

Menu and Settings Walk Through

DJI Goggles Walk Through (17 min 5 sec)

Some Thoughts

Image and Colour and Viewing Modes

Colour is as good as any smart phone and is very vibrant and crisp, Image quality is extremely clear in HD mode, virtually zero digital artefacts from the screens in any input
Optics are very good with very little glare, no fogging in the field, the Ocysync signal is just solid with no breakup even at long range, 720P Smooth mode to me is a little lower quality compared to the HD 18080P 30fps mode, this mode is just outstanding and provides a clear crisp image unlike I have seen on another set of goggles , while the 720P Smooth Mode des have lower latency I personally could not see the l difference between these modes and even the 30fps vs the 60fps was hardly noticeable unless you did yaw very fast.

In both Smooth and HD mode the maximum recording mode to craft onboard SD card is limited to 1080P, In Keep Current it allows you to choose the higher resolutions such as 4K however when you do this and it drops the live feed to 720P 30FPS, again while not as clear as the HD mode is very similar to the Smooth mode and all three offer a very impressive image quality.

In flight you can switch between HD and Smooth mode but if your recording at the time it stops it automatically when you switch as the camera resolution has to change, Also in the Smooth mode the antialiasing that can be seen on the card footage is apparent on the goggles image too but its not really distracting as its only visible on certain straight edges.

One note with the viewing modes is if you have started in HD or Smooth Mode you are unable to select the 4K and 2.7K recording options on the camera a, even changing to Keep Current mode does not bring the 4K options back, as far as I can see you need to reboot the googles in Keep Current then they are available.

HDMI Input

Using them as HDMI Goggles they are much better than anything I have used before, I also own the Headplay HD and Fat Shark Dom V3, I tested them on my Apple TV first set to 720P then 1080P, both the DJI Goggles and Headplay HD accept a 1080P 60fps HDMI input where as the Dom V3 Is limited to 720P.

The Image on the DJI Goggles is hands down better than anything else I have used in this situation, The Fat Sharks are not suited well to this input and lack colour and the tiny screen just can't offer the resolution the other two can, I have found the Headplay much better especially resolution and colour reproductions but they suffer from bad reflections and you can also see noticeable pixelation in fast moving screens, also the audio on the Headplay is very poor.

The DJI Goggles win here hands down, the image with crystal clear, excellent colour and no pixelation in fast moving images, sound is massively better too, I could quite happily watch a move with the inbuilt speakers but you can also connect headphones if you wish, the only thing I did notice is I do get a little fogging indoors, this has not happened out side when on the craft.

Flight Modes and Head Tracking

I found the head tracking a little too sensitive for me and I would like to be able to tame it back a little, the DJI manual states this option is in the tools menu however on release fw its not so this is an option that will hopefully come in the future.

Tapfly works very well as does Fixed Wing, I am not sure what the fixed wing option in the goggles does in flight modes as that did not work for me, I had to turn it on in DJI Go under the RC settings, one thing I found in Fixed Wing mode was the overlay is a bit too much IMO, the tracks just take over the display making viewing the background difficult, I did try to use fixed wind mode with the ODS off but it would not enter it, need to play with this more as it could be me not fully understanding how the option works.

Head tracking is accurate and actually a lot of fun, there are 2 Modes available, Head Tracking Flight and Head Tracking Gimbal, In the Gimbal mode just the camera moves and you have the free movement of the camera unto its gimbal limits, In Head Tracking Flight turning your head yaws the aircraft rather then the camera its self, it acts more like a yaw stick so moving to the left yaws to the left until you return to centre, I did find I struggled to return to centre a few times, DJI have added a little arc around the heading arrow but I completely missed this in flight and I can be a little hard to see, I would prefer a larger scale maybe at the top of the screen rather than this.

In both Head Tracking modes I did find my self loosing orientation a few times, you can reset this in the menu but I would like to see this option mapped to one of the C buttons for quicker access.

Overall head tracking works extremely well.

User Interface

The UI is extremely nice, very quick and user input in instant, the OSD is clean and easy to read, on my original flight the home point H seemed to move around but I was unable to work out why so I need to look into this further.

The menu controls are easy once you work them out and get to grips with the touch pad, the option to lock the touch pad is also very welcome, there a lot of settings available to the user such as craft flight modes, all camera settings, brightness and volume.


I did not find it an issue, they are very well balanced and while heavy after 3 packs I was fine, the head band takes a little getting used to but the goggles are extremely well balanced so the weight is evenly distributed.


There are a few little things that could be tweaked and this is day one release firmware so there is plenty of time for that however I can say with out a doubt these are the best FPV goggles I have used period, Just Outstanding, the wireless link with Ocusync is a treat and the image is extremely good.

More info can be found on the DJI Goggles here

My DJI Goggles Information FAQ Unofficial Blog

The DJI Goggles Info

Here is my unboxing that I recorded live on RCG when I received them.

Mad_Angler1 DJI Goggles Live Stream 2 (23 min 0 sec)
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